White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 2 – Threads

Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, Tara, White Collar





White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 2 – Threads

Important Moments:

Peter is complaining about how difficult it is to get a cab as Neal gives their cab to some models. Neal points out it’s fashion week, so Peter may as well embrace it. Peter then gets a cab and more models show up. Neal holds out a $100 bill and a cab stops for them.

When they get to the FBI office, Neal finds out they are going after a criminal known as the Ghost. After talking to a witness, Tara, Neal comes up with a plan to throw a party to draw the Ghost out. They get party supplies from the police raid warehouse.

Mozzie gives Neal a venue to use.

At the party, Neal meets a guy named Dmitri, and when Tara hears him speaking Hebrew, she thinks he might be involved. They catch him but Tara confirms that they caught the wrong guy. <!–more–>

The Kate Saga:

Neal tells Mozzie that the man with the ring didn’t find what he was looking for in San Diego. It turns out that Neal told different people that his stash was hidden in different cities. He told Kate it was in San Diego. Neal defends her, saying that it’s not her fault, the man is forcing her. He thinks she may have warned him when she visited him in prison. He wants to figure out how to get the security tape from Peter. Mozzie suggests he try asking.

Peter and Neal go undercover, with Peter posing as Neal’s bodyguard while Neal poses as a buyer.

While outside Dmitri’s hotel, they get a report about an argument on the 50th floor. Jones realizes Dmitri is on the 50th floor and they go, but they’re too late. Dmitri is dead. He was left on the floor with a dress sticking out of his mouth.

Peter says they deal with a lot of knock offs and that some of the designers are making very small security strips, built right into the dresses. Basically, it could be like a small hard drive.

Neal gets a call from Ghovat, wanting to pay him $5 million dollars for the dress, which he thinks Neal bought for his fiancé.

Meanwhile, Tara has been kidnapped while being escorted home by her police detail. Ghovat calls Neal and reveals that he knows the FBI really has the dress. He wants Peter to deliver it in Central Park.

Ghovat gives Peter only one minute to get the dress to the fountain in Central Park, with the dress. When he gets there, Ghovat lets Tara go, but tells Burke that Tara’s belt is an explosive device. The device is activated by his phone. Neal comes up with the idea of continuously calling him to jam his phone so he can’t use it to activate the bomb.

When Neal gets there, Ghovat pulls a gun on him, and then Agent Cruz takes him down from behind.

Character Introduction:

Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, White Collar, Lauren Cruz






Neal meets Agent Lauren Cruz, and they don’t get off to the best start.

Best Quotes:

“For the record, you are much scarier than that other guy. Much.” – Neal

“That’s pretty damn charming.” – Neal

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