Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Chuck Versus the Tango

Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi, Captain Awesome, Ryan McPartlin





Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Chuck Versus the Tango

Best Moments:

Awesome teaches Chuck to tango. The woman’s part.

Casey’s snort laugh when Chuck realizes Casey was messing with him about the tango.

Sarah’s red dress at the art auction.

“Slow Show” by the National over the end scene where Sarah tells Chuck that what he does is worthwhile.

Casey peering through his blinds at Chuck and Morgan.

Important Moments:

Casey and Sarah discuss what Chuck can do in the field at the auction regarding the identification of La Ciudad, while Morgan and Ellie discuss what Chuck is capable of achieving in life. General Beckman decides that Chuck should go into the field, as they won’t know what he’s capable of until he tries, while Awesome chimes in to the other conversation, offering to take Chuck white water rafting. Chuck gets up and leaves the room.

Sarah goes over Chuck’s cover identity with Chuck and tells him she’ll never leave his side and touches his hand.

Sarah gives Chuck a watch with GPA tracking.

Casey compliments Chuck on his work the night before. It is, of course, followed up by a sarcastic insult, because Casey never flat out compliments people, but we see he really is starting to love Chuck.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck knocks himself over in his chair as Sarah and Casey engage in a shootout and La Ciudad goes over the railing, landing on the balcony of Chuck’s old Stanford schoolmate, frantically talking to his wife about the SEC. “They know about the Caymans!”

Casey knocks out one of the bad guys in a freezer and saves Chuck by hitting the other bad guy in the head with a flying microwave.

Sarah and La Ciudad fight on the roof of the Weinerlicious, ending with Sarah handcuffing La Ciudad to a pipe.

Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi, La Ciudad





Best Lines:

“Why are these people sleeping?” – Chuck

“Charles Carmicheal? Simple, dignified. Graduated with honors from Stanford. Runs a hugely successful software company, semi-retired and is considering entering America’s Cup.” – Chuck

“Me, nervous. Come on, never.” – Chuck
“Your hand is a little moist.” – Sarah
It does that when I’m freakin’ out.” – Chuck

“Did a semester abroad in Buenos Aires. Spent many a night tangoing my way into senoritas pantalones.” – Awesome

“Toughen up. You’ll be fine, assuming you know how to tango.” – Casey
“I did some preparation, okay? I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I –“ – Chuck
“Why would he need to know how to tango? Is that code?” – Sarah

“I’m off by 8, hammered by 8:05.” – Jeff

“Right. Apparently, I learned the girl’s part of this dance. Would you mind leading?” – Chuck

“Now that’s what I call moving some merchandise, yeah?” – Casey

“Man, that dude is creepy.” – Morgan, on Casey

Chuck Versus the Helicopter

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