U2’s The Edge Given Permission To Build Five Malibu Homes

la-142939-me-1111-green-05-rrd-jpg-20140919U2 guitarist the Edge has been trying to build a new home(s) in Malibu since 2006, when he first began trying to obtain permits from the city for the environmentally friendly design. The homes were met with resistance from the Malibu community, prolonging the process for years. Local residents expressed concerns that the original proposal would cause irreparable harm to habitat and views and erode the coastline.

However, the Malibu commission has announced via its web site that The Edge has received the permits to proceed with the development and construction of homes, as well as an access road on Sweetwater Mesa in the Santa Monica Mountains where Malibu sits.

The development will be smaller than the original proposal, a compromise made to reach agreement. There will also be other concessions based on ecological preservation, though specifics were not provided.

Edge originally attempted to gain the permits in 2006. The plans were rejected in 2011 because of concerns from the commission that the contraction of five mansions would disturb the environment and mar what is currently an undeveloped portion of the Malibu coastline.

The plans for the house, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, was to include a 12,785-square-foot mansion called “Leaves In the wind,” named for the green roof designed for the homes and intended to mimic the appearance of fluttering leaves. The homes were designed to meet the highest environmental standards by incorporating recycled and renewable materials, including rainwater catchment systems, solar panels and native landscaping.

“We’d like to be treated fairly, like any other applicant that comes before the Coastal Commission,” Fiona Hutton, a representative for the Edge, said in 2011.

After that meeting, they “worked hard to adhere to all the conditions laid out by the commission,” Hutton said. She described the design of the homes as “dramatically different” and “built to fit into the natural contours of hillside.”

Even with the approval, there are still many legal issues that could arise, and local residents are still expressing concerns about easements.


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