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Season 1 Episode 9 Home

As the title of this episode implies, it takes the brothers home to Lawrence, Kansas, where they were born and grew up until the death of their mother. The episode begins with a mother tucking her daughter into bed. The daughter thinks there is something in her closet. Her mother checks, and the little girl says she doesn’t like the house. She also has her mother put a chair in front of the closet before she leaves the room.

Important Moments:

The mother, Jenny, hears scratching noises and thinks there might be rats in the house. While she goes to investigate, the chair in the daughter’s room starts to move from the closet. The closet doors open and then flame appears and the little girl starts screaming. Then Sam wakes up and it turns out he was dreaming the entire thing.

As Dean is trying to find their next job, Sam says that he thinks the people that live in their old house are in danger. Dean demands more of an explanation when Sam doesn’t want to tell him why he wants to go home. Sam then tells Dean about the way he dreamed about Jessica dying before it happened and now he’s dreaming about their old house, so it has to mean something. Dean agrees to check it out.

The brothers show up on the doorstep of their childhood home and Sam just tells the woman who lives there (the one from his vision) the truth, or at least most of it. She invites them in and they ask some questions and learn that she has been hearing scratching and her daughter wants to know if the fire burning in her closet was there when the brothers lived in the house.

Sam asks Dean what he remembers about the night their mother died. Dean tells him he remembers the fire and carrying Sam out of the house, which Sam never knew about. The brothers decide they have to approach it like any other job.

Sam and Dean interview a local auto mechanic who knew their father. He has positive memories of both John and the Winchester family. The mechanic also tells them that their father said something caused the fire, while the common belief is that an electrical short or something similar caused the fire. They also find out that their father talked to a local palm reader, surprising Dean.

The brothers go to visit Missouri, the palm reader that John had visited. She knows who they are without introduction, and it turns out they met her as children. She already knows about Jessica’s death and the fact that their father is missing, which freaks Sam and Dean out a little. Dean asks where their father is and is a smart ass when she doesn’t know, so Missouri tells him off. She also tells them that she doesn’t know what happened with the fire, but that their father brought her to the house and she didn’t know what was there, but it was evil. When the brothers tell Missouri they think something is in the house now, Missouri wonders why now, telling them that she has been keeping an eye on the house.

Back at the house, Richie, the little boy that I hadn’t really noticed existed until this scene, got locked in the refrigerator by seemingly nothing. Right after Jenny gets Richie out of the fridge, the brothers show up on the doorstep with Missouri in tow. She tells Jenny she knows that there is something bad in the house and asks Jenny to trust them.

Missouri tells them that there is more than one spirit in the house, among them a nasty poltergeist.

They put “a few odds and ends” as Missouri calls, into the north, south, east and west ends of the house, in the walls, which will purify the house completely. Missouri warns that once the spirits realize what they’re doing, it will get bad. They send Jenny and her kids to the movies while they purify the house.

Jenny gets home to find the house a mess, but Missouri says the house is purified. Sam still has a bad feeling, and later Jenny is in bed and the entire bed starts shaking. The house is clearly not purified.

Family Moments/Arguments:

It turns out that Dean has sworn never to return to Lawrence.

Jenny gives Dean a box of photos that she found in the house.

In the last scene, Missouri goes back to her house and talks to John, who was apparently there in Lawrence the entire time. She tells him that Mary saved the boys. Missouri doesn’t understand why John won’t go talk to his sons, and he says he can’t until he knows the truth. (I don’t understand why he can’t talk to them, either. They never really say, as far as I can tell. I guess he is just being stubborn).

Action Moments:

As Missouri and the brothers begin setting up the purification packets, the lamps and furniture start to attack them. Knives go at Dean and the cord of a lamp starts to strangle Sam.

The brothers stay to watch the house because Sam still has a bad feeling, and after seeing the spirits are still there, the brothers run inside. Dean goes upstairs to get Jenny, where he has to break down the door. Sam gets the kids and when he is almost out, he tells them to run outside, in a line echoing what his father told Dean when he was a kid. “Take your brother outside.” It’s the same thing that John told Dean. Then Sam is pulled back into the house.

Dean goes to the trunk of the Impala and gets weapons to go after Sam. He’s trying to break into the front door with an axe while Sam is being thrown around the house. A spirit made of fire is walking towards him and Dean finally gets in and is about to shoot it when Sam stops him, saying he knows who the spirit is.

Best Moments:

Dean calls their father after agreeing to investigate with Sam. He tells John where they are and that something is in their old house, asking him for help. He has tears in his eyes and it’s a heartbreaking moment.

The brothers walk through the house with Missouri and she tells them the room they are in should be the center of it. Sam asks why and she tells him that this was his nursery and is where it all happened. It’s an intense moment as Sam and Dean look at the ceiling, the point where their mother died. Missouri tells them that paranormal energy is being attracted to the house because of what happened when they were children. Missouri says that there is more than one spirit present.

Dean hugs Sam after he saves him from being strangled by the lamp cord.
The second spirit turns out to be their mother, who expels the poltergeist and makes it let go of Sam, who was still being held against the wall. Their mother disappears as this happens.

Missouri tells Sam that there are no spirits left in the house because his mother destroyed herself to expel the other spirit to protect the boys. Missouri apologizes for not sensing the spirit, realizing that Sam had.

Most Ironic Moment:

The homeowner tells Sam and Dean that she’s sure they have many happy memories of growing up in that house.

Funniest Moments:

Missouri spends the episode telling Dean what to do and reading his mind to yell at him for things he hasn’t even done yet, or is only saying in his mind.

Disgusting Moment of the Week:

A plumber is at the house and puts his arm down the garbage disposal. In a moment everyone saw coming, it turns on by itself, grating up the plumber’s arm as he screams.

Notable Guest Star:

Loretta Devine, who played Adele on Grey’s Anatomy, guest stars as Missouri Moseley.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“Please God, don’t let it be rats.” – Jenny

“Boy, you see me sawing some bony tramp in half? You think I’m a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room, but I can’t just pull facts out of thin air.” – Missouri

“Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table, I’m going to whack you with a spoon.” – Missouri
“I didn’t do anything.” – Dean
“You were thinking about it.” – Missouri

“One thing’s for damn sure, nobody’s dying in this house, ever again.” – Dean

“Don’t you worry, Dean’s gonna clean up this mess. Well, what are you waiting for, boy, get the mop, and don’t cuss at me.” – Missouri

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