Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 8 – Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Zachary Levi, Chuck BartowskiChuck Season 3

Episode 8 – Chuck Versus the Fake Name

This episode has a theme revolving around identity, with Sarah concerned Chuck is losing some of the best parts of himself, causing her to miss some of the real parts of herself. All the while, Chuck is undercover impersonating an assassin.

Important Moments:
Kristen Kreuk
Chuck walks into his apartment and gives an extremely awkward introduction between Ellie and Hannah, who is wearing only a towel.
Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck, Brandon Routh
Sarah and Shaw are eating in a cafe (don’t go to cafes with Shaw!) when Sarah tells Shaw she doesn’t think they should see each other outside of work. What looked like a date is actually a stakeout and Casey has set up as a sniper on the roof. When the target walks out to his car, Casey shoots him with a tranquilizer and Sarah and Shaw take him away in the car.

Chuck, undercover as Rafe, and Casey, as his coworker, meet Rafe’s associates. The bad guys recognize Casey. They imply that Casey is a cop.

Chuck actually pulls out one of Casey’s teeth (with his permission) as part of his undercover job.

Adam Baldwin, John Casey, Chuck
Casey tells Sarah that Chuck really sold his part as Rafe and that for a second, he hardly recognized him, which makes Sarah look worried.

After the mission, Chuck asks Casey about the name Alex Cockburn. Casey tells him to mind his ‘own damn business.’

Chuck is hosting a dinner for Ellie, Awesome and Hannah, but Sarah and Shaw make the food because Chuck was still working on the mission. Chuck tells Awesome that he didn’t make anything and Awesome freaks out because he doesn’t want to have to lie to Ellie about anything.

Chuck leaves his undercover phone on the counter and is distracted by Big Mike. The phone rings and Hannah picks up. She tells them they have the wrong number and that it’s a Buy More phone but the guy said he would be there in two minutes, putting Chuck in a bad situation, with the possibility of having his cover blown. He quickly puts on his ‘Rafe’ outfit and goes outside to call Sarah and Casey on his CIA watch. The bad guys come up behind him and demand to know why he has the watch. They smash it but it turns out they just think it’s too cheap.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Chuck
Sarah shows up to Shaw’s hotel room to express her fears about Chuck. Meanwhile, Chuck is getting his target from the bad guys. They are in a hotel and show Chuck a long-range rifle and headphones that he can use to see and kill the target. When he looks through, it turns out that the target is Shaw. While he’s watching, Sarah ends up telling Shaw her real name (Sam, by the way). When Chuck tells the bad guys about Sarah, they’re very sympathetic and see the situation as more reason for Chuck to kill Shaw, or make him “Double dead,” as one of them refers to it. Casey is trying to contact the agents that are supposed to be backing Chuck up, but they’re late. Trying to stall, Chuck tells the bad guys that he has to look Shaw in the eye so he goes over to the hotel room and punches Shaw. He drops the name Sam so they realize he was listening. While they’re fighting, the real Rafe shows up in the hotel room across the way and kills the two bad guys. After they were so supportive of Chuck, it kind of makes you feel bad for them.

Chuck goes to talk to Ellie and seems like he’s about to tell her the truth when she says she thinks she knows what’s wrong. She thinks he feels like he’s moving too fast with Hannah because he still has feelings for Sarah. Instead of continuing, Chuck says that’s the problem and leaves.

Chuck then goes to the restaurant where he is supposed to meet Hannah’s parents. Instead, he ends things with her, really pissing her off. He’s genuinely trying to be honest with her, but she accuses him of being the best liar she’s ever seen.

Funniest Moments:

Ellie walks over to Chuck and starts talking to him, thinking he’s in the bathroom. Moments later, Hannah walks out in a towel. Oops!

Casey is all about one-upping the target, a known super sniper. Casey says he’s perfect for the mission. Shaw then says Chuck will be the one doing the mission, going undercover as Rafe Gruber, the target. Instead, Casey will “elicit” the details from Rafe, a euphemism for torture them out of him. Casey has a bag full of scary looking tools.

