Chuck – Season 2 – Episode 7 – Chuck Versus the Ex

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Chuck – Season 2 – Episode 6 – Chuck Versus the Ex

This episode delves into the back-story of Jill, Chuck’s ex-girlfriend that we have heard about since the pilot.  In the beginning of the episode, Chuck is working at a tech conference, where Jill is giving a presentation on infectious diseases.

Important Moments:

In the beginning of the episode, Chuck runs into his ex-girlfriend Jill, where he flashes on her boss, Guy LaFleur.  General Beckman orders Chuck to get in contact with Jill, which Chuck strongly protests.

While they are on their CIA-mandated date, where Chuck has been set up by the agency to look rich and successful, Jill confides that she is concerned that something sketchy is going on at her company.  Before Chuck can get any more information, Jeff and Lester pull up and expose Chuck’s facade, causing Jill to leave.

Guy discovered an antiviral serum for a strain of influenza used in a bioweapon.  The virus is so deadly that if it was air borne, it could kill a person within one hour.  Guy found out the company secretly sells the influenza bioweapon and was planning to make his findings public at the presentation to expose the company, but he is murdered before he has the chance.

During the presentation, an unidentified bad guy releases the virus into the air.  Sarah gives chase, and Casey calls Chuck to tell him to get Jill and find an antidote.

After Chuck convinces Jill that he works for the CIA (the large SWAT team in the hallway of her apartment building helped), they go to the conference.

Sarah gives chase to the bad guy who released the virus and ends up shooting him.  It turns out he’s CIA.  In the end of the episode, General Beckman is concerned that Fulcrum has recruited rouge CIA agents and wants Sarah and Casey to watch Jill.

Best Moments:

Chuck tells Jill that he owns a bunch of computer stores, and when he goes on his date to a restaurant, the CIA gives him a fancy sports car, and Casey is undercover as the host with a hilarious wig.  Sarah is the waitress.

Chuck goes to Jill’s hotel room after being exposed for his lies and tells her the truth.  We see that she is smiling as he talks, and we also see Sarah have a reaction as Chuck tells Jill that he realized he still isn’t over her.  When Jill tells him they can’t have any more lies, Chuck turns off the listening device so Sarah and Casey can no longer hear what’s going on.

Sarah asks Chuck why he’s smiling and he says it’s because Jill kissed him, and not for any reason that is spy related, but just him, and it’s nice to see Chuck feel good about himself and have some confidence for a change.

Chuck freaks out when he hears Jill is going to give the presentation in Guy’s place because he thinks it’s too dangerous.  When Casey won’t listen to him, he appeals to Sarah for help.  She responds by saying that she’ll give the presentation in Jill’s place.  That’s not exactly what Chuck had in mind, and it shows Sarah’s jealousy regarding Jill.

Love Triangle Time:

This episode marks the beginning of the parade of characters that essentially serve as nothing more than plot devices to sit as obstacles to Sarah and Chuck getting together.  The biggest instance in this episode is when Chuck comes out of the conference to applause after everyone has been saved and sees Sarah, who is also applauding and smiling.  Then Jill comes out and they kiss.  We see Sarah react, and she’s not smiling anymore.

Notable Guest Stars:

Jordana Brewster guest stars as Jill, Chuck’s ex-girlfriend from Stanford.  In a flashback, we find out that after Chuck was thrown out of Stanford for cheating, she started dating Bryce.

Tony Hale is still starring as Emmett, the new assistant manager at the Buy More.

Funniest Moments:

Jill calls her girlfriend and tells her about seeing Chuck.  The girlfriend is very dismissive of Chuck, saying he’s a computer nerd who makes $10 an hour.  Chuck says, “It’s $12.50” defensively and Jill hears him.  Somehow, the bug is transmitting both ways.  Oops!

Jill’s boss, Guy, gets thrown out the window as Sarah and Casey break into his hotel room.  Casey tells Chuck that Guy isn’t in his room as Chuck watches Guy’s bloody body slide down the windshield of the van where he landed after being thrown out the window and just says, shocked, “I know.”

The next scene finds Casey sitting at a table across from Jill, who is profusely crying.  Casey looks completely uncomfortable, handing her a tissue as she cries and then uses a giant paper towel to sweep the pile of used tissues into a garbage can.  He then starts spraying down the glass table.

Emmett gives a CPR test to all the Buy More employees.  Jeff, Morgan and Lester all fight and scramble with each other to sit next to Chuck so they can all copy off of him.  Once he begins the test, they all write their answers simultaneously after Chuck does.  After he gets called away, they don’t know what to do, so they get Jeff to swallow a pen cap, causing Awesome to have to give him the Heimlich maneuver, the part of the test they are now stuck on.  As Awesome does it, Lester and Morgan furiously write down each step that Awesome does, announcing they are finished with their test as soon as Jeff spits the pen out.

While Casey is dying and imploring Chuck to think of something to save them (though never losing his sarcasm and condescension), Chuck thinks that maybe the antidote would be metabolized in saliva.  In case, he kisses Casey on the mouth, then they both turn away in disgust.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Casey says they only have about 15 minutes and a HAZMAT suit will take 10, so the person doing the antidote has to go in without one.  Chuck tells Jill he will go in and she can talk him through it, and she lets him. (For the record, Sarah would never have done that!)  Chuck goes in, but is squeamish about taking his blood so he asks Casey to do it. Casey tries but is too weak and falls over with the syringe still in his hand, breaking it.

Real Life Accent Appearance:

When Sarah starts the presentation as Dr. Eva Anderson, she does it as an Australian, Yvonne Strahovski’s real accent.

Best Lines:

“Oh, and by the way, she slept with Bryce Larkin.” – Chuck
“Humph, who hasn’t?” – Casey

“Is everyone in here CIA?” – Chuck

“Sure, it doesn’t matter now, you know, when I drive a fine Italian automobile and I’m alarmingly well known at this particular restaurant, but I needed you to believe me when it did matter.” – Chuck

“I’m sorry, that was uncalled for.  I’m not acting like myself tonight.” – Chuck
“Are you done feeling sorry for yourself?” – Sarah
“Personally, I’d like another 10 to 15 minutes of really pathetic self-indulgence, but duty calls. I’m going back in.” – Chuck

“She can’t know you’re a spy, Chuck.” – Sarah
“Of course.  She’ll just think I’m a stalker.” – Chuck

“That’s my ex-boyfriend, Chuck.  Is he involved in all this?  He’s been acting really weird lately.  One minute he’s completely normal, the next he’s acting like a total lunatic.” – Jill
“She didn’t say stalker.” – Sarah (from behind the glass where she’s standing with Chuck)
“Almost like a stalker.” – Jill
“Yeah, it can be a pattern with these losers.  Pretty girl smiles at them and they get all infatuated.  Seen it a million times.” – Casey (who is saying this through the glass, looking directly at Chuck, even ending with a wink at him)

“I guess someone doesn’t think saving lives is important.” – Emmett, after Chuck leaves in the middle of the test to go save Casey and all the people in the room at the conference

“I’m going to call the police, Chuck.” – Jill
“I’ve already taken the liberty.  Have a look for yourself.” – Chuck

“I served my country with honor, Bartowski.  Please, let me die with dignity.” – Casey

“I could use some help with the mouth to mouth.” – Chuck (this line is so bad I needed to put it somewhere, and this is where it landed, as an anti-best line)

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