Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 19 – Provenance

SupernaturalSeason 1 – Episode 19 – Provenance

This episode opens with a couple hanging a newly purchased painting of a family. The painting is incredibly creepy looking and after the couple leaves the room, we see a man in the painting move.

Important Moments:

The couple goes upstairs to bed, where the man finds the woman dead and covered in blood and then is also killed.

Sam is telling Dean about the murder, where the couple was found with their throats slit. Sam points out that their father had made notes about murders with a similar M.O. in the same area of New York.

Sam tells Dean he checked the house with EMF and it was clean. The dead couple, the Telescas, also checked out. They had no strange history. The only weird thing Sam found was that the house was literally cleaned out. The Telescas had no possessions. It turns out all of their things are being auctioned. Sam and Dean find the super creepy painting at the auction.

Dean convinces Sam to take Sarah Blake, the daughter of the auction house owner who also works at the auction, out on a date so he can get more information from her. He comes home with the provenances. They compare the names of the owners of the paintings with the names in their father’s journal. The owners of the paintings are all the same names as the murder victims.

The brothers decide the painting must be the connection and break into the home to destroy it. As they are burning the painting, it regenerates though the brothers aren’t aware of that.
Dean realizes he lost his wallet so they have to go back to the art gallery to find it. While they are there, Sarah walks in. Dean suddenly tells Sam he has to give him the $20 he owes him. Dean is clearly setting him up. He leaves them alone to talk. While they are talking, a worker from the gallery walks by carrying the painting the brothers had burned the night before.

Sam says in lore about haunted paintings, it’s always the subjects that haunt them. The family was named Merchant, and when they go to the library to do research, the librarian asks them if they’re crime buffs. It turns out that the father, Isaiah Merchant, killed the rest of the family and then himself. He slit all of their throats. As the librarian is showing them all the information he found, he shows them a picture of the family, which is the same portrait that they burned. Sam noticed that the father in the picture is looking in a different direction in the actual painting than in the picture of the painting.

Sam calls Sarah to ask if they can see the painting again and she tells him they already sold it. Sam gets an address for the buyer, but we see they are too late and the woman who bought it, Evelyn, has already been killed. When Sarah touches her, not realizing that Evelyn is dead, her head falls off. The painting moves while Sarah is looking at it. Sarah then shows up at the brother’s hotel and demands to know who is killing people. They tell her the truth.
They all return to the house to look at the painting again. The brothers figure that if the ghost is changing aspects of the painting, it might be for a reason. They next visit the Merchant family mausoleum. They find the urn for Isaiah Merchant is missing from the mausoleum. Dean finds out that the Merchant family was ashamed of Isaiah and the county buried him, meaning there are bones to burn, so they burn them.

They go back to the house to get the painting and bury it. Sam and Sarah go inside and find the painting has changed again. The little girl is missing from it now, as is the razor. Sam and Sarah hear really creepy laughing. Dean hears it too, but the doors close, locking Sam and Sarah in and Dean out.

As Dean is trying to figure out how to get rid of the girl since she’s already been cremated, Sarah tells Sam that antique dolls were made using kids real hair, so Dean heads back to the mausoleum to burn the doll that was interred with her. He does it just in time.

Dean later finds a document in the county records that says the Merchants daughter was adopted after her real family was murdered in their beds.

When he is saying goodbye, Sam tells Sarah he will come back and see her. That is a lie (even if he means it when he says it). He never does that.

Best Moments:

All the interactions between Dean and David Blake, the art gallery owner, are pretty entertaining. Dean also realizes Sam likes Sarah Blake.

The waiter gives Sam the wine list and Sam just looks through it, clearly confused. The waiter hovers while he’s looking, which I’ve never personally experienced, but anyway… Sarah helps him out by ordering a beer.

After they tell Sarah the truth, she insists on going with them, admitting that she is scared, but still isn’t going to hide as she feels partly responsible since her family sold the painting. This reaction goes over very well with Dean.

Before they leave, Sam does go back and kisses Sarah. Dean looks on and smiles. It’s clear his teasing Sam is really because he’s concerned about him.
Impersonation of the Week:

Dean is telling girls that they are reality TV scouts looking for people with special skills. This is made more humorous by the fact that Dean can’t even get the words out when he tells Sam without laughing.
Sam and Dean go to a silent auction where they pose as art dealers named Sam and Dean Connors.

Family Moments/Arguments:

Sam gets angry that Dean keeps trying to get him to hook up, which leads to a meaningful conversation for the brothers about Sam and his feelings about what happened with Jessica, and how that is partially holding him back from the idea of new relationships.
Action Moment:

When Dean can’t get in the house and Sam and Sarah can’t get out, Dean tells Sam to get some salt or iron to hold her off while he figures something out. They stay on the phone with each other while Sam looks for salt, but can’t find any. He and Sarah then look for iron, which repels evil spirits. More doors in the house close and then in the creepiest moment, we see the little girls feet as she walks toward them, carrying her doll by the leg. (Dolls creep me out). The girl is carrying the razor in her right hand. As she’s coming towards them, Sam bumps into the iron fire poker and swings it at the girl, making her disappear for the moment.
Deans heads toward the crypt and the little girl returns, throwing a piano on Sam. As Sarah tries to help her, the girl appears right next her and just looks at her. Super creepy. Dean is having trouble breaking the glass on the case holding the doll, when he realizes he can shoot it.

In the house, the little girl is about to kill Sarah and Sam is still trying to escape the piano, as Dean fumbles with the lighter. Sam escapes and tries to save Sarah, but tackles her probably a little too late. Luckily, Dean managed to get the lighter to work and torched the dolls hair. Everyone is okay and the little girl returns to the painting.

Funniest Moments:
Dean is passed out in the car after their night out at the bar. Sam leans on the horn, startling Dean awake. Sam starts laughing uproariously at Dean’s reaction.
At the silent auction, Dean asks the waiter for Champagne with a mouth full of food. He says it in such a pretentious way that Sam gives him a condescending look and tells Dean the man isn’t a waiter.
The brothers walk into their hotel room, which looks like something out of a 1970’s porn movie. They just look around and say, “Huh.”

Throughout the episode, Dean keeps calling the provenances ‘providences.’

When Sam and Dean are arguing about Sarah, the name of the hotel is visible on the table. They are staying at the Boogie Inn.

Dean tells Sam to make his move and turns the car stereo on with ‘romantic music.’ Sam turns around and just gives him a look and signals to turn it off.

Food Moment:

The episode starts with Sam and Dean out at a bar, where Dean is hitting on girls, per usual. They are both drinking beers.

Dean is eating whatever hors d’evours are being served at the auction.

State of the Week:

New York

Best Lines:

“Listen, I talked to my producer and it is looking good.” – Dean

“I’d like some champagne, please.” – Dean

“If you ask me, we’re doing the art world a favor.” – Dean

“Oh my God! Uh…that painting…looks so good.” – Sam, seeing the burned painting

“Yeah? Alright, so we need to figure out everything there is to know about that creepy ass family and that creepy ass painting.” – Dean

“Sam, marry that girl.” – Dean
“What kind of house doesn’t have salt?” – Sam

“That is just so wrong.” – Sarah

“C’mon, Dean.” – Dean

“I’m the one that burned the doll and destroyed the spirit, but don’t thank me or anything.” – Dean

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