Supernatural – Season 2 – Episode 6 – No Exit

Jensen Ackles, Dean WinchesterSupernatural

Season 2 – Episode 5 – No Exit

The episode opens with a young woman in an apartment on the phone with her landlord. She has just moved in and some things aren’t ready. Then something dark that may be blood lands on her shoulder and starts coming out of the wall. There is an eye and then a scream.

Important Moments:

Jo presents the brothers with a case of a disappearing woman in Philadelphia. Six women have vanished over the past 80 years, all young blondes from the same building. It only happens every decade or so. The brothers take the case as Ellen refuses to let Jo take it.

The brothers go to the apartment to look around and find black goopy stuff on the wall. As they are going to look in the neighboring apartment, they find Jo already there.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Alona Tal, Jo Harvelle, Supernatural
Ellen calls Dean and asks if he saw Jo. Jo immediately gets into an argument through charades with Dean while he’s still on the phone. He ends up telling Ellen he hasn’t seen her. Dean then keeps Jo with him, and she sarcastically flirts with him to a degree that’s annoying.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Alona Tal, Jo Harvelle, Supernatural
As Jo and Dean investigate the apartment, old, dead fingers stick out of the grate, reaching in Jo’s direction. She senses it but when she turns around, they’re gone. Dean comes over and they both smell something. Dean says he recognizes the smell but can’t put his finger on what it is. When Jo puts her EMF reader near the vent, it goes off.

We see another blonde woman in the apartment building going through the same thing as the woman in the opening scene, ending with her getting pulled through the grate. Dean finds out the details about the disappearance and Sam says the spirit is in the wall. Jo then finds a photo of the lot where the apartment building now sits. The building next door was a prison and they used to execute people in the empty field next door.

They find out that one of the men on the list was H.H. Holmes, a serial killer that was one of the first serial killers, before cops knew what serial killers were. Apparently, Holmes built secret passages inside the walls. They realize the girl, Rebecca, could still be alive so they begin a search of the building to find the passages in hopes of locating her.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Alona Tal, Jo Harvelle, Supernatural
Dean and Jo are working together again and they come to a passageway that is too small to fit through, though Jo can fit through on her own. She goes in and finds a ladder that leads down an air duct. Dean tries to follow her but hears a scream and then Jo is gone.

After Jo is missing, Ellen calls and knows everything. Ash told her. Dean tells her Jo is missing and Ellen gets angry (understandably).

We cut to Jo, who is down somewhere disgusting. The other woman is there too, still alive. The evil dead guy shows up and pulls out a piece of her hair.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean have found another entrance and are going after them.

Action Moment:

Black goop starts coming out of the walls after Jo climbs down the air duct. (Am I supposed to be calling this ectoplasm?) Jo screams. Dean takes an ax to the wall.

Sam and Dean finally get there, and Dean shoots the dead guy with something that sends him flying into the fireplace. Dean helps Jo out, but then tells her while he still thinks that using her as bait is a bad plan, now it’s the only one they have. It works and the creepy dead guy shows up. As he gets near Jo, Dean shouts, “Now!” and Jo moves out of the way as salt drops in a circle around him, trapping him. They then dump cement into the sewer, trapping him in the salt and making sure the salt won’t move.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Supernatural
Family Moments/Arguments:

For once the big family argument doesn’t involve the Winchesters, as Ellen and Jo get into a screaming match over whether Jo should investigate a disappearance in Philadelphia.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Alona Tal, Supernatural
Dean points out that Jo still has options and that he wishes he could do something else, but his Dad started him hunting so young that it’s what he knows. Dean also shows his family devotion again as he points out to Jo that she has a mother who worries about her, and that’s not something to throw away. When he tells her that it might be hard to find later, one can’t help but think Dean has John on his mind.

What is up with Jo constantly twirling a knife? Anyway, Dean offers her a larger knife. She then hands him her knife, which he sees has the initials W.A.H., which Jo tells him were her father’s. Dean then switches the knives back, returning Jo’s knife to her. Jo then asks Dean what the first thing is to come to mind when he thinks of his father. He tells her a story about John taking him shooting. Jo tells Dean the reason she wants to be a hunter is because it’s her way of being close to her father.

When they get back to the Roadhouse, Ellen snaps at Dean and yells at Jo, who thinks it’s something more than just her hunting that has her mother so upset. When Jo says the brothers were backing her up the entire time, Jo says that’s the problem, “Like father, like son.” Jo asks Ellen what she isn’t telling her and then Jo walks outside where the brothers are waiting. Jo walks right past them. When Dean asks her, she’s kind of rude and then tells Dean that his father worked with her father on his last job and got him killed.

Best Moments:

Dean is impressed with Jo’s folder on the case.

The brothers walk into the hallway where they stumble on Jo, talking to the landlord about renting an apartment. When she sees Dean, she pretends that he is her boyfriend. It’s an awkward moment that is somewhat played for laughs as Dean calls her, “A pistol.”

Jo comes at Dean, accusing him of being sexist and thinking that women can’t do the job. Dean says women can do the job just fine, it’s amateurs who can’t. Points to Dean for not being a sexist asshole, also, another point for him being right in calling Jo out as an amateur rushing into a situation that she is out of her depth in. If she really wanted to be a hunter, it wouldn’t hurt her to work with Dean and let him teach her instead of constantly insisting she can do it on her own.

Funniest Moments:

They are driving back and Ellen is sitting in the passenger seat, with Sam and Jo in the back. Dean tries to talk, and it’s painfully awkward. He turns on the radio and Ellen turns it right back off. Jo and Sam exchange glances like children watching their parents argue.

Creepy/Gross Moment:

Dean pulls a piece of one of the dead girl’s scalp with hair still attached out of the vent. Ew.

Impersonation of the Week:

Jo pretends to be a prospective tenant, and then says that Dean is her boyfriend.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“Los Angeles, California.” – Dean
“What’s in L.A.?” – Sam
“Young girl’s been kidnapped by an evil cult.” – Dean
“Yeah? Girl got a name?” – Sam
“Katie Holmes.” – Dean

“I was a freak with a knife collection.” – Jo

“That’s ectoplasm. Well, Sam, I think I know we’re dealing with here. It’s the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man.” – Dean

“Where’s you get all that money from, anyways?” – Sam
“Working at the Roadhouse.” – Jo
“Hunters don’t tip that well.” – Dean
“Well, they aren’t that good at poker, either.” – Jo

“Sweetheart, this ain’t gender studies. Women can do the job fine. Amateurs can’t. You got no experience. What you do have is a bunch of romantic, half-baked notions that some barfly has put in your head.” – Dean

“You love the job.” – Jo
“Yeah, but I’m a little twisted.” – Dean

“This is going to be a long drive.” – Dean

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