Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 4 – Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

Ryan McPartlin, Chuck, AwesomeChuck Rewatch Recap Season 3 Episode 4

Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

The theme of this episode is fear of pulling the trigger, or fear of addressing and dealing with a situation directly, to put it in less obviously metaphorical terms, both literally, as in the case of Chuck, and figuratively, as in the case of Morgan, who is adjusting to his new role as assistant manager.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off, with Awesome’s disappearance.

Important Moments:

Awesome is tied to a chair on a rooftop. A Ring agent named Sydney is talking to him and is under the impression that he’s a CIA agent.

Back in Castle, Chuck is freaking out about Awesome’s disappearance. They figure out that Awesome’s last patient was a Ring operative. At that moment, Sarah sees Awesome walk into the Buy More. Chuck hugs him, very relieved that he’s okay, when Awesome tells Chuck that the Ring thinks he’s a spy.

They are all having a meeting with General Beckman back at Castle. They learn that Awesome’s kidnapper is Sydney Prince, a Los Angeles Ring operative. She gave Awesome a Ring communication device and said she would be in touch. Chuck wants to take Awesome home, but General Beckman wants to use him. Chuck and Awesome both start freaking out, but even Sarah agrees it’s the best way to keep him safe. Awesome says he trusts Chuck if he says he can get him through it.

Awesome shows up at the door to Chuck’s apartment. Sydney called and left a package on his front steps. She calls and tells Awesome to put in an earpiece and put on a watch that were in the package she left. Then she wants to meet him alone. She adds, as a sort of throwaway afterthought, that the earpiece is also an explosive device.

Awesome goes to the meeting location with another communication device to keep in touch with Chuck and the CIA at the same time that Sydney and the Ring track him. Then Chuck goes out as well to help Awesome with the mission.

Sydney contacts Awesome and tells him to go to an unmarked door and open a lock that uses retina scanning by taking out one of the guard’s eyes. Eww!

Zachary Levi, Ryan McPartlin, Chuck
After getting the door open, Chuck and Awesome walk into the room only to see that it’s a CIA facility. Chuck tries to contact Sarah, but their communication is cut off. Sydney walks past the van that Sarah and Casey are in, and then General Beckman comes online and tells them they have new orders, to stand down. Sarah tells her about the CIA base and says it must be some kind of setup. General Beckman says that is exactly what it is.

Meanwhile, Sydney contacts Awesome again and tells him to kill a man in the office at the end of the hall….

…Where (rewatch intel) Shaw is working on the computer. He already knows who Chuck is. Chuck tells Shaw about Sydney’s orders and Shaw is unfazed. Shaw tells Chuck to kill him and hands him a gun. Chuck refuses but Shaw is really intense about it, touching the pocket on his shirt and taking a red pill. When Chuck won’t do it, Shaw puts the gun up to his chest and tells Chuck he has to or Chuck and Awesome will be killed. Chuck looks like he’s going to try, but he can’t do it. Shaw takes the gun and tells Chuck to put the gun in Awesome’s hand and hide. Then he shoots himself in the chest.

Zachary Levi, Chuck, Brandon Routh, Daniel Shaw
After Sydney leaves, Awesome starts freaking out. Chuck opens the envelope that Shaw gave him, and there is a note inside. It says what the pill was and where the medical kit is, telling Awesome to save him.

Later, Chuck tries to handle the mistaken identity problem with Awesome on his own. It ends badly, with Shaw shooting Sydney to save Chuck. After Shaw shoots Sydney, Chuck notices the Ring phone on the ground. It is now cracked. Broken?

Back at Castle, they are having a meeting with Shaw, where he says that Awesome’s identity is contained. Casey is angry and tells Shaw they just got lucky. Chuck tells Shaw he cares more about his friends and family than anything and Shaw then criticizes Chuck’s inability to pull the trigger as a result of his emotional attachments. Shaw tells Chuck to ask Sarah, but she backs Chuck up instead.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck and Awesome take the security guards badge to get into the rest of the building. When they get out of the elevator, guys show up in suits. They are about to pull guns out when Chuck pushes Awesome to the side and shoots them all, action-movie style. More come from the other side and he does it again, shooting one from between Awesome’s legs. The fact that he’s actually shooting them all with tranquilizers gives the scene a comedic touch.

Zachary Levi, Chuck
After Chuck tells Sydney that he is really the one who killed Shaw, Sydney tells Chuck if that’s true, he won’t have any problem with Glen and Ian, two of the bad guys. One of them punches Chuck, who then makes elaborate moves like someone pretending to know martial arts rather than someone who actually does know them, and he runs away.

