White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 6 – All In

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White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 6 – All In

Important Cases:

An FBI agent has gone missing. He was undercover, and hasn’t been heard of since last night. Hughes wants Neal to participate in the case because of one of his aliases, Nick Halden. Neal wants immunity and Hughes gives it to him, saying he doesn’t care what Neal did five years ago, he just wants his agent back. Nick Halden has to go undercover as a player of Pai Gow.


They are using a house/restaurant for surveillance and the owner has a daughter, Bai, that picks up the earpiece. Peter says that he needs it back and Bai starts crying. Neil does a magic trick with Peter’s business card to get her to smile. After Neal pulls the business card out of Peter’s jacket pocket, Peter tells Neal that every time he does that, Peter starts checking for his wallet. A sheepish Neal then pulls Peter’s wallet out of his pants pocket and gives it back to Peter.


Nick Halden gets into the game. For his cover, he has to have a winning hand and lose on purpose, which he is able to do. During the game, Jones gets informed that the NYPD has been tipped off and is going to raid the game. Rather than give himself up and blow his cover, Neal runs for it. He meets one of Lao’s people from the game, who tells him that Lao knows what he did in the game, and he respects it. She takes him to a room and says that Lao told her to spend the night with him. She takes Neal’s watch off, which is where his transmitter and bug are located. She then pulls a gun on him. She then tells him that she’s Interpol. She introduces herself as Mailin. She offers him Kate in return for helping her. <!–more–>


Peter starts talking to Bai, saying that she doesn’t want to be like Neal. Peter doesn’t think she speaks English and starts telling her all about Neal, who walks in while Peter is talking. Peter doesn’t realize it and keeps talking, until Bai waves enthusiastically at Neal. When Peter sees him, he says he knew he was there the whole time, and Neal informs Peter that Bai speaks perfect English. Bai then tells Peter, “You’re weird.”


Peter sees all the women from the game and he tells Neal and agent Cruz that he will show them how it’s done. He goes over and asks the women about Mailin, and keeps asking them if any of them speak English. Neal and Agent Cruz are amazed that Peter is the same guy who caught them, until Peter comes back and reveals that he recorded the whole interaction, knowing that it’s amazing what people will say when they don’t think you can understand them.


Agent Cruz runs Mailin’s name and it comes back restricted. They realize that she’s either a CI or works for another agency. Peter realizes that Neal knows, and after discussing it with Elizabeth, realizes that the reason he didn’t tell Peter could only be Kate.


Peter tells Neal that what Mailin told him isn’t true. She told him that Interpol is after Lao’s boss, but Lao doesn’t have a boss. Peter tells him that if they catch Lao on Asian soil, they get extra funding. Peter says that they either catch Lao now or their partnership is over. Neal didn’t realize they were partners.


Mailin gives Neal a separate account from the one the FBI gave him, and he uses it, then she gives him a flash drive. Neal then asks Lao to finish their game. Neal is down to his last money and he includes his watch, with the FBI signal. Neal suggests they bet each others watches. Neal loses again and Mailin puts Neal’s watch on Lao. The FBI then hears all the information about the murder of the missing FBI agent.


Peter asks Neal what was on the flash drive, and he says it was empty. Mailin then calls Neal and tells him that she doesn’t have a name for the man who has Kate, but she knows he’s FBI.


The Kate Saga:


An Interpol agent offers Neal information on Kate after she runs away from him at Grand Central station.


Best Lines:


“I am really tired of guns being pointed at me tonight.” – Neal

“We’re partners?” – Neal


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