Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 5 – Chuck Versus First Class

Zachary Levi, Chuck
Chuck: Season 3

Rewatch Recap Season 3 Episode 5

Chuck Versus First Class

Thematically, this episode explores going out on your own and the dependence or attachment you have to those you have left behind, and how those relationships define you, personified by Shaw and Chuck, who both can’t escape aspects of their fate and the effect those relationships and circumstances have on their life.

Important Moments:

Chuck asks Casey about any information that may have come up about Shaw. Casey tells Chuck it’s even worse, and that in these situations, with new agents coming in and taking over an investigation, they conduct a review. Shaw is in Castle at the moment, interrogating Sarah.
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Brandon Routh, Chuck
Shaw is asking Sarah if Chuck is a liability. When Chuck and Casey join Shaw and Sarah for the meeting, Shaw points out that their team has been dysfunctional. However, he says the problem is Sarah and Casey, not Chuck. Shaw then assigns Chuck to his first solo mission, where he will be going undercover in Paris.

Sarah tries to talk Chuck out of the mission, becoming especially concerned when she hears that Chuck is bringing guns.

Zachary Levi, Kristen Kreuk, Chuck
When Chuck is on the plane to Paris, he meets Hannah, and the two of them hit it off. They are playing a game and guessing who people on the plane might be in real life when Chuck flashes on someone. He calls Shaw who tells him the mission is actually on the plane. Chuck is supposed to tranquilize the man, Hugo Panzer, who is a Ring agent and is moving a CIA crypto key to Paris. Chuck’s mission is to get the key.

Sarah and Shaw get into a spat about Chuck being on the mission. Shaw presents photographs from Lisbon from when Sarah and Chuck were supposed to meet at the beginning of the season, questioning her because Sarah was out of touch with General Beckman. Shaw questions Sarah’s loyalty and then questions if it’s about Chuck. He points out that most handlers push their assets, while Sarah protects Chuck and he wonders if she has feelings for him. Doesn’t everyone ask this question?

Back on the plane, Chuck switches seats to sit next to Hugo. Chuck tries to put the tranquilizer in Hugo’s drink while Hugo’s eyes are closed, but the pen doesn’t work. Hugo suddenly tells him it’s the air pressure and it can cause pens not to work. Then the pen squirts into his face. Hugo wants to know who Chuck is but is knocked out.

Chuck takes the elevator down to the plane’s cargo hold. He’s looking for the ticket that matches Hugo’s ticket, but upstairs Hugo has woken up.

After Chuck succeeds in getting the key, he goes back to talk to Hannah, who notices how passionate Chuck is when talking about Paris. He tells her the truth, sort of, at least the part about working at Buy More and never having been to Paris. Later, he is drinking a martini when he realized he never ordered one and starts freaking out. Then he notices Hugo across the aisle, who tips his glass to him.

Chuck runs to the bathroom and calls Sarah. She tells him to throw up and then there’s a knock on the door. Chuck opens it to tell the flight attendant that he’s busy but she pulls a gun on him and says there is only one antidote for the poison and she has it. She obviously wants the key in exchange. Chuck tells her he hid it down in the cargo hold. Hugo is waiting for him down there, and punches him in the face.

Sarah calls Chuck and the bad guys have him answer on speaker. The female agent says they’re going to kill Chuck if he doesn’t give them the key. Shaw just says okay and then asks about the details of the poison. She says it’s a cyanide hybrid. Shaw says she’s used it before, in Berlin. Shaw also knows her name is Serena, though he doesn’t elaborate on how.

Shaw tells Sarah that he lost a spy and it was his fault and that it will never happen again. He then repeats his question to Sarah regarding her reason for being in Lisbon. She tells him she was there to bury Bryce and that he had wanted his ashes spread there. She then tells Shaw she can have her removed from the team if he wants. He says he was just confirming that the Ring hadn’t gotten to her. (Irony, rewatchers?)

Chuck makes plans with Hannah to go visit the Eiffel Tower, then gets a call from Shaw to stay on the plane and bring the key back immediately, leaving Chuck’s first trip to Paris to come later and be with Casey, oddly, but kind of Sarah, ultimately. ☺

When Chuck gives Shaw the key, he uses it to open a weird looking container that holds cds. He also takes out a small envelope and just leaves, which the rest of them notice. Sarah questions Shaw about it and he shows her the envelope, which contains a ring. He tells her that the agent he lost was Evelyn Shaw, his wife.

