Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 6 – Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck Bartowski
Chuck: Season 3 Rewatch Recap

Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

This episode is about deception, from the initial deception of Chuck by Sarah to Chuck learning how to use deception himself, and feeling the pain that results from betraying someone you convinced to trust you.

The episode opens and closes with a flashback to the first time Sarah walked into the Buy More, beginning with it as a look back at where they started, and ending as a look at the innocence that may be lost, corrupted, as Sarah sees it.

Important Moments:

The episode opens with a flashback to the pilot when Sarah walked in, cutting to Morgan looking at Hannah. He clearly has a new crush.

General Beckman calls a meeting in Castle to talk about a guy, Manoosh Depak, that Chuck is supposed to develop as an asset. When Manoosh walks into the Buy More, Hannah is helping him and Chuck ends up creeping the guy out and making him mad because he thought he was getting somewhere with Hannah.

Chuck “runs into” Manoosh at a restaurant, where they are out of his favorite dish, the nacho sampler, which Chuck had conveniently ordered before Casey stole all the avocadoes from the restaurant. He tells Manoosh he behaved so strangely earlier because they had a bet going on about who could get someone to steal something. Manouoh believes him and then Chuck does really well. Manoosh starts to tell Chuck that he has something big planned. He tells Chuck he’s doing something weapons related but that he can’t say more. Meanwhile, the Ring is on their way, so Sarah goes into the restaurant. She uses flirtspytation to put something on his neck that knocks him unconscious. Chuck carries Manoosh out while Sarah takes the briefcase. They set it up so that Manoosh wakes up and thinks he slept with Sarah but was too drunk to remember.

Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck

After Sarah is unsuccessful in getting Manoosh to talk, they leave him, tranqed again. He then calls Chuck looking for his briefcase. Chuck tells him that he picked it up. Back in Castle, they open the briefcase but they can’t figure out what is in it. It’s a triangular shaped something.

Awesome comes to talk to Chuck because he is finding it too stressful to lie to Ellie.

Chuck wants to help Manoosh before the Ring kills him. While Chuck is in Castle, Casey manages to open the weapon. Simultaneously, Ring agents have arrived outside the Buy More. It turns out that the weapon Casey has is a decoy and the real weapon is a pair of glasses that are not unlike the Intersect, allowing Manoosh to take down all the Ring agents.

They find out that Manoush has purchased a plane ticket to Dubai, where Weap Con is held. Chuck, Sarah and Casey walk into Weap con, which is a bizarre looking event to say the least. Manoosh starts speaking, beginning a presentation of his weapon. As part of his demonstration, he takes down a group of volunteer soldiers, announcing the bidding will start at $50 million. Chuck, Sarah and Casey head backstage.

Chuck reveals himself to Manoosh and tells him that he’s there to protect him from danger. Sarah and Casey reveal themselves as well, and Manoosh doesn’t take it well. He’s upset that Chuck pretended to be his friend. Manoosh runs off, but Ring agents have already arrived and have him, as well as Chuck, Sarah and Casey at gunpoint.

Manoosh offers the Ring operative the Intersect glasses at half off. The Ring operative says they don’t need him, so Manoosh smashes the glasses so that they need him again.

Casey tells Chuck to secure Manoosh after they have escaped. Chuck realizes that Manoosh will be put in a dark cell somewhere. He initially lets him go, before at the last minute picking up a tranquilizer and shooting Manoosh as he’s walking out.

When they are preparing to tell Manoosh his fate, Sarah offers to handle it, and Chuck says he would prefer that, but he has to do it. He tells Manoosh that he’ll be sent to a secure isolation facility where he’ll be safe. Chuck looks pained as CIA agents come and take Manoosh away.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck refers to his first solo ‘mish’ and Casey keeps repeating the word derisively.

Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Adam Baldwin, John Casey, Chuck
Sarah says that Chuck isn’t ready for an asset. Casey says they should just train him. After Chuck makes an ass of himself trying to win over the asset, Casey says, “I stand corrected. He’s not ready.” Sarah just goes ‘Thank you…”

Morgan asks Jeff and Lester into his office, taking them into a utility closet and literally climbing over his desk to get to his chair.

