Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 22 – Chuck Versus the Ring

chuck222Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

This is the season two finale and the episode has the theme of the future running throughout. It begins with Chuck and Casey quitting their jobs at the Buy More.

Important Moments:

General Beckman asks Chuck about his plans for the future. When she finds out Chuck has no particular plans, she offers him a job working on the new Intersect project as an analyst. Chuck declines the offer.

General Beckman informs Sarah that she will be leading the new Intersect program. She will be working with Bryce Larkin. This time, the Intersect will be going in his head. Sarah doesn’t look very excited about it. (Maybe she needs glasses?)

It’s Ellie and Awesome’s wedding day, and Chuck tells Ellie that he quit the Buy More. Mrs. Woodcombe is wandering around the bridal dressing room like a drill sergeant in the meantime.

After Sarah turns Chuck down on his offer to go on a vacation together, he starts to get drunk but realizes something is wrong and looks under the table where he finds two dead caterers. Ted Roarke sits down next to him and says he’s going to kill Ellie if Chuck doesn’t get the Intersect cube to him in 30 minutes, 40 minutes tops (because of traffic).

Chuck tells Morgan to specifically tell Sarah that he forgot the rings, since he earlier showed them to her. Chuck tries calling Casey but it just goes to voicemail. Morgan tells Sarah, who then goes to find Chuck, who has gone to Castle to get the cube.

During all the fighting that goes on as a result of Ted and his desire for the Intersect cube, the decorations for the wedding -flowers, centerpieces, glassware, ice sculpture – everything, is a complete mess.

Chuck is really upset about ruining Ellie’s wedding, but then remembers his government check and decides to use it to give her a great wedding.

During the ceremony, Bryce asks Sarah if she’s still going with him. She isn’t.

The agent Casey left in charge of watching Ted Roarke shoots him in the chest, killing him. Evil Agent then aims his gun at Casey, who is playing poker with the other agents, while remaining out of sight. He changes his mind and instead tells Casey that Roarke wants to talk to him. Casey finds Roarke’s body and Evil Agent kills the two agents Casey was playing cards with while he’s out of the room, though Casey hears the gunshots. As Casey is looking for Evil Agent, he gets hit from behind. When Casey asks him how long he’s been Fulcrum, Evil Agent says he isn’t Fulcrum, but doesn’t elaborate. We also find out that Casey had saved his life, which was the reason Evil Agent didn’t kill him. Instead, he knocks him unconscious.

Bryce tells Chuck that Fulcrum doesn’t matter and is only one part of the Ring. This is the first time we’ve heard of this group. He also tells Chuck that Sarah wasn’t going with him.

Best Moments:

The best worst moment is when Chuck tells Sarah that he wants to be together as real people with no lies and asks her to take a vacation with him. He’s so sweet and sincere and when Sarah responds, telling him she’s leaving in the morning to work on the new Intersect project with Bryce, you just wonder how such a great moment went so bad, so fa

Chuck looks for the Intersect cube, but Bryce is already there and tells him that it’s already been sent to the new Intersect. Chuck tells Bryce his situation, and in another great character moment that typifies the show’s great writing, Bryce, a character we started out loathing, becomes awesome himself, telling Chuck that they will give him (Bryce) over to Roarke. They already think he’s the Intersect and have been looking for Bryce all along. He then tells Chuck the cube can’t fall into the wrong hands because he made a promise to Orion. It’s here that Chuck learns that Bryce knew all along, and that his father knew what Bryce did to protect Chuck at Stanford, and that Bryce was the only spy Stephen/Orion could trust. This is one of the moments that make this such a great episode.

wedding141Ellie and Awesome get married on the beach, and the wedding is much prettier than the one they originally planned, with flowers everywhere and, obviously, the beach. During the ceremony, Bryce is watching with binoculars. I mean, he’s partially just watching Sarah, but he also can’t attend a wedding for his best friend’s sister because they all think he’s dead and that’s kind of sad. Also, it deprives us all of seeing Matt Bomer in a suit (See: White Collar. Spoiler alert: He looks good.)


Chuck_222_1202Meanwhile, at the reception, Bryce is watching Chuck and Sarah dance. They he says, “Mr. Bartowski.” He’s talking to Stephen, who says he’ll give the Intersect cube to them under two conditions, that they stop looking for him and that they leave Chuck alone. Bryce tells him Chuck already turned down the offer. Another agent shows up to get Bryce, and we learn that Stephen has an Intersect in his head, too, as he flashes on the agent picking Bryce up. The agent is presumed dead.

They realize that Fulcrum (or so they think) is going to upload the Intersect to their own team and kill Bryce. They also realize that if they know about Bryce, they know about Casey. Chuck is going to go with Sarah, and Stephen gives him the wrist Intersect device to use.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck goes to quit his job and Emmett misinterprets it as Chuck being attracted to him.

After Sarah tells Chuck she’s leaving, he walks over to a table and starts drinking the Champagne directly out of the bottle.

Morgan has Jeffster sing to stall the wedding. The song they pick is ‘Mr. Roboto.’ The song continues playing as Chuck meets with Ted and has a great instrumental part as Bryce enters the room, making it so dramatic that it’s humorous.

Meanwhile, Sarah has started opening the wedding gifts, looking for something useful. When she opens a set of knives, she says, “Finally!”

During all this, both Woodcombe parents have taken to drinking out of a flask.

Ellie is sitting in the bathtub in her wedding dress drinking champagne right out of the bottle (maybe it’s genetic?).

Casey wedding planning. That is all.

chuck-vs-ring-GCChuck has the best facial expression when he learns that Stephen has an Intersect in his head.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

When Chuck and Bryce show up, Ted reveals that they want Chuck dead regardless. A gun/knife fight breaks out between Sarah and Bryce and Ted and his men.

