Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 5 – Simon Said

This was a good episode that really forwarded some of the plot. It brings Ellen into the main story and creates an even freakier situation regarding any children born on Sam’s birthday that have been affected by the yellow eyed demon.

Season 2 – Episode 5 – Simon Said

This episode opens with a man walking down the street in what looks like every and any small town. He gets a phone call, then goes into a store, asks to look at a gun and then shoots.

Important Moments:

As the man is loading the gun, he is simultaneously telling the gun store clerk that he wouldn’t take up guns because they make him nervous. His actions are in complete opposition to his words and tone. He then shoots the store clerk and then shoots himself. The camera then cuts to Sam suddenly waking up. This all happened in his dream. A vision? He thinks so.

The brothers head to the Road House to get help locating the place where Sam’s vision is occurring from Ash. He matches the logo from Sam’s vision to Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Jo wants to go with the Winchesters and help. Dean thanks her and turns her down, saying it’s kind of a family thing.

The brothers go to Montana and ask for Andy, the search result that Ash turned up. They are directed to a guy with a van. As they are waiting, Sam sees the shooter. They split up and Sam follows the shooter, while Dean follows Andy. Sam loses the shooter, who didn’t go into the gun store after all, but instead walks in front of a bus.
Sam sees Andy drive by with the Impala and calls Dean, who tells him Andy used mind control.

Sam feels awful because he stopped the shooter from going into the gun store, but he’s dead anyway.

The brothers break into Andy’s van and it looks ridiculous, like a bad porn movie set. Then they do a stake out. Andy comes over to them and wants to know why they’re looking for him. Sam starts to tell their story about being lawyers when Andy says tell the truth. Sam is about to say something, when Dean literally tells him the truth, that they hunt demons. Apparently, Sam is immune from Andy’s power.

Sam confronts Andy about killing the man who walked in front of the bus, a local doctor. Andy denies it. While they’re talking, Sam has another vision, this time of a woman pouring gasoline over herself and then lighting herself on fire. She does it based on a phone call and then uses the phrase, “It’s okay,” just like the doctor. Andy was with the brothers when it happened, so he can’t be the one doing it.

Dean finds out that the woman was named Holly and gave birth on Andy’s birthday in 1983. Sam asks Andy if he was adopted, and he was. They look at the county records and find that Holly was his birth mother and the dead doctor was her doctor and oversaw the adoption. Sam finds that Holly gave birth to twins. Andy is in shock, and they learn his brother’s name is Ansen Weems, but Andy knows him as Webber from the cafe where he works with his friend Tracey. Andy says the guy just showed up, acting like they were best friends. We see that Ansen is already back at the cafe, talking to Andy’s friend. Sam then has a vision of him killing her by making her jump off the bridge of a dam.

Ansen tells Andy that he wanted to tell him he was his twin brother, but the man with the yellow eyes wouldn’t let him.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
After a tense situation that ends with Ansen dead, Andy says that Tracey is scared of him. Dean tells Andy to behave himself or they would be back.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Ellen calls Dean and asks them to come to the Roadhouse. She saw the papers from Ash and wants to know what’s going on. Dean doesn’t want to tell her, but Ellen tells him off, saying something is coming. He tells her about the situation with the house fires and everyone having special abilities. Sam says Ansen was an exception because there was no fire. Ellen points out that breaks pattern and makes it impossible to track them down.

Ellen Harvelle
Family Moments/Arguments:

Sam is very concerned that Andy is the second one that they’ve found that has started killing people. Sam is worried that he will turn into a murderer. Dean tells him that’s ridiculous, but then the camera shows him take a worried glance in the other direction, making us think of his final conversation with their father.

Ansen is crazy and is killing people so no one can come between him and Andy. He is trying to kill everyone in Andy’s life so no one can come between them. That’s some demented family bonding.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Sam is insistent in believing he could become a murderer. He points out that Andy killed Ansen. Dean in return points out that there was a difference between Andy killing Ansen to save him and Tracey, and Ansen killing people because he’s a sociopath.

Action Moment:

Dean goes to try to stop the woman from Sam’s vision from killing herself, but it’s already happened. Dean wonders why Sam’s vision didn’t even give them a head start this time.
The brothers and Andy go to the bridge from Sam’s vision to save Tracey. Sam says Dean should stay back, and Dean agrees. Andy wants to go, though. Ansen is sitting next to Tracey in the car, where he tells her to go to the edge of the dam and jump off. Sam shows up with a gun and breaks the window. Ansen tells Sam he doesn’t want to do it, trying to use mind control on him (we know that because of the sound effects). Andy then shows up to help Tracey and he attacks Ansen and tapes his mouth shut. He then starts beating him and Sam tries to pull him off. Meanwhile, Tracey is still under the influence of Ansen’s mind control and she hits Sam over the head with a stick. It seems like Ansen might be able to control people without speaking. Tracey is crying but can’t stop. Andy uses his mind control ability to make Tracey stop. While they are talking, Tracey has walked over to the edge of the bridge.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
While Ansen is going off on a crazy rant, Dean walks around and sets up a long-range rifle, but Ansen sees him and tries to make him shoot himself. Dean puts the gun to his head, but before he pulls the trigger, Andy shoots Ansen.

Best Moments:
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Sam is pissed off after Andy makes Dean tell him everything. He gets out of the car and follows Andy, who is clearly intimidated by him. He is demanding that Sam leave him alone and drive away, but Sam is just shaking his head because it doesn’t work on him.

Funniest Moments:

Ash has a sign on his door that says ‘Dr. Badass Is In.’

After Ash turns up nothing, Sam asks him to search for a house fire in a nursery in 1983. Ash thinks it’s weird and asks why he’d look for that. Sam says, “Because there’s a PBR in it for you.” Ash says give me fifteen minutes.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Jo turns on REO Speedwagon. Dean is in disbelief that she’s listening to the song. Then he starts singing it in the car, causing Sam to give him a very strange look.

Creepy Moment:

The scene is supposed to be played for laughs, but when Dean just gives Andy his car because of mind control, it’s less funny than just disturbing. Dean would obviously never give away his car and the fact that someone has the ability to bend others’ wills that easily makes your skin crawl.

Impersonation of the Week:

The brothers pretend to be lawyers.

Food Moment:

The brothers are drinking at the Roadhouse at the beginning of the episode…

Dean is eating something that apparently came from a minimart.

…And again at the end.

State of the Week:


Music Moment:

Reo Speedwagon, “I Can’t Fight This Feeling”


Best Lines:

“So I’m a freak now?” – Sam
“You’ve always been a freak.” – Dean

“You’re afraid of my mother?” – Jo
“I think so.” – Dean

“You’re kidding, right?” – Sam, after Dean sings REO Speedwagon

“He full on Obi-Waned me. It’s mind control, man.” – Dean

“Dean, shut up!” – Sam
“I’m trying.” – Dean

“Does anyone have a vicodin?” – Andy

“I have an evil twin.” – Andy

“You learn you got a twin, you call ’em up, you go out for a drink. You don’t start killing people.” – Andy

“I heard you before, Dean, when Andy made you tell the truth. You’re just as scared of this as I am.” – Sam
“That was mind control. That’s like being roofied, man. That doesn’t count.” – Dean
“What?” – Sam
“No, I’m calling do over.” – Dean
“What are you, seven?” – Sam

“Jo, honey, you better break out the whiskey instead.” – Ellen

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