Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week #TomsTwinTuesday

A collection of all of Tom’s twins, in character form, with some fun clips:

Oakley in Unrelated

Tom Hiddleston
Tom as Oakley

Magnus Martinsson in Wallander

Tom Hiddleston
Tom as Magnus


Tom Hiddleston, Loki
Tom as Loki

“I am burdened with glorious purpose.”
“Trust my rage.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight In Paris

Tom Hiddleston
Tom as F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is the intro scene, with no Tom in it, but it’s just a beautiful trip around Paris.

Freddie Page in The Deep Blue Sea
Tom Hiddleston, Deep Blue Sea

“There is nothing wrong with my mind. FUBAR.”
“Have you got a shilling? For the gas meter. In case I’m late for dinner.”

Capt. Nicholls in War Horse

Tom Hiddleston, War Horse
Tom as Capt. Nicholls

Prince Hal/Henry V in The Hollow Crown

Tom Hiddleston, Hollow Crown
Tom as Henry V

Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive

Tom Hiddleston, Adam, Only Lovers Left Alive
Tom as Adam

“When you separate an entwined particle and you move both parts away from the other,even at opposite ends of the universe, if you alter or affect one, the other will be identically altered or affected.”

Coriolanus in Coriolanus

Tom Hiddleston, Coriolanus
Tom as Coriolanus

Sir Thomas Sharpe in Crimson Peak

Tom Hiddleston, Crimson Peak
Tom as Sir Thomas Sharpe

Hank Williams in I Saw the Light

Tom Hiddleston, Hank Williams, I Saw the Light
Tom as Hank Williams

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