Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 3 – Bloodlust

Supernatural Season 2

Episode 3 – Bloodlust

This episode is the first time that any moral issues come up in regard to supernatural beings.

Important Moments:

The episode opens in Montana, where a girl is running through the woods, clearly terrified. She stops and turns around when something with a sickle beheads her.

The brothers interview the police where the murders have been taking place and ask him if there is a connection between the cows being mutilated and the murders. The policeman laughs at them and says there is no such thing as cow mutilation.


The brothers go to the morgue to look at the severed heads and find a set of retractable vampire fangs in the woman’s head.

They go to a local bar and ask the bartender if there were any new people that moved to the area in the last six months, saying they would be rowdy and like to drink a lot. The bartender says a nearby farm was recently rented out and the camera pans to a man smoking a cigarette that seems to be paying close attention to Sam and Dean. The man then follows them out of the bar.
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
The man is Gordon Walker and in a moment shocking to no one, the vampire hunter knew John Winchester. He tells them the two dead vampires were his kills. He also tells them he has this case covered and basically wants them to leave. When they offer to help, he declines.

Gordon and Dean talk about how they got into hunting. Gordon tells Dean about his first kill, a vampire who killed his sister.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Sam calls Ellen to ask about Gordon. She advises Sam not to work with Gordon.
Sam is kidnapped and tied to a chair by the vampires. Their leader, Lenore, tells Sam that she brought him there to explain that they aren’t killers. They live off cattle blood, not off of humans. Sam is not inclined to believe her, so she lets him go without any injury as proof.

Dean and Gordon are trying to figure out where the vampires are located when Dean wonders where Sam is. Moments later, Sam walks in and asks to speak to Dean alone. He tries to explain to Dean that they just let him go and they should reconsider going after them. Dean is still skeptical. They get into an argument over whether they are evil.

Gordon leaves while the brothers are arguing. He took their car keys so Dean has to hotwire the car. They try to figure out where the vampire nest is based on what Sam can remember.
Gordon crosses a bridge, which may be the same bridge used in the pilot and on Dark Angel (it also filmed in Vancouver). Sam and Dean are behind them.

Lenore is bringing her things outside to the car, packing up to leave, when Gordon comes up behind her and stabs her with a knife covered in dead man’s blood, which as we learned in a previous episode, is poisonous to vampires. My question – does he walk around with a jar of dead man’s blood? He seems to be having a really good time with it, repeatedly cutting into Lenore in a way that can only be described as sadistic.

Sam and Dean try to talk Gordon down from killing Lenore. Dean understands why Gordon killed the vampire that killed his sister. Gordon corrects him, explaining that his sister was turned into a vampire and Gordon hunted her down and killed her himself. Sam realizes that Gordon knew the vampires weren’t killing people the whole time and just didn’t care.

The next morning, Dean is still with Gordon. Sam shows up and says the vampires got out okay. Dean tells Gordon that they’ll call someone in two or three days to come out and untie him. Then Dean punches him hard enough to knock his chair backwards.

Family Moments/Arguments:

Dean confesses to Gordon that he isn’t handling John’s death very well. He can’t talk to Sam about it because he wants to keep a strong front up for his brother.

They start arguing about the vampires and it turns into an argument about their dad. Sam says that Dean is using Gordon as a substitute for their dad, and says that it’s an insult to his memory. Dean punches Sam.

After they leave the house, Dean tells Sam to hit him, presumably because he feels guilty about punching Sam earlier in the episode.

Action Moment:

As the man from the bar follows the brothers around the corner, he seems to have lost them. However, it’s not their first day as hunters, and it turns out they knew he was there and were waiting for him, jumping out with a knife. Dean demands that he smile. He tells them he isn’t a vampire, but knows how to kill them.

A man on a boat hears a noise, and the camera closes up on him as he searches for the source as if he were the victim. Suddenly, Gordon jumps at him and attacks and it turns out the man isn’t the victim, but is a vampire. As Gordon and the vampire fight, Sam and Dean show up and help. In another disgusting moment, Dean uses an electrical saw to behead it.

Sam gets a drink and goes back into the motel and the camera does the close up again, as if Sam is going to be attacked. He gets into the room and laughs at himself for feeling like he’s about to get jumped, when he gets jumped by a bunch of guys that were waiting in the room. He gets knocked unconscious by an old dial phone. The vampires bring him to their boat and have him tied to a chair.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Amber Benson, Supernatural
To “prove” the vampires are evil, Gordon cuts Sam on the arm and puts the knife to his throat. Dean pulls his gun on Gordon. Gordon drips Sam’s blood onto Lenore to prove his point and Lenore shrinks away. Still holding the gun on Gordon, Dean tells Sam to take Lenore outside. There’s a cool camera shot as they pan from Gordon holding a knife to Dean’s gun, ending on Dean holding the gun. Dean tells Gordon that if he wants the vampires, he has to go through him. Gordon takes him up on it.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Gordon punches Dean and then charges him with his knife. They end up in a fistfight.

Best Moments:

Even when Dean disagrees with Sam, he still stands by him.

Dean points out how this hunt has changed everything for them. Nothing is black and white anymore and it brings every job into moral question. Dean’s theory of if it’s supernatural, they kill it no longer stands. Sam convinces Dean that he’s not bad, an interesting sort of backwards foreshadowing of Sam and what is to come for him.

Funniest Moments:

The brothers are examining the severed heads and both are reluctant to touch it, so every time Dean makes a suggestion, Sam tells him to go ahead, then Dean responds with you go ahead.

After Dean and Gordon fight, Dean has Gordon in a headlock and he “accidentally” on purpose walks into the wall, smashing Gordon’s head.

Impersonation of the Week:

The brothers impersonate journalists to speak to the police in Florida.

They then impersonate doctors. Dean addresses the guy with a nametag reading ‘J. Manners” as John. He says his name is Jeff. He tells the guy his boss is looking for him and is pissed off, causing Jeff to hightail it out of there.

Disgusting Moment:

Sam puts his hand down the throat of the severed head. The camera helps viewers out by giving a direct view.

Notable Guest Star:
Amber Benson
Amber Benson from Buffy plays Lenore, a vampire.

Food Moment:

The brothers go to a bar and order beers.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Later, they go out for beer again with Gordon.

State of the Week:


Best Music Moment:

Back In Black by AC/DC plays as the brothers drive the Impala after it has been repaired.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, SupernaturalBest Lines:

“You hear a pile of severed heads and a couple of dead cows and you’re mister sunshine.” – Sam

“Dean, get me a bucket.” – Sam
“Why, did you find something?” – Dean
“No, I’m gonna puke.” – Sam

“Lighten up a little, Sammy.” – Gordon
“He’s the only one who gets to call me that.” – Sam

“Decapitations aren’t my idea of a good time, I guess.” – Sam

“Yeah, and Hannibal Lecter is a good psychologist.” – Ellen

“I just sharpened it so it’s completely humane.” – Gordon

“I hunted her down and killed her myself.” – Gordon
“You did what?” – Dean

“I’m having a hard time believing it too, but I know what I saw.” – Dean

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