Bryce is out of ammo and Sarah is out of knives. Ted has all three of them at gunpoint and is about to shoot Chuck when Casey saves the day in one of the best entrances of all-time as he and his team fly over the venue and drop through the glass ceiling, shooting the bad guys. Chuck, Sarah and Bryce are all hidden behind a table. Ted leaves, but runs into Stephen on his way out. Stephen punches him in the face, knocking him out.

“This is the Intersect we’re talking about and I’m a Bartowski.” – Chuck then holds his wrist up to show the device as they go after the bad guys. Casey nods, he has a point.

“Bad day to be me,” Bryce says as Presumed Dead pulls a gun on him and says, “You have no idea.” Bryce just looks at him. Other evil agents, including Evil Agent that killed Casey’s team members, comes around the corner, and Bryce just smiles and grabs Presumed Dead’s arm and uses his gun to shoot at the other agents, using his body as a shield. Presumed Dead is now actually dead. Bryce makes his getaway. Simultaneously, Chuck, Sarah and Casey are entering the facility and find a bunch of dead guys. They are using Chuck’s map and get near the Intersect when they come upon a bunch of agents and a gunfight erupts.

Chuck goes to get help and finds the Intersect room. He falls in and finds Bryce on the floor. He’s been shot.

After Bryce dies, Chuck flashes back on moments and decides he has to do something, so he activates the Intersect. After he has it in his head again, he uses the device Bryce gave him to destroy it. Evil Agent comes in with Sarah and Casey at gunpoint. Sarah sees Bryce’s body and freaks out. The agents are going to shoot them when Chuck flashes. He then uses martial arts from his flash to knock the guns out of the evil agents hands. The expression of surprise on both his face and Casey’s face and then Sarah’s face, and then Casey’s face again as Chuck takes them out, is pretty awesome.

Notable Guest Stars:

Matt Bomer is back as Bryce Larkin!

Tony Hale is back as Emmett.

Morgan Fairchild is back as Mrs. Woodcombe.

Scott Bakula is back as Stephen Bartowski.

Chevy Chase is back as Ted Roarke.

Saddest Moment:

Ellie hears Jeffster playing and leaves her dressing room to find out what’s going on. She runs into Chuck and Sarah. Chuck tells her there was an issue with a centerpiece to cover. Jeff then holds up flares in the other room, which set off the smoke detectors. Chuck just says, “Oh, no,” before the sprinklers turn on and water pours down on Chuck, Sarah, Ellie and everyone and everything else. Horrified, Ellie says, “Wedding canceled.” The look on Chucks face is heartbreaking (not to mention heartbroken for his sister).

bryce-larkin_528_posterChuck finds Bryce, shot. Bryce is basically tying up loose ends, preparing Chuck, telling him to take care of Sarah. He gives Chuck a device that he says will destroy the Intersect. Also, why does Bryce always have to die with bloody bits of Intersect?! Bryce dies ☹

Most Awkward Moment:

Chuck gives Casey a hug to say goodbye. Casey is not thrilled.

Only on TV:

Sarah is wearing a pretty bridesmaid dress. That never happens in real life.

Best Music Moments:

Ellie thanks Chuck for the wedding with “Friday I’m In Love” by the Cure playing in the background.

Best Lines:

“I quit. You can take your flag and your job and shove it.” – Chuck
“Ditto.” – Casey

“Casey, thank you for saving my life at least once a week.” – Chuck

“Where the hell is my blonde?” – Mrs. Woodcombe

“You’re gonna give them me.” – Bryce

“The cube can’t fall into the wrong hands. I made a promise to Orion.” – Bryce

“He wanted to keep you out of this, but I knew you could handle the Intersect. I knew Sarah would find you, and most importantly, you deserve to know the truth about your father. He’s a hero.” – Bryce

“This is a really weird family.” – Mr. Woodcombe

“I’ve waited 20 years to do that.” – Stephen

“You rang.” – Casey

“Sir, how do you spell begonia?” – SEAL team guy
“Sound it out. No, no, no, that clashes with the bunting.” – Casey

“Go ahead, pull the trigger. I don’t want to look at your face.” – Casey

“Go with your heart. Our brains only screw things up.” – Chuck

“Dad, I love her.” – Chuck

“Oh, my god, you’ve been shot.” – Chuck
“Yeah.” – Bryce
“I’m really sorry about this, Chuck.” – Bryce

“Guys? I know Kung Fu.” – Chuck

RIP Bryce Larkin:

Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer

Bryce dies for real in this episode, but gives Chuck the tools to save everyone first. For a character that started out so disliked, Bryce turns out to be a good hearted person who was really always protecting Chuck, putting Chuck’s happiness before his own, destroying their friendship and taking the blame for it just to protect him. While Chuck always feels that he comes up short in comparison to Bryce, it turns out that Bryce always admired and looked up to Chuck. Once we learn the truth about Bryce, it becomes apparent why the two were such good friends, and that, were Bryce able to stay, they could be good friends again.

Matt Bomer as Bryce Larkin
Matt Bomer as Bryce Larkin


Sarah and Bryce at the gala.
Sarah and Bryce at the gala.
Bryce & Chuck
Bryce & Chuck
Chuck and Bryce
Chuck and Bryce

It’s too bad Matt Bomer couldn’t return in some capacity for the final season, but for the integrity of the show, it’s probably better he didn’t. As great as the actor and the character are, it might have been too much to have Bryce return from the dead twice, especially when he so obviously died in front of Chuck. There was realistically no way to bring him back. And here, for the last picture, I’m cheating a little, because it’s from White Collar, but you’re welcome.
Matt gif004
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