Chuck asks Rafe a bunch of “get to know what makes you tick,” getting into character questions. He then mimics a sentence that Rafe says and he and Casey exchange a look, like not bad.

Chuck’s hair as Rafe. That is all.

Chuck has a lot of fun with his undercover gig. He flips out on one of the guys when they ask him about his toughest hit. He talks like he’s in a film noir the entire time.

Chuck says if Casey is a cop, he will kill him. Casey ends up tied to a chair and the bad guys are waiting for Chuck to kill Casey. Sarah tells Chuck to stall. He tells the bad guys he’s an assassin, not a murderer. He tells them that he kills people as a means to an end, in this case, to get information, which he can’t do if Casey is dead. Casey just nods, like ‘yeah, he has a point.’

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck
To keep Shaw from being killed, Chuck attacks him in character as Rafe. While they are fighting in the hotel room, the real Rafe looks across and sees Chuck and Shaw fighting. He then goes across to Shaw’s hotel as well, loading his gun on the way. When he walks in, Sarah attacks him and gets thrown on the couch. Shaw attacks him and is knocked down. Meanwhile, Casey has arrived at the other hotel room, where he finds the two bad guys dead. The real Rafe is strangling Chuck, who is struggling to flash and failing. Rafe throws Chuck down and has the gun on Shaw. Then he instead puts the gun to Sarah and says he’s going to make it easy on Chuck and Shaw by killing Sarah. A shot goes off and Sarah drops, but it turns out Casey shot Rafe in the head from across the way.

Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Brandon Routh, Chuck
Best Moments:

Jeff tells Big Mike and Lester that when Chuck is with Sarah, “The light in his eyes shines brightly.”

Love Triangle Issues:

Chuck and Hannah are very affectionate in the Buy More. It seems like an inappropriate amount of making out for the workplace.

At dinner, Hannah makes a really nice toast about everything being in the right place and time and with the right person and by Chuck’s face, it seems like he’s realizing that he isn’t in that time and place or with the right person.

The bad guys tell Chuck they hate the ‘will they or won’t they thing. Just do it already!’ Preach! Perhaps part of the thing with Shaw and Hannah is that neither Sarah nor Chuck actually seem all that into them. It’s as if they’re dating them because they’re there. Neither couple seems logical or has very good chemistry. Plot device that everyone is over?

Gratuitous Shirtless Scene:

Awesome is doing upside down crunches while Ellie talks about how surprised she is that Chuck hasn’t told her about Hannah.

Brandon Routh
And we have another one when Sarah goes to see Shaw at his hotel room and he answers the door without a shirt, wearing only a towel that is safety pinned. Why is he answering his hotel door in a towel? Who knows?

Notable Guest Stars:

Kristen Kreuk is back as Hannah.

Brandon Routh is back as Shaw.

Questions About Shaw:

I have the same questions about Shaw in this episode as the last one. He seems genuinely distressed when Sarah is about to be shot. Why?

Best Lines:

“I’ll take the torture over this man’s questions.” – Rafe
“Roger that.” – Casey

“Not bad Bartowski.” – Casey
“Who the hell is Bartowski?” – Chuck

“I take pride in my work. I want to kill him, not some secondary infection.” – Chuck (as Rafe)

“You did good work, Chuck. Proud of you.” – Casey

“What do I look like, a workaholic? A man’s gotta have hobbies. I was here browsing music.” – Chuck (as Rafe)

“I hate this will they or won’t they things. Just do it already.” – Matty
“If you and this girl love each other so much, what’s keeping you apart?” – Scotty

“Wait a minute. The guy you’re supposed to whack is banging your girl?” – Scotty

“Five people in the world can make this shot, huh? Guess I’m one of them.” – Casey
John Casey, Adam Baldwin
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  1. CM
    September 26, 2014 at 2:14 am

    Quite easily the most insulting episode of Chuck ever written.

    After watching this episode I no longer care or have any sympathy for either Chuck or Sarah or their situation. They simply no longer belong together – ever.

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