Throwback Interview Discussing Fashion With Sophia Bush

Sophia BushI interviewed Sophia Bush at the Hollywood Style Awards in 2008 and just came across the transcript while going through some files. It never ended up being published as she didn’t say anything scandalous or about her dating life, which was all the editors wanted, so I hope you find it interesting!

What is tonight like for you?
Sophia Bush: I feel like a little girl who just got her first kiss. I’m giddy and I’m blushing and I’m kind of embarrassed. I don’t know. I love fashion with all my heart. I love it.

What are your favorite fashion items?
SB: That’s really hard. I love a great pair of boots and well-fitting jeans. A good simple cut. I love a tank top that’s interesting to look at, that’s not just the same old thing. I love what’s fabulous and special but you can’t wear fabulous and special every day.

Who is your style icon?
SB: Oh, there’s so many. I can never pick.

What about shopping? Do you shop online a lot?
SB: I will look anywhere for anything. If I’m looking for something and I can’t find it, I go to Revolve first and then I try Shopbop [both sites are still in business]. I just start googling what I’m looking for. I will find it. If I have to hunt it down on ebay I will find it.

Is this the last year of the show [referring to One Tree Hill as it was 2008]?
SB: I assume so. We’re only on a six-year contract. Everybody is itching to get home and back to their families.

What other projects have you been doing?
SB: I’m in town [Los Angeles] to do post production on a film I shot over the summer. It’s called Table For Three and then The Narrows premiered at Toronto and now it’s going to AFM. It’s crazy. I haven’t had a day off in a couple of years.

When you do have a break, what TV show do you never miss?
SB: I never miss Mad Men. It’s amazing. It’s just provocative. It’s such a beautiful character study and so disturbing. The sexual politics of it all and of course the fashion.

What do you to give back to your community?
SB: I don’t do the typical expensive pens for agents and managers. I buy Oxfam. I send everybody a cow for Christmas. I think it’s an important thing to remind everybody and ourselves of what’s important.

I was told you went on the campaign trail [for Obama in 2008]?
SB: Yeah, I did a couple days on the campaign, signing people up in North Carolina. It’s exciting and liberating, particularly in light of what’s happening now in the debates. I knew I wanted Senator Obama to be my president a long time ago, but watching the way he has been himself, and being so amazing in spite of all the crap being thrown at him. He is rallying people because of his passion for his country, because of his ideas for the economy and health care and the war. He has valid points as a presidential candidate. He is not rallying people because of his opponent’s middle name. He is not rallying people to be hateful or divisive or to show the worst side of himself. He is reminding every single one of us why we’re proud to be American. I love him.

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