Chuck – Season 2 – Episode 9 – Chuck Versus the Sensei

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Season 1 – Episode 9 – Chuck Versus the Sensei

This episode opens with a flashback of Casey training with a sensei in a top-secret location in 1994.

Important Moments:

 The team gets a new mission to go to a conference and see if Chuck flashes on anyone.  Casey gives chase to a guy whose identity is concealed, but when Chuck does see him, it is Casey’s sensei, and Chuck flashes on him. It turns out that the sensei, Bennett, has turned and has been recruiting his former students.  The team then gets a mission to go to a construction site in Simi Valley, where they expect Bennett to show up.  Chuck gets told to sit the mission out by Beckman after Casey gets annoyed with him.

Chuck tries to tail Bennett after he leaves the Buy More, but is made.  Bennett then makes him climb into the trunk.  Casey and Sarah show up and after Casey and Bennett play chicken with the cars, Bennett crashes and takes off.  Casey gives chase while Sarah frees Chuck from the trunk. Bennett then asks Casey to join his team and he declines.

General Beckman is upset that Casey pursued Bennett while Chuck was trapped in the trunk and removes him from the case for making it too personal.  Beckman says she will bring in a new team for this case.  Casey is very angry.

Casey tricks Chuck into going down to Castle and uses Chuck to access security and makes Chuck flash to give him information on Bennett.  Casey then apologizes and Chuck shakes hands with him, falling for it again as Casey handcuffs him to a metal bar in the Orange Orange.

Chuck manages to free himself from the handcuffs by freezing the metal and hitting it.  He then manages to get captured by Bennett’s men. Casey and Sarah end up captured as a result.  They are going to kill them, but Casey says Bennett should kill him with honor, so they untie Casey so he and Bennett can fight.  Bennett is winning, telling Casey he has lost his calm center.  Chuck has an epiphany, and he says things to make Casey really angry, allowing him to beat Bennett.

Chuck digs out an old birthday card from their father with a phone number.  He dials the number, but it’s out of service.  He tells Ellie that their father will walk her down the aisle, because he is going to find him.

Best Moments:

Casey calls Chuck to ask for help in case he flashes on the car they’re watching.  Casey gets demanding when Chuck doesn’t have a great signal and Chuck hangs up on him.

Casey and Sarah approach the car as it arrives at the Simi Valley construction site and the driver says he is just delivering a package, and when they check the backseat, it’s a bomb. Meanwhile, Bennett shows up at the Buy More looking for Casey.

Casey and Sarah disagree over what Beckman said.  Sarah agrees with Beckman, that Casey is too close to the case.  I love that Sarah stands up to Casey and isn’t at all intimidated by him.

Ellie is having dinner with Awesome and his parents, as well as Sarah, when Ellie loses it because the Awesome’s are so overbearing about the wedding.  Chuck misses the dinner entirely because he’s still handcuffed to the counter.

Sarah shows up behind Casey at Bennett’s location and holds a knife to his throat as she tells him she is his partner and won’t let him go in alone.  Sort of an ironic, and possibly backwards approach, but we’ll go with it.

On the walk home after the fight with Bennett, Chuck is having both parts of a conversation with Casey, pretending Casey is thanking him for his help.  Right before Casey closes his front door, he really does say thank you.

Funniest Moments:

Ellie is planning the wedding with Mrs. Awesome, something she is clearly not happy about.

Chuck, stuck handcuffed to the yogurt bar at the Orange Orange, is just sitting on the floor, enjoying the yogurt toppings, specifically the raspberries in a bowl.

Saddest Moment:

Ellie talks to Chuck about the realization that their father won’t walk her down the aisle.

Notable Guest Stars:

Carl Lumbly from Alias stars as Casey’s sensei.

Tony Hale is back as Emmett.

Morgan Fairchild plays Honey Woodcomb, Awesome’s mother.

Gratuitous Shirtless Scene:

When Chuck wakes up, Awesome’s parents are in the living room, where Awesome is wearing boxer brief exercise pants.  Nothing else.

Interesting Fashion Choice:

Sarah is wearing a black shirt with butterflies along the spine, designed to look like vertebrae.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

While they are investigating, someone drops from the ceiling and steals something.  They tackle Casey and run away.  Casey pursues him and they end up fighting outside.  His face covering comes off and Casey recognizes his sensei.

The fight between Casey and his sensei is different because we never see Casey outmatched, but then Chuck realizes Casey gets his strength from anger, not calm, and decides to make Casey really mad.

Best Lines:

“It’s true.  Space camp is where all the cool kids go.” – Casey

“You know when you call me moron, that hurts me, on the inside.” – Chuck

“I can barely contain myself, sir.” – Morgan, clearly able to contain himself

“Did you hang up on me?” – Casey

“I’m a little tall for something like this.  Is there another seating option, perhaps?” – Chuck, as Bennett makes him climb in the trunk

“If my primary objective wasn’t to protect you, I’d kill you.” – Casey, to Chuck

“An apology is not going to work because Casey is combat ready at all times, which means his feelings are liabilities.” – Sarah

“I think I’m getting the hang of this customer service thing.” – Jeff, after screaming at a customer

“Those seven years of MacGyver finally paid off.” – Chuck

“Thank you.” – Casey

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