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Naomi Watts, The EditOn her film career: “I’ve been in violent films, I’ve been in provocative films and incredibly weird, twisted films. Now that I have kids, do I want to do cookie-cutter sweet? No. I am authentically who I am. Your taste is your taste, and you connect with that. Even though I’ve tried a bit more comedy lately, I’ll always come back to that [intense] kind of role, because I think it’s funny and juicy and different.”

On her childhood: “[There was] lots of adventure [growing up]. Lots of spontaneity and travel and packing up and going places. At the time, you didn’t really question it, because it’s what you know, and you just follow the lead of your parents… It always felt like we were on the road.”
Naomi Watts, The Edit
On being a mother in the entertainment industry: “I definitely would like more structure for my children. But I really don’t want to overcompensate, and I think there is a tendency to do that when you’ve had certain things go on in your childhood.”
Naomi Watts, The Edit
On staying in acting: “I tried to find a way to extricate myself many times, and I couldn’t. I couldn’t let it go. Firstly because I knew I loved it, and I knew deep down that I did have something, even though I was being told that I had nothing.”
Naomi Watts, The Edit
On aging: “The longer the life, the richer it gets, and the [movie] roles generally reflect that. Mid-forties, you’ve accumulated a fair amount of experiences – tragedies, good things, bad things, divorce, loss, things like that – and those make for good stories to tell. Although, your kids start getting older and older and older in movies to the point that it’s like, please! But, hey, that is the industry that we live and work in, and I am not going to get caught up in getting bitter about that.”
Naomi Watts, The Edit
On the gender wage gap: “There are films I’ve worked on where I’ve been asked to work at such a low fee when I know the leading man is working at a proper-sized fee, and it’s really upsetting. I went through 10 years without working with female filmmakers, and the good news is that lately I have worked with quite a few… Voices are being heard.”
Naomi Watts, The Edit
On her friendship with Nicole Kidman: “We’re busy people that live in different places. The thing about Nic and I is that we have so many years of history now, that even after big gaps, we just take up where we left off. We know we have limited time together, so we go strong; we cover big topics in a really limited amount of time. It’s just like, boom, we’re back.”
Naomi Watts, The Edit
On walking around anonymously: “I’m very small and I think that I look completely different than I do on the red carpet… I don’t wear any makeup, and I think I blend in very easily. There are days when you struggle with the [work/life] balance, and there are days when you feel like, ‘I can pull this off. I have superpowers.’ I really just want them to be polite children who are kind to each other.”

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