Chuck is staring at a small Eiffel Tower in the Buy More when Hannah walks in.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck follows Casey’s advice and gets taken by Hugo. He looks for a weapon and sees the swords from the Yale fencing team. Luckily, he flashes and then has a sword fight with Hugo. He disarms Hugo, and has been cutting the cloth holding the luggage in place throughout the fight, so he cuts the last piece and all the luggage tumbles out of the luggage rack and lands on Hugo.

Back in Castle, Shaw overrides the plane system with a satellite to take over the control of Chuck’s flight. After a diplomatic conversation fails to work, they make the plane swerve, causing Chuck and both Ring agents to fall down and allowing Chuck to grab the antidote. Chuck is having trouble drinking it, however, due to the plane’s movement. He is finally able to drink it and then grabs the numb chucks out of his luggage and flashes. Chuck does a quick practice with the numb chucks and as the plane levels off, both Ring agents are taken down by the luggage crashing everywhere. Chuck turns around to take them out, and they’re already buried.

Funniest Moments:
Zachary Levi, Brandon Routh, Chuck
Shaw takes Chuck to the Buy More for some spy equipment. He gives Chuck a pen and tells him to practice using it by tranquilizing Jeff. According to Shaw, he has read everyone’s file. Unfortunately, Chuck puts the tranquilizer in Jeff’s coffee, which Morgan comes along and drinks as well, knocking him out, too.

Chuck finds the matching ticket for Hugo’s luggage is a casket, which he opens up to find an old dead man in, and then has to try to find the key, which turns out to be taped to the inside of the dead man’s hand. Chuck hears Hugo coming and with nowhere else to hide, he climbs into the casket with the dead man, apologizing the entire time.

Morgan asks Casey to be his lieutenant and he intimidates all the Buy More employees, in part by putting his cigar out in his own hand.

Best Moments:

Chuck’s scream when the Ring agent finds him. That is all.

Character Introduction:

This is the first appearance of Hannah, a new love interest for Chuck.

Notable Guest Stars:

Brandon Routh is back as Daniel Shaw.
Kristen Kreuk, Chuck
Kristen Kreuk from Beauty & the Beast and Smallville plays Hannah.
Zachary Levi, Steve Austin, Chuck
Steve Austin plays Hugo Panzer, a Ring agent.

Best Lines:

“Sometimes he sounds like Bond and other times it’s like a Jerry Lewis movie.” – Shaw

“Morgan, did you get glued to a chair?” – Chuck

“You know, you give me five minutes running this Popsicle stand and we’d be ready.” – Casey
“Ready for what?” – Morgan
“The Russians.” – Chuck

“See you later…I hope.” – Chuck

“How do you do that? You command respect.” – Morgan
“No, I take it!” – Casey

“Insurgents? I hate insurgents.” – Casey

“Casey, listen, I’m in a little bit of a pickle right now. I am currently trapped in a coffin with a recently deceased elderly man and a very large bad guy trying to find me.” – Chuck
“Aren’t you still on the plane?” – Casey
“Right, yes. I forgot to mention that part. The mission is on the plane. I have the key, but the Ring operative is right outside. What do I do?” – Chuck
“You get taken.” – Casey
“What?” – Chuck
“The Ring agent’s gonna find you because you picked the single dumbest place to hide.” – Casey
“Oh, gee, thanks. Criticism is always welcome.” – Chuck
“When he does, you act like your little girlish self and scream like a banshee so he doesn’t think you’re a threat. When he pulls you out, you find a weapon and flash.” – Casey
“What if I don’t flash?” – Chuck
“Then you’re dead, so flash.” – Casey

“I am so writing a letter to the airline about this.” – Chuck

“This your first mission?” – Female Ring agent
“Maybe.” – Chuck

“Hi guys, if you’re wondering, I’m doing just dandy, aside from being captured, poisoned and repeatedly socked in the GUT!” – Chuck

“You’re shooting a gun on a plane, are you crazy?!” – Chuck

“Hey, I’m alive and I have the key. Unfortunately, I did not get to use my numb chucks.” – Chuck

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