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This episode opens with an outtake from I Know What You Did Last Summer (not really) with the Jennifer Love Hewitt look alike going to meet her boyfriend, who drives them out into the middle of nowhere to try to have sex with her.

Sam and Dean are also still looking for their father, though Dean is convinced that he doesn’t actually want to be found.

Important Moments:

Dean finds the story of a man who was murdered and the witness says the attacker was invisible. Sam is skeptical, but Dean says they should check it out, invoking the fact that their father would to convince Sam.

They interview a frat boy who knew the murdered boy, Rich, and find out that he had been dating Lori, who is the daughter of a local preacher.

Sam tells Dean that Lori heard scratching on the car and wonders if it could be the Hookman legend.

The brothers find an article about a preacher in the 1800s who went crazy and murdered 18 prostitutes due to his disgust with a red light district. He lost his hand and had it replaced with a metal hook, making him an excellent candidate for the Hookman.

Lori goes back to her dorm room after arguing with her father and sees scratches along the wall. She goes into her room and is about to turn on the light when she sees her roommate is sleeping, so she just goes to bed. When she wakes up the next morning, her roommate is dead and “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?” is scratched into the wall with a weird symbol.

The brothers show up at the sorority house and are trying to figure out why the Hookman would show up there. Dean theorizes that the Hookman might not be haunting the scene of his crime, but something else. They sneak into the crime scene and smell sulfur, which apparently indicates a spirit. Sam recognizes the symbol and they confirm that it’s the spirit of Jacob Kearns. Dean thinks Lori has something to do with where/why Kearns is showing up.

Sam theorizes that Lori’s father is summoning the spirit, possibly unintentionally, to protect Lori from immoral forces.

Dean goes to the cemetery to find the preacher’s body. He burns the remains of the preacher, which usually gets rid of their spirit.

Simultaneously, Lori is talking to Sam, telling him that her father is having an affair with a married woman from their church. Her father comes outside and tells Lori to come inside. She’s says she’ll come in when she’s ready, and all of a sudden the spirit appears behind her father and stabs him. At the hospital, Sam asks Dean why he didn’t torch the bones and Dean says he did. Sam thinks the spirit of the preacher is latched onto Lori, not her father. He wonders if the source of the spirit’s power could be with the hook, which was sort of part of him when he was alive. Their research leads the brothers to conclude the hook is at the church, where Lori and her father also live. Unfortunately, it’s been reforged into something else, making it difficult to locate.

The brothers split up, with Sam taking the house and Dean taking the church, looking for everything and anything that looks silver so they can destroy it.

They find Lori in the church, feeling guilty for what has happened. While Sam is talking to her, the spirit shows up in the church. It chases Sam and Lori and Sam ends up getting cut on his arm by the Hookman. Sam and the Hookman fight and it doesn’t go well.

Sam and Dean are trying to figure out how the Hookman is still around when they got rid of all the silver when they notice Lori has a necklace. It turns out her father gave it to her and told her it was a church heirloom. “Is it silver?” they yell at her. It is, so that’s the connection to the spirit and to Lori. The hook starts dragging against the wall, and the camera has a cool shot of Dean as he turns around while looking very intense.

Dean grabs the necklace and heads down to a furnace, where he throws it in. Meanwhile, Sam is loading shots into the rifle, but before he has a chance to shoot it, the Hookman knocks it out of his hands. He is about to kill Sam and Lori when the necklace starts to melt and the Hookman disappears.

Impersonation of the Week:

Dean tells some frat boys that they are fraternity brothers that have transferred from Ohio and are looking for a place to stay.

Best Moments:

Sam talks to Lori outside her house, where she says he should get away from her because people around her keep dying. He tells her he knows how she feels, and we see Sam is still very much haunted by Jessica’s death.


Sam and Dean go to the spot where Rich was murdered to see if the spirit of the preacher shows up, only to get arrested when a cop shows up. They look very guilty showing up at the murder scene with rifles.

Action Moment:

Sam is fighting with the Hookman and gets thrown across the room into the wall. Things aren’t going well. (Where is Dean? The fighting is really making a lot of noise?) The Hookman is about to kill Lori so Sam is about to attack him from behind when Dean finally shows up, shooting the Hookman with rock salt, making him disappear.

Funniest Moments:

The brothers interview a frat brother that knew Rich, who happens to be painting his skin purple. As they are asking questions, Dean points out to him that he missed a spot on his skin.

When the brothers met the preacher, Dean lays it on a little thick about how inspiring the sermon was and that the brothers are looking for a church group. He gets a look from Sam, who can’t believe what his brother is saying.

Food of the Week:

Sam is drinking a half-caff, double vanilla latte.

Ghost Story of the Week:

This episode is a play on the urban legend of the Hookman making scratching noises on the car roof.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“We’re going to do tequila shots and watch Reality Bites.” – Lori’s friend

“This is where you spent four good years of your life?” – Dean

“Welcome to higher education.” – Sam

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