Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 10 – Asylum

Season 1 Episode 9 Asylum

The ghosts of dead inmates at an insane asylum are one of the freakier things to encounter. Dolls, clowns and children may top them, but nonetheless, they are very high on the list, and I think that is a good place to begin.

This episode opens with a group of teenagers breaking into an abandoned asylum. A policeman is talking to his partner, telling him that the asylum is rumored to be haunted and that supposedly if you spend the night, the spirits will drive you insane. While they are investigating the asylum, one of the cop’s flashlight goes out. When he goes back out and meets up with his partner, he is acting very strange, something viewers recognize from previous episodes as him being possessed.
Important Moments:

The possessed cop goes home, where he shoots his wife in the bed.

Dean and Sam are arguing about whether their father is even still alive when Dean gets a text with coordinates from an unknown number. He is convinced it’s from their father, though Sam is still skeptical. Dean thinks the coordinates are leading them to a job at Roosevelt Asylum. He also thinks if their father wants them there, that’s where they go, while Sam doesn’t feel the same about the situation.
Sam talks to some people in a bar and finds out that the dead couple had a normal marriage and was thinking about having kids, not people you would peg as candidates for a murder/suicide.

The brothers go to the asylum with the newspaper articles about it and the deaths related to it and determine that whatever is going on is centered in the south wing.

Sam goes to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Ellicott. It’s meant to mislead, making it look like he’s going to discuss his daddy issues, but it turns out that the psychiatrist’s father was the chief of staff at Roosevelt Asylum. Sam tried to find out about whatever happened in the south wing. It turns out the south wing housed the worst cases including psychotics and the criminally insane. In 1964, the patients rioted and some of the bodies were never recovered.

The next night, a couple of teenagers, Gavin and Kat, sneak into the asylum. The guy goes exploring on his own after his girlfriend gets freaked out. His flashlight goes out and when he turns around he sees his girlfriend, or so he thinks. He starts kissing her when he hears his actual girlfriend calling him. He freaks out and we see the girl he was kissing is clearly long dead.

As the brothers are walking down a hallway in the asylum, a dead woman with something sticking out of her eye comes after Sam. Dean shoots it with the salt gun. Sam is a bit flummoxed because he doesn’t think the spirit was trying to hurt him. The brothers then find Kat hiding behind a cot, really freaked out. That is the theme of the episode, Really Freaked Out.

Sam finds Gavin who tells him about the girl who kissed him. Sam is really confused by that, especially following the experience with the spirit that was coming towards him earlier, who didn’t hurt him when it had the opportunity.

Meanwhile, Dean and Kat are still wandering around the asylum when Kat tells Dean he’s hurting her arm. As he isn’t even touching her, he turns around with the flashlight, confused, only to find a hand on her arm. It pulls her into a closet and locks her in.

Sam returns with Gavin and tells Kat that the spirits aren’t trying to hurt them, but communicate with them. He tells her to face the spirit, as that’s the only way she will get out. She slowly turns to do that and a man with a very “messed up” face, as Gavin described the girl earlier, is walking towards her and whispers something in her ear. When she finally comes out of the closet, she says the spirit whispered ‘137’ to her.

Dean goes to find 137 while Sam takes Kat and Gavin to the exit. When they get there, they are locked in. Sam realizes that something doesn’t want them to leave. Kat posits it’s the spirits, but Sam says it’s something else…

Meanwhile, Dean has found an old journal written by the doctor, who appears to have experimented on his patients…

Sam is walking through the hallways when a door opens on it’s own. Gun drawn, he starts walking through the door, looking for the spirit. When he turns around, the dead doctor is there and tells him not to be afraid as he electrocutes Sam’s face.

