Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 15 – Chuck Versus the Beefcake

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Season 2 Episode 15 Chuck Versus the Beefcake

The episode opens with Chuck avoiding Sarah’s calls because he’s tired of lying about their relationship and wants to not be together if they are only together for their cover.

Important Moments:

The CIA found the body of one of the Fulcrum agents that experimented on Chuck in Chuck Versus the Suburbs. General Beckman wonders why they would have been grave robbing a Fulcrum agent.

Looking at surveillance footage of another Fulcrum agent, Chuck flashes on the belt buckle, seeing that the intelligence that they are looking for is in it.

They are at a hotel for the mission of retrieving the belt buckle, where Chuck is kind of freaking out because of the implications of Sarah having to get the Fulcrum agent’s belt off. Sarah gets the agent to invite her up to his room. Chuck is clearly uncomfortable listening to the interaction between Sarah and the agent, who we find out is named Cole. Casey suggests he shouldn’t listen, but then he flashes on two other Fulcrum agents getting into the elevator.

Sarah says the code phrase, Cristal, in the room, but Casey is involved in a shootout and Chuck is trying to get drunk so they don’t hear it. A waiter comes over and asks for Cristal and Chuck hears that. He tells Casey that Sarah is in trouble, but Casey is still otherwise occupied so Chuck goes up and knocks on the door, pretending to be room service. The mark is momentarily distracted and Sarah takes the opportunity to kick the gun out of his hand. Chuck breaks the door down to find Sarah holding the gun on Cole.

Sarah and Chuck are escorting Cole to the roof where they are supposed to be picked up. When they get there, a helicopter that is definitely not their ride opens fire on them. Sarah tries to draw the fire away from Chuck, and Cole tells Chuck that he’s not Fulcrum, but MI-6. Chuck decides to risk believing him to save Sarah.

Cole decides to try his cover again so they can get the information, and Casey and Sarah get ready for the mission. Sarah tells Chuck to just go back to the Buy More. At the hotel, Casey and Chuck can’t determine if anyone is Fulcrum because, as Casey says, they all look the same. Cole is trying to get information, but Chuck has just hacked into the real chip in the Buy More and the Fulcrum agents received an alert that the signal has been hacked.

The Fulcrum agents show up at the Buy More and Chuck ends up chained to the ceiling with Sarah and Cole. Chuck tells Sarah he knows what’s on the chip, that it’s him. Sarah tells him that he can’t tell them what’s on the chip, no matter what they do to him. Chuck starts freaking out and it’s kind of sad because he’s so scared.

The Fulcrum agents are torturing Cole and Chuck can’t take it and tells them that he’s the one on the chip. Cole and Sarah point out to the Fulcrum agents that it would be ridiculous for the CIA to put its intelligence in a computer technician who clearly can’t withstand torture.

Casey shows up and says they’re going to switch places and tells the Fulcrum agent that she’s going to talk. She says she isn’t and Casey says everyone talks. The Fulcrum agent says, “I know” and injects herself with ricin to kill herself.

Chuck and Morgan decide to get an apartment together.

Cole is being driven somewhere when a cop on a motorcycle shoots his driver. The cop is actually a Fulcrum agent. Sarah then shows up at the apartment to give Chuck the news that Cole has been kidnapped by Fulcrum and that since Cole knows that Chuck is the Intersect, they have to officially get back together and move in together for Chuck’s safety.

Best Moments:

Sarah tells Chuck she’s really going to miss their fake relationship.

The look Ellie gives Morgan when he refers to Sarah as the third wheel.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck has a great facial expression as he watches Sarah chop a banana very quickly for their frozen yogurt.

Chuck starts to get a little too upset while listening to Sarah and the mark. He takes the earpiece out and asks the bartender for “something strong.”

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

After Chuck frees Cole, he runs behind Sarah and shoots a gas main, blowing up the helicopter that is firing on them.

Gratuitous Shirtless Moment:

In this episode, we see Morgan without a shirt. Ellie and Awesome see him without a lot more.

Later, Cole is inexplicably walking around Castle wearing only a towel.

Chuck/Sarah Love Triangle:

Cole asks Chuck what his relationship to Sarah is, and when Chuck says they are just friends, Cole says that he’s going to try for Sarah.

After they are rescued, Sarah helps Cole walk out after being tortured, where he was whipped repeatedly on the back. Casey points out where Sarah is.

Cole invites Sarah to Fiji. Sarah turns him down, but then starts making out with him. Unfortunately, Chuck turned the camera on in the Orange Orange and saw the entire thing.

Notable Guest Star:

Brooklyn Decker has a cameo as one of the models applying for the green shirt job that Morgan is supposed to be hiring for but has delegated to Jeff and Lester.

Best Lines:

“I can think of worse ways to spend the night.” – Cole
“Funny, but I can’t think of any.” – Sarah

“This is gonna get ugly. What level is his pain tolerance?” – Cole
“I’d say about a one out of ten.” – Sarah

“Don’t worry about torture. I’ll incite them, get them to kill us quick.” – Cole
“Interesting plan.” – Chuck

“Fulcrum’s captured the asset. I suspect he’s being tortured.” – Casey
“Dear God, he’ll never last.” – General Beckman

“Do these lines actually work?” – Sarah
“Often.” – Cole

“Everyone talks.” – Everyone

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