Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 13 – Route 666

Supernatural_S1_Poster_01Supernatural Season 1 Episode 13 

This episode explores some of Dean’s issues with intimacy, and the fact that they are all really about his own fears.

Route 666

The episode opens with a man driving while listening to the weather report on the radio when a monster truck suddenly starts following him, trying to run him off the road. The camera pans back and it doesn’t look like anyone is driving the car. It comes up in front of the man and then successfully drives him off the road, killing him in a car accident.

Important Moments:

It turns out Dean had a girlfriend named Cassie, who calls him for help after her father, Martin, is killed (the man from the opening scene). She suspects something supernatural is involved. Before her father died, his best friend died in the same manner.

Cassie tells the brothers that her father was scared and saw a black truck following him that would disappear and reappear. He never mentioned a driver, only a truck.

While the brothers are talking to Cassie, we see the same truck has killed another victim in a car accident.

Cassie tells the mayor to close the road, but he won’t because he says it’s the main road through town. She implies he might be racist and he says he’s the last person she should say that to. When she asks why, he tells her to ask her mother. When Cassie asks her mother later, her mother tells her she doesn’t want to talk about it.

After finding out about a string of deaths in the sixties, Dean wonders if the deaths could be some sort of Flying Dutchman situation.

The mayor is at the cemetery when the black truck shows up and he is killed. Sam and Dean are trying to find a link because the mayor was white and wasn’t killed on an open road but inside the cemetery. Sam finds out that the Dorian family used to own a house that the mayor and his wife had purchased. Cyrus Dorian vanished in April 1963 and the case was never solved. Sam tells Dean that the first thing the mayor did after purchasing the house was bulldoze it down. The first killing was the next day.

That night Cassie is home alone when the truck shows up outside her house. The lights flicker and go out and the truck is revving its engine. Cassie calls Dean, frantic. The truck must leave because the scene then picks up with Dean and Sam at Cassie’s house. Sam points out that Cassie’s father said he saw a truck before he died, and thinks that Cassie and her mother are marked to die next. Cassie’s father thought the truck belonged to Cyrus. Cassie’s mother says that Cyrus died more than 40 years ago. Dean asks how she knows he died, since the paper only says he went missing. Cassie’s mother says that she used to date Cyrus, and when she decided to marry Cassie’s father, the church was burned down. Cyrus then came after Martin and started beating him but Martin got the upper hand. When Martin was beating Cyrus, he accidentally killed him. He called his friends and they put the body in the truck and rolled it over a ledge and into a swamp. They ask about the comment from the mayor about not being a racist, and Cassie’s mother says that the mayor figured out what happened and didn’t do anything on either side, since there were wrongs committed on both sides.
Since the construction on his house woke Cyrus up, the brothers discuss dredging the body up from the swamp. Fun! They burn the body, and the truck comes on. It didn’t work.

Sam ends up developing a risky idea to get rid of Cyrus’ spirit. He doesn’t tell Dean what it is, but it does end up working.

Impersonation of the Week:

Sam and Dean impersonate insurance agents with “All National Mutual” to question some men who worked with Cassie’s father. They tell the brothers that there was a string of death’s that sounds similar to the story Sam and Dean ask about. The victims in the string of deaths were all black.

Family Moments/Arguments:

Sam realizes that Dean told Cassie what they do, and he’s furious because that’s their family rule number one – don’t tell anyone. Sam even lied to Jessica about it.

Action Moment:

Dean decides to lead the truck away after burning his body doesn’t work. He tells Sam to figure out a way to burn the truck. He drives his precious car with the truck in pursuit. Sam calls Cassie for information, then gives Dean directions, including a precise point to stop. Dean is parked facing the truck, in a sort of game of chicken. Dean braces for impact, expecting the car to crash into him. Right before the car hits Dean, it disappears.

Funniest Moments:

The scene where Sam asks Dean about Cassie and guesses that Dean was in love with her, and Dean doesn’t respond is funny, because Dean is always so reluctant to talk about his emotions. Sam guesses that Dean dumped her, and then realizes that she dumped him.

Sam’s throat clearing moment while Dean is making out with Cassie is a lighter moment between the brothers (and Cassie).

Romantic Relationships:

Romantic relationships are few and far between on this show, but in this episode we see Dean run into his ex-girlfriend, Cassie. Dean and Cassie end up having a major argument about their relationship. She thought that he had made up the story about what he did because he wanted to dump her. They end up in bed in one of only a few sex scenes the show has ever had.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“By old friend, you mean…” – Sam
“Friend that’s not new.” – Dean

“I’m in the middle of nowhere with a killer truck on my ass.” – Dean

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