White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Book of Hours

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White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Book of Hours

Important Moments:

Agent Jones and Cruz are watching a bookmaker named Borelli from the van, when he walks over to the van and asks the FBI to help them recover a bible. Borelli says the bible is from medieval Naples.

Mozzie tells Neal that the bible is famous for its healing powers.

Neal has the idea to look for a true believer. They go to the church and find out that a homeless man, Steve, with a sick dog had stayed in the church. When they ask him about the bible, he openly admits to taking it. He needed it for his dog, Lucy, who is sick. It turns out that Borelli’s nephew hired Steve to take the bible.

When Borelli’s nephew turns up dead, the detective on the case, Ruiz, doesn’t want Neal involved so they get taken off the case. Peter tells Neal pointedly that he can’t do anything. Neal then says he’s a bit chilly and asks to borrow Peter’s FBI jacket.

Mozzie and Neal turn up a woman named Maria Fiametta, who is an art historian.

Peter suggests that Neal convince Maria that he’s pliable and might be willing to steal the bible. Elizabeth suggests just asking her out. <!–more–>

Neal does and everything goes according to plan, sort of. She joins with him to steal the bible, but she knows they’ve bugged her, and she double crosses Neal. He’s holding the bible in front of him so that if she shoots him she has to shoot the bible. She does anyway. The bible stops the bullet and Neal’s fine.

Peter asks for the bible back. Neal says he already gave it to “some FBI guy.” He gave it to Mozzie to bring to Steve to use to help Lucy. When Borelli shows up, he offers to take Lucy to his vet.

Kate Saga:

Neal is just staring at the wine bottle. It’s a little pathetic, which Mozzie tells him.

Notable Guest Stars:

Kirk Acevedo from Fringe and 12 Monkeys guest stars as Detective Ruiz.

Best Quotes:

“He thinks I’m swabbing toilets. I figure we’ve got about 10 minutes until he gets curious.” – Mozzie
“Why, is that the standard toilet swabbing time?” – Neal

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