Casey as ‘Tranquenstein.’
Adam Baldwin, John Casey, Chuck
Casey talks about how relaxing Weap con is, as Sarah and Chuck look at him like he’s nuts and Chuck gives him a big thumbs up.

After the group is chained to chairs, Casey says it’s a good thing he bought the laser pen that will cut through anything. It’s in his pocket and there is a hilarious sequence as Chuck uses his mouth to remove the pen from Casey’s shirt pocket, Sarah looking slightly horrified, then annoyed.

Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck
As Manoosh is at gunpoint, Sarah and Casey show up with guns of their own. A guide from the convention opens the curtain and says there is a demonstration going on. They all try to smile at the viewers before the guide closes the curtain again.

Chuck wants to stop everyone from killing Manoosh and threatens the lead Ring operative. The Ring operative doesn’t believe Chuck will kill him and Chuck agrees that’s fair but says he’ll take off his earlobe. When he pushes the button, a knife comes out instead of a laser.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck uses Casey’s laser pen to break his handcuffs. Casey then frees Sarah and Chuck. The group then lasers down the door and are back in the throngs of the convention.

Chuck flashes when he’s trying to save Manoosh and throws the knife, hitting the Ring agent in the hand and causing many people to start shooting as a gunfight breaks out. A Ring agent has a gun on Sarah. Chuck flashes and uses a plate holding nachos as a Frisbee and hits the agent in the back of the head, knocking him out.

Best Moments:

Chuck asks Sarah what they told her about him that first day at the Buy More. She tells him they thought they could connect. They have a nice conversation about it.

When Ellie asks Chuck why she didn’t tell him about Paris, he says the eccentric customer in Paris thought he did such a good job that they offered Chuck use of the flat for a week and he wanted to offer it to Ellie and Awesome for a belated honeymoon as a surprise, knowing that the observing CIA will have to follow through on his story as part of his cover.

After Chuck burns Manoosh, Casey puts a hand on Chuck’s shoulder to comfort him, an uncharacteristic gesture. He also suggests whiskey.

Moment That Is a Little Too On the Nose:

Sarah and Casey give Chuck advice on how to develop an asset, including remarks such as (from Sarah): “Developing an asset is very tricky business. You need to insinuate yourself into their life and have them trust you completely, knowing that one day you’re probably going to have to burn them.”

(From Casey): “The trick is to find the hole in their life and fill it.”

The Beginnings of Morgan Being Read In:

After accidentally finding out Chuck went to Paris from Hannah, Morgan is upset he wasn’t told. He asks Chuck if there is anything he wants to tell him. Chuck says no and since Morgan is acting strange, asks him if there is anything he wants to ask him. Morgan says no.

After that conversation, Morgan tells Jeff and Lester they need to do research on Chuck.

Morgan sees Ellie in the courtyard and they both realize that something is going on with Chuck. Morgan tells Ellie he has his best men on it. (Um, really, Morgan?)

Notable Guest Stars:

Kristin Kreuk from Beauty & the Beast and Smallville is back as Hannah.

Best Lines:

“May the best stalker win.” – Lester

“He’s with the newest Buy Moron.” – Casey

“I thought I was having the luckiest day of my life.” – Chuck
“No, you were sweet, innocent. I liked you.” – Sarah

“Secrets turn me on!” – Sarah

“Weap con. Greatest weapons convention in the world. I go every year. I find it incredibly relaxing. Looks like I’ll get to write this year’s off as a business trip.” – Casey

“In my hand I hold the Japanese laser pen – pinpoint accuracy, could shoot the wings off a fly if one was so sadistically inclined, which I am.” – Chuck

“Just like Bartowski, bring a knife to a gunfight.” – Casey

“Only one way to deal with burning an asset. Johnny Walker. Black.” – Casey

“Good talk.” – Chuck
“One of our best.” – Morgan

“I told you we still need to study her sleeping patterns.” – Jeff

“You have to obey me. Yeah, I think that was in our vows. I am the husband and I forbid us to go to Paris. That’s it.” – Awesome

“Are you suggesting that Chuck is caught up in a big giant web of conspiracy and deception?” – Morgan
“I know when you put it like that it sounds ridiculous.” – Ellie
“Because I couldn’t agree more.” – Morgan

“He’s turning into a spy. That’s a good thing.” – Casey
“Is it?” – Sarah

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