Do Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift Deserve Privacy?

Tom Hiddleston, Taylor SwiftThe relationship between Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift has come under much discussion since the photographs of them on the beach were released last week. For the most part, fans are not on board. Many think she’s using him, the relationship is for PR, etc. However, regardless of the how and why of their relationship, there are some who think it is no one’s business and fans shouldn’t discuss it.

However, the moment that the pair knew paparazzi were taking their photographs, likely with, at minimum, Taylor’s permission, and continued their date and kissing while being photographed, they made their relationship public knowledge. For argument’s sake, I’m going to assume that Hiddleston is aware of the public relations aspect of dating Taylor Swift, as he seems intelligent.

Many celebrities date other celebrities, and that causes public interest to be peaked. For the most part, these relationships are photographed minimally, such as those who live in Los Angeles and go places where paparazzi hang out. They go knowing they may be photographed and they have the option of going ahead with their plans and risking photographs, or not. For comparison’s sake, let’s use Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez as an example of a couple that used the press. While they were dating, they were photographed everywhere. This is because they wanted to be. They either went places where photographers would be, or they called them. That’s how the celebrity game works. After they broke up, first Affleck, and later Lopez suddenly disappeared from the tabloids for the most part, as they no longer courted the photographers. Amazing how that works.

Yesterday it came out that Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox have been dating for three years, yet there is not a picture that proves it to be found. This is because they want to keep their personal life private, so they do. It really is that simple.

If one looks at Hiddleston’s previous relationships, they are, for the most part, not even confirmed, but only rumor, as he used to keep his private life to himself. By starting a relationship with Taylor Swift, someone who has an actual noted pattern of using her relationships as part of her marketing strategy for her music, Hiddleston has put himself in a position where his private life is no longer private. Photographers don’t happen upon famous people on a beach in Rhode Island. Last night, the pair attended a Selena Gomez concert where Swift’s friends posted video on the Internet that included the pair. It would have been simple for Swift to ask her friend not to include her in the video being posted.

Putting your life out there for public consumption leads to, unsurprisingly, the public consuming it. As such, your privacy is gone, but it isn’t an invasion of privacy because you gave it away. That’s why so many of Hiddleston’s fans are so disappointed.

Hiddleston has always come across as a sincere, intelligent, funny, and private person. No one has gotten upset about any of his rumored relationships with actresses such as Elizabeth Olsen or Jessica Chastain because those women come across in much the same way: dedicated to their jobs, intelligent, sincere, and private. Regardless of whether he ever actually dated these women, the point is the same. The reason fans are so upset is that Hiddleston has basically destroyed the image of who he is, and now looks like a fake person, posturing and using a relationship for attention, or at minimum allowing Swift to do so, which is no better. It also looks very bad that the pair started dating only two weeks after Swift had broken up with her boyfriend. To then flaunt a new relationship to the world seems cruel, not to mention thoughtless.

There are many rumors as to why Swift may have wanted the pictures to be released that day, none of which cast her in a flattering light. Hiddleston may be thinking with his libido rather than his brain. It happens. It just doesn’t usually happen in front of the entire world. But the relationship itself is not why fans are disappointed. It’s that Hiddleston has gone from someone who appears sincere, kind, intelligent, and private with a promising career based on solid work to someone who appears fake, posturing, unkind, and manipulative, and is now mainly known as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. Attending a Selena Gomez concert doesn’t really up the levels of taste, either.

Some fans may think this is no one’s business, but it seems the first people you have to get that message to are Swift and Hiddleston, who seem very happy to flaunt themselves anywhere there’s a camera. Both of them chose careers that put them in the public eye. There are consequences to that. It is up to the individual what they do with that, and it is sad to see that Hiddleston seems to be a much less sincere, kind person than we all thought. Or, at the very least, he is currently giving a great impression of it. And really, with all the depressing and negative stuff in the news right now, talking about a celebrity’s relationship is not a big deal, and is a diversion many could use.

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  1. Linda
    June 22, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Their relationship is a bunch of bs .She is only going to hurt him like the others.shes not hiding the fact she wants everyone to see she’s with tom .every pap picture she looking and smiling I can’t stand her

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