Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 14 – Chuck Versus the Best Friend

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Season 2 Episode 14 Chuck Versus the Best Friend

This episode opens with a flashback of Chuck saving Morgan from getting beat up by a girl in elementary school, setting up a theme for the episode.

Important Moments:

Chuck is hesitantly helping Morgan to spy on Anna to find out whether she is cheating on him, and he flashes on the guy she meets, a man named Jason Wang who is a member of the local Triad. General Beckman orders Chuck to make friends with him.

Later, Chuck is freaking out about his orders. Casey tells him he understands Chuck feeling a sense of loyalty based on the marine code of semper fi. He also then tells Chuck that this time, orders before honor and loyalty.

Chuck tries to make small talk with Anna about her new boyfriend. Chuck then invites Anna on a double date. Anna invites them to a party at her boyfriend’s car showroom.

At the party, Casey is outside doing surveillance using an earpiece, and then the camera shows Morgan doing the same thing. This can’t mean anything good.

Chuck starts flashing like crazy on a bunch of Triad members at the party. He and Sarah are about to follow them when Anna asks to talk to Sarah because she could “really use a friend.” Chuck goes ahead on his own and sees Anna’s new boyfriend getting into an argument with the other Triad members. Then he accidentally knocks something over. It comes over the radio that there is an intruder and Chuck is about to get caught, but it then comes over the radio that the intruder has already been caught, but Chuck remains unseen.

It turns out the intruder is Morgan. Casey and Sarah aren’t going to risk blowing their covers to save him so Chuck goes to do it himself. He calls Morgan a stalker, a sicko and is just really mean in an attempt to get them to let Morgan go so they don’t kill him.

The Triad later show up at the Buy More looking for Morgan. Anna doesn’t know about anything going on and shows Chuck that her new boyfriend is on TV. Chuck flashes on the ambassador attending the event with Jason Wang and they realize the ambassador is the target.

Chuck flashes on bad guys putting a bomb in a Rolls Royce. The scene then cuts to the ambassador being given the keys to a new Rolls Royce. The Triad also puts Morgan in the trunk so they can kill him, too.

Best Moments:

Chuck loses his crap when Jeff asks him what Ellie and Awesome thought of their band. He’s just at the end of his rope and Jeff is the last straw and just looks confused.

Chuck then goes to confront Sarah about what happened with Morgan, and the fact that she left him to choose between them and Morgan. She says she understands but Chuck doesn’t think she does and explains it in a really heartfelt way. Sarah comes back with the fact that their current problem endangers a lot of people’s best friends, not just his, which is also a valid point.

Speaking of friendships, Jeff comes to Awesome to ask for another Jeffster audition on Lester’s behalf. Awesome calls him a “weird dude” but agrees to convince Ellie to let them have another audition.

After Chuck blows up the Nerd Herder, Sarah and Casey are both watching and think he just died in the explosion. Sarah is starting to cry and even Casey looks upset. Chuck says something and Sarah’s sense of relief is palpable on her face. Casey just looks a little stunned.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck wakes up to his alarm clock to find Awesome sitting in a chair right next to his bed, watching him. Awesome wants Chuck to help him find a band for their wedding.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Sarah is telling Casey that the Rolls Royce is armed and the bad guys got away and doesn’t immediately realize that one of the Triad members is above her. They start fighting. At the same time, the car with the bomb takes off from a different area, and Chuck pulls up in the Nerd Herder. They think it’s a Triad trap and keep driving. Casey jumps onto the Nerd Herder roof and argues with Chuck, wanting him to let him in the car. Chuck won’t let him in because then Casey will stop him from saving Morgan.

Sarah is finally able to get the upper hand by crashing the car, knocking the Triad member unconscious. Casey pulls a remote control for the Nerd Herder out of the glove compartment. They catch up to the Rolls Royce and get the bomb out of the car. Chuck drives off with it. We then see the car explode in the distance, with Chuck using the remote control.

Gratuitous Shirtless Moment:

It’s back this week, as Ellie is asking Awesome to help her with wedding planning, and he walks in with no shirt on. Why? We don’t know.

Weird Moments:

This is the episode where we are introduced to Jeffster, Jeff and Lester’s band. They offer to play Ellie’s wedding, and Chuck refuses them. Later, they audition in the Buy More, playing…

Music Moment:

“Africa” by Toto

Best Lines:

“Does it shock you that 80 percent of my encounters with women have been completely without their knowledge.” – Jeff
“Honestly, I’m more surprised by the other 20 percent, Jeff.” – Chuck

“Dude, it’s not stalking, okay. It’s caring enough about someone to learn things about them they won’t tell you themselves.” – Morgan
“Which is stalking.” – Chuck

“Originally, we were going to go with the name Jester, but we didn’t want people to associate us with a couple of fools.” – Jeff

“Stay in the car!” – Sarah & Casey

“I didn’t promise I’d let you drive.” – Casey

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