Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 22 – Devil’s Trap

Supernatural: Season 1 – Devil’s Trap

In this episode, the brothers learn about a lot of new things, like demonic possession of humans and trapping demons with a devil’s trap, but the episode’s title is very metaphorical here, too, as many situations occur that put the brothers in proverbial devil’s traps, where they are faced with moral decisions that have no good outcome. Whichever action they chose, something bad will happen. They are left with choosing which level of bad they can live with.

This episode is the season one finale and it picks up right where the previous episode left off.

Important Moments:

Dean tells Sam they’re leaving Salvation. Sam argues they should stay and finish the fight. Dean says they’re no good dead, and Sam wonders if their father may already be dead.
Sam and Dean argue about what to do as they drive towards Lincoln, and Dean determines that they need help, which brings them to the auto salvage yard where we first meet Bobby. Upon first glance, his place leaves something to be desired, ramshackle and unkempt, with Bobby inside with a flask, which he then hands to Dean.
Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Supernatural
Apparently, the last time Bobby saw John, Bobby threatened to shoot him with buckshot.

Bobby tells the brothers about devil’s traps, magical circles that trap demons. This is something that continues to be in use by them throughout the series.

Bobby tells them that he usually only hears about, maybe, four possessions a year. This year he heard about 27, just so far. More and more demons are walking the Earth.

While the brothers are discussing the situation with Bobby, his dog, Rumsfeld, starts barking. Moments later, Meg bursts through the door. After Dean is knocked out, Sam and Bobby keep backing up, Meg following them. When she asks if they really thought she wouldn’t find them, Dean comes up behind her. He tells her they were counting on it. They made a devil’s trap on the ceiling and now Meg is trapped in it.
Meg is baiting Dean, telling him that John is dead. Dean hits her and Bobby tells Dean to be careful because Meg is actually an innocent girl possessed by a demon, not just a demon. Dean finds this to be good news. They start performing an exorcism on Meg. She initially insists their father is dead. As Sam continues reading the exorcism, Meg relents and gives them information, telling them that their father is in a building in Jefferson City, Missouri. Bobby points out that after the exorcism is complete, the girl will die because she fell out of a building. Dean thinks they still have to put her out of her misery, so they continue the exorcism. It works, but Meg the human dies soon after, though she first confirms that the information from the demon about their father is true.
Bobby sends Sam and Dean off to get their father while he deals with Meg and the authorities. Sam then makes a devil’s trap on the Impala. It’s to keep demons out of the trunk. Sam says they can safely keep the Colt there while they go get their Dad, leading to another argument. Dean agrees not to bring the gun.

The brothers get to the building where their father is being held, and find people, including children, surround it. Now that they know demons can possess anyone, they realize all those people could actually be demons, but they can’t kill them because there are innocent people in there under the demon. Dean comes up with the idea of pulling the fire alarm to get anyone who isn’t a demon out of the building.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, John Winchester, Supernatural
As Sam pulls the alarm, we see a couple in an apartment. The man gets up and walks into the bedroom, where John is sprawled out unconscious on the bed.
Sam and Dean dress up in fireman uniforms and go into the building in the disguise. After they get their father out, they go to a remote cabin, where all hell breaks loose, pun kind of intended. The yellow-eyed demon, possessing John, tells Dean that by exorcising Meg, he killed his daughter and when he shot the demon in the alley with the Colt, Dean killed his son.

After the demon is out of John, Sam is driving both John and Dean to the hospital while being berated by John about not killing him. John thought Sam had the same outlook as him, that killing the demon came before everything. Sam looks in the rearview mirror, where Dean is barely holding on after being injured by the yellow-eyed demon, and tells John that it doesn’t come before everything. Sam has realized Dean’s point.

Suddenly, a semi-truck hits them, sending the car flying down the hill. The camera does a close-up on the driver and we see he is possessed. A demon hit them with the truck on purpose. The episode ends with everyone unconscious. To be continued next season…

Family Moments/Arguments:

Sam doesn’t think they should bring the Colt to go get their father because there are only three bullets left. Dean doesn’t care, and rebuffs Sam’s argument regarding what their father would want. Sam falls on the side of killing the yellow-eyed demon over everything, where Dean is true to character, and family is above everything.

After Dean tells Sam about his concerns over shooting the demon/possessed man, John walks out. In a moment that shows the severe level of dysfunction these men have in dealing with each other, Dean expects his father to be mad that he used one of the bullets from the Colt to save Sam’s life, and is surprised when his father tells him he’s proud of him. Unfortunately, Dean is correct, and his Dad is possessed, making the situation no less dysfunctional.

When the yellow-eyed demon is possessing John, he says some really nasty things to Dean, including that Sam is his favorite. The demon says that even when they fight, John shows Sam more concern than he’s ever shown Dean. True or not, those are the kind of statements that hit Dean’s greatest fears.

