Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 16 – Shadow

Supernatural – Season 1 – Episode 16 – Shadow

This episode opens with a young girl inexplicably walking alone through what looks like an abandoned industrial area at night while listening to headphones. The headphones stop working and something shadowy is there. The wind picks up, blowing garbage everywhere and the girl freaks out and runs around the corner, as she apparently lives in the abandoned industrial part of town. Once she gets inside, all seems well, but then the shadow goes across the wall and seems to reach into her from behind and kill her.
Important Moments:

The building superintendent tells Sam and Dean she found the body of the dead woman, Meredith, a few days after the murder. She says Meredith was all over the room, “in pieces.” She also says the windows and doors were locked and the alarm was set.

Dean found out from a local cop that Meredith’s heart was missing. Trying to figure out what it might have been, the brothers eliminate werewolves and consider some kind of spirit. Dean puts tape around the blood marks and forms a symbol on the floor. Neither brother has seen the symbol before.

Meredith wasn’t the first victim. A banker named Ben was killed the month before in the same manner. Are they connected?

While they are talking in the bar, Sam sees Meg and walks over to say hello. After the meeting, Sam tells Dean how weird he finds it, meeting Meg randomly there. It doesn’t sit right with him. (It shouldn’t, Sam! She’s a demon!) Sam wants Dean to see if there is really a Meg Masters from Andover, Massachusetts. In the meantime, he’s going to watch Meg and see what she’s up to. Dean finds Meg in the phone book and even an old high school photo. He also finds out that the symbol is Zoroastrian. The demons connected to the symbol have to be summoned. They are also hard to control. Dean thinks there’s a major player in town, and then suggests that Sam go ask Meg out. (Don’t do it, Sam! She’s the major player!)

Meg leaves her apartment and Sam follows her. She goes in a really sketchy door and Sam follows her in and up to the second floor, and by follow, I mean he climbs the railing like a monkey. This is the part where Sam finds out she’s a demon and is the one summoning the spirit that murdered the two people. He overhears her having a conversation with something presumably demonic. (Why didn’t you listen, Sam? We tried to tell you!)

After she leaves, Sam climbs up all the way on to the second floor to get a better look at the creepy weird stuff Meg was doing.

Sam tells Dean about Meg, and Dean tells Sam that both victims were originally from Lawrence, Kansas.

The brothers arrive at the sketchy warehouse and Meg is already mid-chant. They climb in with their weapons and creep around the outside of the room, trying to be stealth. Unfortunately, Meg already knows that they’re there. She was waiting for them. It was a trap. Oops! She says that the victims being from Lawrence meant nothing and were simply meant to draw them in.

Then Meg reveals the big plan. The trap isn’t for Sam and Dean. It’s for John. Dean retorts that their father wouldn’t walk into a trap like that because he’s too good. Meg agrees that he’s good, but says Sam and Dean are his weakness.

After escaping Meg, the brothers go back to their motel room to find John waiting for them. He suspected it was a trap. He tells the brothers he’s close, but they can’t help because John is concerned they’ll get hurt in the crossfire.

John is suddenly pushed against the wall, and the spirit/shadow demon attacks all of them. Meg is outside, watching the entire thing.

The final scene is Meg watching Sam and Dean drive away.

Impersonation of the Week:

Sam and Dean dress up as employees from the alarm company to look around the apartment where the murder occurred.

Family Moments/Arguments:

Dean is upset about what Meg said. He asks Sam if he was bitching about him to random strangers, and Sam tells him that it was during their big fight. Dean wants to know if what she said is true, and Sam assures him it isn’t.

Dean calls John to tell him they have a lead on the demon that killed their mother. He leaves a message, telling his father to get to Chicago.

Both brothers are putting their weapons together and ask each other if they’re nervous. Each of them answers no, but they are both clearly nervous.

Sam tells Dean that he plans to go back to school after they finish hunting the yellow-eyed demon. Sam asks Dean what he plans to do when it’s over, and Dean responds that it will never be over, that there will always be demons. Sam asks him if he wants anything bigger for his life and his answer characterizes all of Dean’s actions throughout the entire series. He tells Sam that he wants the two of them and their father to be together and be a family again. Even though Sam is the “good” brother in the sense of the more stereotypical nice guy way, Dean is always the more loyal, family-oriented one. For him, family comes before absolutely anything and everything.

When the brothers find their father in their motel room, Dean gives their dad a big hug. Sam kind of stands there awkwardly. It’s sad. When John brings up the fight, there is a glimpse of his stubbornness when, instead of apologizing to Sam (who didn’t apologize, either – these guys have issues), he just tells Sam it’s good to see him.

Their final moments of the episode are really sad, as Dean decides to give up the very thing he earlier told Sam was all he wanted, which is for them to be together as a family. He feels they almost got John killed and Meg was right that John is vulnerable when they’re around. He tells Sam that they have to separate. Sam begs John not to leave, to stay together and fight as a family, especially after all the time they’ve lost because of their fight. Sam concedes and John drives away on his own.

Action Moment:

The spirit demon attacks Sam and Dean. Sam gets very deep, very disgusting cuts across his face. The brothers end up tied up.

Meg is practically molesting Sam when she hears a noise and realizes Dean is doing something. She checks and he has a knife. She takes it away and goes back to Sam. She asks if he was trying to distract her while his brother cut her and he says no, that he was trying to distract her because he has a knife of his own. He then pushes Meg back and knocks over the alter. The spirit demons then drag Meg across the floor and she goes flying out the window, landing on the street.

As the shadow demon attacks the three Winchesters, it looks very painful and unpleasant. Sam lights a flare in the room to get rid of the shadow, and therefore, the shadow demons. They are able to get out of the room and to John’s truck.

Funniest Moments:

When Sam runs into Meg, he looks kind of freaked out. Sam is standing next to him, clearing his throat because Sam didn’t introduce him. Meg tells him to cover his mouth, and then after being introduced to Dean, she berates him for his treatment of Sam. Dean is just like oookkkaaayyy, and then goes to get a drink.

Sam is watching Meg’s apartment, and Meg starts changing her shirt in front of an opened window. A woman walks by on the sidewalk and calls Sam out for looking, calling him a pervert.

Dean says Sam has a thing for the bad girls, a prescient statement considering what is to come.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“I got to say, Dad and me did just fine without these stupid costumes. I feel like a high school drama dork.” – Dean

“I’m just saying, these outfits cost hard earned money.” – Dean
“Whose?” – Sam
“Ours. Do you think credit card fraud is easy?” – Dean

“Oh, and I met what’s-his-name, something Michael Murray, at a bar.” – Meg
“Who?” – Sam

“Okay, awkward. I’m gonna get a drink now.” – Dean

“Maybe you’re thinking a little too much with your upstairs brain.” – Dean

“You don’t have a corner on paper chasing around here.” – Dean
“Oh, yeah? Name the last book you read.” – Sam
“I called Dad’s friend Caleb. He told me, all right?” – Dean

“What the hell?” – Sam

“Dude, I gotta talk to you!” – Sam & Dean, simultaneously

“You and me and Dad, I want us to be together again. I want us to be a family again.” – Dean

“Well, that didn’t work out like I’d planned.” – Dean

“Sam, don’t take this the wrong way, but your girlfriend? She’s a bitch.” – Dean

“Go to hell.” – Sam
“Baby, I’m already there.” – Meg

“Get a room, you two.” – Dean

“Sam, next time you want to get laid, find a girl that’s not so buckets of crazy.” – Dean

“She was the bad guy, right?” – John

“You boys are beat to hell.” – John

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