Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 10 – Chuck Versus the Nemesis

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Season 1 – Episode 10 – Chuck Versus the Nemesis

Important Moments:

The episode opens with Bryce strapped to a table in a freaky white room. He whispers something to the nurse that sounds like “Chuck.”
Later, Chuck walks in on Sarah making out with Bryce before they’ve really had a chance to discuss the kiss that happened in the previous episode. The look on his face is heartbreaking.

Back in Casey’s apartment, Bryce gets shot, again by Casey, and we find out that a group called Fulcrum is after the Intersect, and they think Bryce is the Intersect.

During the big climactic fight in the Buy More, Sarah and Bryce work together in a fight against the bad guys, and Chuck sees how well they fight as a team. This is important because it does give more of a background to the fact that they had a relationship, something that just a photo on the beach doesn’t convey.

In the last scene, Sarah is torn between Bryce and Chuck as Bryce calls her on her room phone and Chuck on her cell. We see her struggling with her decision and then the credits roll, leaving it unresolved.

Best Moments:

Chuck is sent in to interrogate Bryce and get information from him. Bryce doesn’t believe it’s really him and wants him to prove it by speaking in Klingon. Chuck is all embarrassed because Sarah and Casey are watching.

The entire Thanksgiving sequence is great, from Chuck finding out Casey killed Bryce, to Chuck telling a clueless Ellie that Anna “knows” about them and the weird interactions and muttered insults from Anna.

Bryce Larkin, Matt Bomer, Chuck








Chuck goes to get the marshmallows and – Matt Bomer. That is all.

Later, after the bad guy shows up at the Buy More and tells Chuck that he has Sarah and Bryce, Chuck says the code word “pineapple,” previously established for Black Friday shopping emergencies, creating chaos in the store, and when the word gets to Morgan, he drops the television he was holding, which falls and hits Jeff in the head, knocking him over. He doesn’t lose consciousness and instead proceeds to get knocked in the head multiple times.

When Chuck is being held at gunpoint during the Buy More fight/shootout, Bryce asks him something in Klingon. “Sorry Chuck,” and then Bryce goes with the shoot the hostage method. We then find out that he was asking Chuck if he had a bulletproof vest on. It’s a great moment and another one where we see that Bryce really does care about Chuck.

Matt Bomer walking out in slow motion. And again, that is all.

Casey keeps a bonsai tree.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

It’s not technically an action sequence, but the scene when Bryce and Sarah have a standoff in Casey’s apartment is shot in a comedic manner, with the camera following them as they circle the room and each other, Chuck staying behind Sarah the whole time she is walking in a circle. Then Casey comes in after they realize Bryce is telling the truth and shoots him right in the chest, sending him flying across the room as Chuck faints.

The scene where Sarah and Bryce fight as a team is shot in such a way that it has a dance quality to it.

Weirdest Moment:

Everything involving Anna in this episode is weird. I know it’s meant to be funny, but her outbursts, such as when she says that Ellie can have Morgan after he eats the potatoes, is weird.

I don’t know what category to put this in, but when Morgan recognizes Bryce, he gives him the weirdest look that is kind of hilarious, but when he tells Bryce about, basically himself, the look on Bryce’s face at realizing how Chuck sees (at least until recently, though there does still seem to be residual emotional damage) him is heartbreaking.

Notable Guest Star:

As any readers of the recaps of the previous episodes know, I’m a big Matt Bomer fan, and he’s back in one of my favorite episodes.

Awesome Soundtrack Moment:

“No One’s Gonna Love You More Than I Do” by Band of Horses

Best Lines:

“The tryptophan wears off and it’s time for the liquor to kick in.” – Jeff, in response to what happens after Thanksgiving

“They saved you, did they? Could you be any more cryptic?” – Chuck

“Pass.” – Casey, when it’s his turn to say what he’s thankful for

“I’m thankful that Bryce Larson is dead, and is not currently in my bedroom making out with my new girlfriend.” – Chuck
“Wow buddy, that was really dark.” – Morgan
“And specific.” – Awesome

“No guns at Thanksgiving.” – Chuck

“Honey, no more family dinners, okay?” – Ellie

“I got one friend in this world. You got a home and a store full of them.” – Bryce

“That stings a little bit.” – Chuck, after being shot

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