Dean goes back and finds Gavin and Kat, who say that Sam went to find him after he called, but Dean never called. Uh-oh…

So Dean goes to the basement, where Sam was headed and he runs into Sam. He tells him that he never called him, and Sam says he knows and thinks something lured him downstairs. Dean thinks it was the doctor. He asks Sam if he’s seen him, and Sam says no. Another uh-oh…

Dean explains to Sam that Dr. Feelgood, as Dean calls him, was experimenting on his patients, trying to give them some kind of rage therapy, but rather than improve the patients, they just got angrier until they rioted. Dean theorizes that the doctor’s spirit may be doing the same thing to the murder victims that have visited the asylum. Sam asks a lot of questions and is generally negative about Dean’s plan, though we now know the doctor has affected him and is causing him to behave somewhat uncharacteristically.

When Dean finds the secret door that leads to where the doctor’s bones are hidden, Sam pulls his gun on him. Sam also starts bleeding from his nose, which can’t be a good sign.
After Dean gets the upper hand and knocks Sam out, he retraces Sam’s steps. He sees hair sticking out of a cabinet and opens the door to find the doctor’s body. Judging by Dean’s reaction, the body still smells quite strongly. As he’s about to burn it, a table flies at Dean, knocking him over. The doctor shows up and starts electrocuting Dean. However, he’s able to grab the lighter and throw it on the doctor’s remains, killing him for good.

The episode ends with Dean’s phone ringing. He’s still asleep and when he doesn’t wake up, Sam answers the phone. He sits up in the bed in surprise as he says, “Dad?”
Family Moments/Arguments:

Sam and Dean continue to argue about their different relationships with their father. As far as Dean is concerned, they have to follow their father’s orders. Sam wants to question his orders.

After Sam gets affected by the doctor and shoots Dean, Sam has a bit of an angry rant about how he is sick of following orders and has a mind of his own. Dean gives him a handgun and tells him that, “real bullets are going to work a hell of a lot better than rock salt.” Sam turns the handgun on Dean. “You hate me that much? You think you can kill your own brother?” Dean asks and then tells him to pull the trigger, which he does.

After they leave the asylum and see the teenagers off, Sam apologizes for the things he said to Dean, assuring him that he didn’t mean it. Dean clearly doesn’t believe Sam when he says that he didn’t mean the things he said, but Dean dismisses Sam when he asks if they need to talk about it.
Impersonation of the Week:

Dean asks the surviving cop questions, telling him that he’s a reporter with the Chicago Tribune and then Sam shows up like he doesn’t even know Dean.

Dean does a Jack Nicholson impression.

Best Moments:

When Kat tells the brothers what the spirit said, they simultaneously say, “Room number.”

Dean calls Sam and wants his help, so he asks Kat and Gavin if either of them can handle a shotgun. Gavin is emphatic in saying no, as if the mere suggestion is crazy. Kat then says she can, and to Gavin, she’s like, “What?” in a get-over-it kind of way.

When Sam pulls the gun on Dean, they start to argue. Dean gets sarcastic and asks Sam what he’s going to do. “The gun’s filled with rock salt.” Sam shoots him anyway and says that while it won’t kill him, it will hurt like hell.

Action Moment:

After Sam shoots Dean with an unloaded gun, Dean knocks him over. Then he punches him, knocking him unconscious.

Funniest Moments:

Kat asks Sam why they know so much about spirits and Sam tells her it’s their job. She asks about Dean, saying, “He’s your boss?”

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“Tell me if you see any dead people, Haley Joel?” – Dean

“Hey, Sam, who do you think is the hotter psychic? Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or you?” – Dean

“We met a lot of interesting people, did a lot of interesting things.” – Sam, telling the psychiatrist about his “road trip” with his brother

“When someone says a place is haunted, don’t go in.” – Dean

“I hope you’re right about this.” – Dean
“Yeah, me too.” – Sam

“I had a crappy guidance counselor.” – Sam

“All work and no play makes Dr. Ellicott a very dull boy.” – Dean

“For starters, we’re not going to panic.” – Sam
“Why the hell not?” – Gavin

“It’s more of a friendly request.” – Dean

“Man, I’m not going to give you a loaded pistol!” – Dean

“You’re not going to try to kill me are you?” – Dean
“No.” – Sam
Good, cause that would be awkward.” – Dean

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