Action Moment:

Dean goes after Meg with the flask of holy water, but she uses powers to throw him against the wall, where he is knocked unconscious.

The brothers knock on the door and say they are the fire department and the possessed couple opens the door. There is a fight and Sam and Dean lock them in a closet and put salt around the door so they can’t come out. They then find their father and after making sure he isn’t possessed by using holy water, untie him from the bed.

As they try to carry their father outside, the demons possess more people who come after them, including a fireman with an axe. They get out through the fire escape, but then are attacked by another demon. Dean gets thrown through the windshield and Sam is taking a bad beating. The demon suddenly is shot in the head, and the camera turns to reveal Dean, the Colt in his hand. He lied to Sam about leaving it in the trunk.

After quite a bit of banter, the yellow-eyed demon does something to Dean that makes him start bleeding pretty profusely. Sam is yelling and trying to get the gun, but is still pinned against the wall. Dean pleads with his father not to let the demon kill him. Dean loses consciousness and John is there for a moment, long enough for Sam to get the gun. He uses it to shoot his father in the leg.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Dean regains consciousness and John then tells Sam that the demon is still alive and he can feel it inside of him. He demands that Sam shoot him in the heart to kill it. Dean tells Sam not to at the same time. It’s so tense, and Sam just can’t do it, standing there as his father yells to do one thing and his brother pleads for him to do the other. While Sam is hesitating, the demon leaves John’s body. The look John gives Sam is terrible, filled with disappointment.

Best Moments:

Sam thanks Dean for saving his life and in typical Dean fashion, he has a smart-ass remark about the gun, still always distancing himself from anything too intimate or sincere. He then tells Sam about how he finds it worrying that he didn’t hesitate, and that he is willing to do some pretty extreme things for Sam and John, no second thought to it. This is a line the brothers often walk throughout the series, questioning how far to go, what separates defending the good through violence from doing evil through deeds?
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
When John asks for the gun, Dean hesitates, suspicious because of the interaction regarding the bullet from the Colt. Dean realizes his father is possessed and pulls the gun on him instead. Sam walks in and John tells him he has to trust him if he wants to kill the demon. Sam hesitates, clearly torn between his father and wanting revenge, and his brother who has been by his side the entire time. Sam ends up siding with Dean, literally moving to take his place next to his brother. The moment is heartbreaking because John tells them to kill him if they’re so sure, and he looks crushed. Dean is getting tears in his eyes, and clearly wants to believe his father, but doesn’t. The demon then reveals himself, knowing Dean wouldn’t shoot his father. It’s not just any demon that has possessed John, but the yellow-eyed demon.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, John Winchester, Supernatural
The Colt:

The Colt started with four bullets. Sam used the first one trying to kill the yellow-eyed demon in the last episode.

Dean shoots the second bullet to kill the demon that was beating Sam.

Sam then uses another bullet to shoot John in the leg while he is possessed by the yellow-eyed demon. We end this episode with only one bullet remaining.


Sam doesn’t want to bring the Colt to get their father, and when Dean agrees, the camera lingers on him for an extra beat afterwards.

When the brothers find John tied to the bed, Sam wants to make sure he isn’t possessed before they untie him. When John wakes up, his first question is about the location of the Colt.

When the demons find them in the isolated cabin, John gets Sam out of the room and his next request is for Dean to hand him the gun.

Character Introduction:
Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer, Supernatural
This is the first episode where we meet Bobby, which is also a best moment, but worthy of it’s own mention.

Impersonation of the Week:

A different take on the normal impersonations in the episodes, but the yellow-eyed demon impersonated John for a little while before Dean caught on to him.

Funniest Moments:

Dean tells the fireman about his Yorkie that pees when he talks to the fireman as a distraction so Sam can break into the fire truck and steal some uniforms.

State of the Week:

Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri.

Best Lines:

“Would you quit talking about him like he’s dead already? Listen to me, everything stops until we get him back. You understand me? Everything.” – Dean

“What is this, holy water?” – Dean
“That one is. This is whiskey.” – Bobby

“A storm’s coming and you boys, your daddy, you are smack in the middle of it.” – Bobby

“I’ve gotta say, after everything I’ve heard about you Winchesters, I’m a little underwhelmed.” – Meg

“Gotcha.” – Dean

“You son of a bitch! You promised!” – Meg
“I lied!” – Dean

“You think you guys invented lying to the cops?” – Bobby

“Dude, what are you drawing on my car?!” – Dean

“You and Dad are a lot more alike than I thought, you know that? You both can’t wait to sacrifice yourself for this thing. But you know what, I’m going to be the one to bury you.” – Dean

“I got a Yorkie upstairs and he pees when he’s nervous.” – Dean

“What, you the only one who can have a family?” – Yellow-Eyed demon

“Not before everything.” – Sam

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