Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 14 – Nightmare


Season 1 Episode 14 Nightmare

This episode really begins to explore Sam’s premonitions and why he has them and what it all might mean.

Important Moments:

The episode begins with a man pulling into his garage. His car then seems to take over, locking him in with the engine running and the 
garage door closed, causing him to die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Sam wakes up, and it was another prophetic dream. Sam wakes Dean up and they immediately head to try to stop it. Sam calls to run the license plate. Dean is sure it was just a nightmare and that the plate won’t check out. Sam gets the information for the plate, which belongs to Jim Miller in Saginaw, Michigan. When they arrive at the house, they are too late and the man is already dead. A neighbor tells Dean it was suicide.

When the brothers go the family’s house to find out more, Jim Miller’s wife tells them that their son, Max, was the one who found his father.

In their motel room, Sam and Dean are discussing the situation, and whether it is, in fact, supernatural, when Sam gets another terrible headache, bringing him to his knees, and another vision to accompany it. This time, Roger Miller, Jim’s brother, is alone cooking dinner and the window opens by itself. He goes to try to close it, and in an awkward sequence that seemed completely unrealistic, he sticks his head out the window in a way that I’m not sure is possible if you aren’t laying down. Either way, the window falls down and decapitates him. They try to warn him, but are too late again.

They visit Max posing as priests again and ask prying questions about Max’s childhood and if anything weird ever happened involving his father and uncle. The show always keeps it realistic (within the confines of the show) when they ask weird questions. The people they talk to always respond like the questions are weird, which, obviously, they are.

After they leave the Miller’s house, the brothers go to talk to the neighbor of the home where Max grew up. He tells them that he never saw any kid treated the way Max was by his father and uncle. They also learn that the woman they thought was Max’s mother is actually his stepmother. His real mother died when he was young and his stepmother never did anything to help Max when he was being abused. During the conversation with the neighbor, Sam gets another headache and premonition. This time, Max is planning to kill his stepmother and Sam sees that Max is the one doing it, using telekinesis.
Sam realizes he is sharing a psychic connection with Max. Sam suggests that they are connecting because they are so alike. Dean gets upset at that, saying they aren’t similar. Dean wants to ends things permanently, but Sam doesn’t want them to kill Max and gets Dean to agree to let Sam take the lead. He thinks they can just talk to Max.

They get to the house and Sam gets Max to agree to go outside and talk to them, and from there it just gets worse.

When Sam is talking to Max about his family, he learns that Max’s mom died in his nursery. She burned up, pinned to the ceiling, the same way Mary Winchester died. Sam tells Max that his mom died the same way. Max doesn’t really believe him. Sam asks about his abilities. Did they start six months ago? Max says they did and Sam realizes they were chosen. The question is, what were they chosen for?

Sam tells Max that he and Dean are looking for his mother’s killer, but that Max has to let them all go. Max tells Sam that he’s sorry and then locks him in a closet. He still plans to kill his stepmother.

Upstairs, Dean tries to stop Max from shooting his stepmother and when Dean tells Max that he has to go through him, Max says okay and shoots Dean. Then the entire scene is revealed to be Sam’s latest premonition while he is still locked in the closet.

Sam runs up to try to save Dean and the scene is playing out the same way it did in Sam’s premonition. Sam runs in right before Max shoots Dean and starts trying to talk Max out of it, and Sam tells him that it won’t solve anything to kill Dean and his stepmother. After a beat, Max agrees and turns the gun on himself instead, committing suicide.

Impersonation of the Week:

Sam and Dean impersonate priests to get the suicide victim’s family to talk.

Family Moments/Arguments:

This wasn’t a moment about the Winchester family, but Max tells Sam about his experience. Sam thought he was only beaten as a child, but Max pulls up his shirt to show him the massive, painful looking bruises covering him, as well as large scratch marks. Max tells Dean when his father looked at him, there was hate in his eyes. He asks Sam if he knows how that feels. Sam has a moment of understanding on his face as he realizes that his relationship with his father isn’t really as bad as he makes it out to be. They may have their differences, but they still love each other.

Action Moment:

Max goes crazy and locks them all in the house. Dean pulls out his gun to shoot Max, but Max uses his telekinetic powers to take the gun away from Dean. He also slams his stepmother into the counter. Sam gets Max to agree to talk to him alone for five minutes while Dean takes Max’s stepmother upstairs.

Max goes upstairs to kill his stepmother, and Dean gets thrown against the wall because he’s in the room.

Funniest Moments:

Dean says, “We are all God’s children,” and then eats a mini hot dog. Sam gives him the most disdainful look.

The Second Death:

Dean dies, all the way dead this time, as he gets shot in the head trying to keep Max from killing his stepmother. It turns out to be a premonition and Sam is able to stop it.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“Our family’s not cursed. We’ve just had our dark spots.” – Dean

“Nothing says I’m sorry like a tuna casserole.” – Max

“Nobody’s family is totally normal and happy.” – Dean

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