Adam Baldwin, John Casey, Chuck
Casey and Sarah go into the Buy More to help Chuck, where Casey gets into a shoot out with bad guys next to the washing machines. One of the bad guys gets electrocuted by the cage, which is still rigged with electricity from Lester’s fight club. Sarah and Sydney then get into a fight. Sydney knocks Sarah down and Chuck pulls a gun on her, but she just looks at him and runs, knowing he won’t actually shoot her. Chuck chases her, but she knows he won’t shoot her so she keeps him talking while preparing to throw a knife at him. Right before she can throw it, Shaw shoots her from behind.
Brandon Routh, Daniel Shaw, Chuck
Funniest Moments:

Chuck is so anxious over Awesome’s kidnapping that the Intersect starts working overtime, resulting in Chuck accidentally threatening a woman and then kicking Lester in the head (which, really, we’d all love to do).
Zachary Levi, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Chuck
When Awesome gets home, Ellie is relieved to see him because she was worried. She asks where he was and he starts making up this bizarre story that ends up with him being attacked by a cat that was really a bear and having to decapitate it. Obviously, Ellie doesn’t believe him. Chuck then says they should tell Ellie the truth and he says Casey was arrested for being drunk, and Awesome says Casey wet himself and then exposed himself and Awesome was talking to a friend on the force to get the charges dropped. Right then, Casey comes out of his apartment and Ellie quickly ushers Awesome into the house. Casey has no idea what’s going on.

Sarah Lancaster, Chuck

As Awesome is waiting for Sydney or Chuck, a security guard approaches him and Awesome tells him he’s there to meet his friend Chuck, who might work there. The guy says to tell him the problem and Awesome gets all emotional about being involved in something out of his control with Chuck and his wife. The guard is very understanding and tells Awesome if he really loves Chuck, he has to tell his wife and not live a lie. Chuck then shoots him with a tranquilizer.

Rather than cut out anyone’s eye for the scanner, Chuck and Awesome struggle to lift one of the unconscious men up to the height of the scanner and open their eye for scanning.

After a bizarre situation where Chuck meets Shaw, they are meeting with General Beckman in Castle, where they are informed that Daniel Shaw not only is in charge of all of their Ring operations, but he knows that Chuck is the Intersect because the CIA told him.

Shaw wants to use Awesome for another mission, but Chuck protests and Shaw asks him if he has a better idea. Chuck then uses the communication device to talk to Sydney. He tells her that Awesome was a decoy and he is the one who actually killed Shaw and that he is in charge of the mission now.

Chuck calls Sarah and tells her he called Sydney so she would track him to the Buy More. Shaw grabs the phone and says Chuck has to finish it on his own. As Sydney and her bad guys come in, Chuck gets on the sound system and directs them to the home theater system. Sarah and Casey say they’re going in, and get ready to head into the Buy More. Shaw pulls a gun on them both, preventing them from leaving.

Brandon Routh, Daniel Shaw, Chuck
In the penultimate scene, everyone is coming over to have dinner with Chuck and Morgan as a sort of housewarming party and when Casey walks in the door carrying a bottle of wine, Ellie takes it out of his hand and says, “You’ve had enough of that.”

Best Moments:

A lot of the best moments of this episode are the comedic moments, and when Sydney walks into the office after Shaw shot himself, Awesome’s facial expression of confidence as he pretends to be ‘Devon the Spy’ is hilarious. Sydney is then very flirty as she welcomes Awesome to the Ring.

After seeing Chuck is in trouble, Sarah says she’s going in and tells Shaw to shoot her if he has to. Casey then pulls his gun on Shaw.

John Casey, Adam Baldwin, Chuck
Character Introduction:

In this episode, we meet Agent Daniel Shaw, who Casey seems to take an instant dislike to.

Notable Guest Stars:
Angie Harmon, Sydney Price, Chuck
Angie Harmon as Sydney Prince, a Ring operative.
Daniel Shaw, Brandon Routh, Chuck
Brandon Routh as Daniel Shaw, a CIA agent who has been investigating the Ring.

Creepy Stalker Moment:

The last scene finds Shaw watching everyone having dinner at Chuck’s house from inside Castle. He then takes a ring out and starts staring at it. In a rewatch, this is clearly a sign of a deep and unresolved problem, one in contrast to what he told Chuck earlier in the episode.

Brandon Routh, Daniel Shaw, Chuck
Best Lines:

“I’m not freaking out. I’ll tell you why I’m not freaking out. That would require me overreacting, and I don’t think it’s technically possible for me to overreact to my brother-in-law being kidnapped.” – Chuck

“Here’s a little tip. If you really want someone to calm down, never tell them to calm down, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK. THEY DON’T CALM DOWN.” – Chuck

“Chuck, they think I’m a spy.” – Awesome

“I think that you two are certifiably disturbed.” – Chuck, referring to Jeff and Lester’s desire for a real-life fight club

“On this mission, Devon is you and you’re her, so be her, Chuck.” – Casey

“Okay, well that is not standard, at all.” – Chuck

“Chuck, you killed Julius!” – Awesome

“You’re incredible! Was that your spy training?” – Awesome
“Duck hunt, Nintendo.” – Chuck

“Bad guys don’t count carbs, buddy.” – Chuck

“Who are you?” – Chuck

“I have back issues of Guns & Ammo older than he is.” – Casey

“Something else you should know about me, I love guns.” – Casey

“Sometimes it helps to know you’ve got something to lose.” – Sarah

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