Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 – Episode 20 – Chuck Versus the First Kill

220ChuckvsFirstKillChuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 Episode 20

Chuck Versus the First Kill

Trust is the theme of this episode, and the question of who should and shouldn’t be trusted, and the difficulty in determining that at times. The different outcomes are reflected in the flimsy, begrudging trust Morgan places in Emmett, only to have it betray Big Mike and the begrudging trust Chuck places in Jill, with the same outcome of a betrayal. The betrayal Chuck faces turns out better, giving an optimistic end to the episode, showing that trust can be well placed.

Important Moments:

Chuck is concerned that the government won’t really try to find his father. He figures that since the government doesn’t want the Intersect out of his head, and his father is the only person in the world that can get it out, they don’t really have motivation to look hard.

General Beckman says they are no closer to finding Stephen Bartowski. Chuck is understandably upset and asks about captured Fulcrum agents. The CIA hasn’t been able to get any to talk, and Chuck decides he will try. Sarah then takes him to talk to Jill.

Chuck asks Jill for help finding his father. She says she might be able to help if she can get a deal. The next time we see Jill, she is getting an electronic anklet put on. Casey threatens her, telling her if she betrays them the deal is off, and as an added bonus, Sarah will shoot her.

Jill says her Uncle Bernie might be able to help. Unfortunately, he is guarded almost 24/7. Apparently, he is more accessible during family functions. None are coming up, so they have to create one, which leads to…a fake engagement party for Chuck and Jill. Nothing can go wrong there, right?

Uncle Bernie shows up and Chuck flashes on him. It turns out that Uncle Bernie is a Fulcrum agent. He asks to talk to Chuck and Jill privately, where he threatens them and pulls a gun on Jill. When a relative knocks to tell them about dinner, Chuck and Jill make their escape out another door. Bernie pursues them with a gun, though his girth slows him down.

Sarah and Casey show up at the door. Sarah introduces herself as Chuck’s cousin and Casey as her boyfriend. Chuck and Jill run into the attic, Bernie following them, with Sarah and Casey in pursuit. Chuck points out that if Bernie shoots them, everyone downstairs will hear it. He agrees and instead takes a baseball bat. As he is about to beat them with it, he just falls backwards. Sarah and Casey arrive and confirm he’s dead. He presumably had a sudden heart attack.

Sarah says that Jill is being sent back to prison. Chuck tries to persuade her to trust him to get help from Jill, but she says no.

As they are about to return Jill to prison, the cell phone in Bernie’s pocket starts ringing. Chuck answers it and pretends to be Bernie, making silly small talk to keep the man on the line while Sarah and Casey trace the call. When they get an address, Jill recognizes the place. Chuck and Casey go undercover at the facility, Strength Leader Corporation, where they get “auditing,” which is testing for Fulcrum agents. Chuck passes the test, while Casey is told he has one of the lowest scores they’ve ever had. Chuck gets brought to meet the Fulcrum agent in charge, who tells Chuck that he knows who he really is and that Orion is his father.

The Fulcrum agent knows Chuck has a wire so Sarah has to go in to help him. Jill says to take her. Sarah is concerned because she doesn’t trust her, but has no choice because she needs her help.

A major action sequence occurs as Sarah and Casey attempt to save Chuck, and the Chuck and Jill attempt to save Stephen, but are too late. Jill tells Chuck she overheard them say they were taking his father to a place called Black Rock. Chuck flashes on the term and knows his father has been taken to a facility in Barstow, California.

General Beckman is very mad that not only did they not recover Stephen Bartowski, but they lost Jill in the process. She says she’s closing down the operation and putting Chuck into lockdown. She tells Sarah that to avoid a problem with Chuck, who will fight going into lockdown, Sarah should tell him that they intercepted his father to trick him into coming back into Castle so they can take him away.

Best Moments:

The action sequences set to Twisted Sister are some of the shows best.

Sarah gets doubts about betraying Chuck and they run away, closing the episode with a great bit of dialogue as Chuck points out the possible consequences of what Sarah has done by helping him. She answers him with the simple response, “I know.” The camera then pans back in an awesome shot to show their car literally driving off into the night.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

This episode has one of the coolest actions sequences the show has had. As Sarah and Jill walk into Strength Leader Corporation, they set off an intruder alert. They get into a gunfight, complete with some fisticuffs as “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister plays in the background. The camera cuts to Chuck being guarded by two Fulcrum agents. A window washer is coming down on the outside of the building, and as he gets lower, Chuck sees that it’s Casey with a gun. The song kicks in again as Chuck ducks and Casey shoots up the window and the Fulcrum agents, then goes to help Sarah while Chuck looks for his dad on the computer.

Funniest Moments:

Casey is very sarcastic as he says that since “the new administration ended waterboarding…”

Casey smirks as Jill’s parents make a toast to Chuck and Jill.

Bernie asks if they’re wired and Chuck and Jill say no. Then he pulls out a gun and asks if they’re wired and Chuck and Jill say yes and remove their earpieces. This interaction is later repeated with Chuck and the Fulcrum leader at Strength Leader Corporation.

They have to get Bernie’s body out of the house after he dies in the attic, so they pass him off as drunk, saying he was knocking back scotches.

Chuck and Casey end up actually taking the Fulcrum test, orientation video and all. As they are taking the test, Casey looks over at Chuck’s test, so he covers up his computer screen so Casey can’t see his answers. “You’re kidding, right?” Casey says.

Notable Guest Stars:

Tony Hale is back as Emmett.

Jordana Brewster is back as Jill.

Saddest/Most Confusing Moment:

Chuck tells Jill there was never any deal and he lied to her because he was desperate to get his father back. He lets her go and gives her the engagement ring they used for the party because she will be alone with no money. It’s sad, but also confusing, mainly for the viewer, because it’s nice of Chuck and all, but you can’t help having a voice in the back of your head telling you it’s a stupid move on Chuck’s part and that he’s letting his compassion overtake his common sense.

Emmett tricks Morgan into helping him get Big Mike’s job. Big Mike knows Morgan betrayed him, though he doesn’t know he did it by accident.

In the saddest moment of the episode, Sarah follows Beckman’s orders and lies to Chuck about his father, using his emotions to trick him into going into lockdown. Right after she tells him they found Stephen, Chuck tells Sarah that he owes her an apology because he was beginning to think he couldn’t trust her.

Happiest/Redeeming Moment:

Right after Chuck tells Sarah he owes her an apology for doubting him, right after she just lied to his face, she obviously feels terrible. She hugs Chuck and whispers to him to take off his watch, that it’s all a lie and that they have to run. Yeah, Sarah!

Best Music Moments:

“We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister is playing while the Buy More is in chaos.

“Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran plays as Chuck and Jill run from Bernie.

Best Lines:

“I won’t survive in the real world. I’m institutionalized.” – Jeff

“I’ve spent the last year of my life being tortured, dangled off of skyscrapers, bathed in sewage, stop me if I’ve forgotten any other glamorous perks of this job. I’ve continually done everything that you guys have asked me to do, but once my dad gets kidnapped, all you can say is ‘sorry?'” – Chuck

“So, how’s the food? Standard prison issue or are they doing anything fancy with the sauces?” – Chuck

“Congratulations, Bartowski. You’re now qualified for conjugal visits.” – Casey

“She works so much she might as well be in prison.” – Chuck

“We’re in trouble. I don’t know if he wants to kill me or eat me.” – Chuck

“Dental plan? Moron.” – Casey

“That’s for flunking me.” – Casey

“You’re disobeying orders for me? You’re committing treason, Sarah. You could go to jail.” – Chuck
“I know.” – Sarah

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