Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 8 – Bugs


Season 1 Episode 8 Bugs

This episode is pretty much disgusting if you don’t like bugs, which I don’t. It opens with construction in process on a new development. The ground starts shaking and one of the workers, Dustin, falls into it, almost like a sinkhole. He is surrounded by disgusting bugs that start crawling all over him, into his orifices and everything. By the time his co-worker finds him, the bugs are gone and he is dead, with blood all over his face.

Important Moments:

The brothers show up at the Oklahoma Gas & Power plant to talk to Travis, who says he didn’t see anything. He does take them to the location of Dustin’s death, however.

Sam looks in the hole where Dustin dies and only finds 10 beetles.

The neighborhood is holding an open house with a free BBQ, and Dean decides that would be a good place to start. They meet the developer, Larry.

Sam and Dean both separately notice some nasty bugs during the BBQ. They belong to the son of the developer, Matt. Dean finds out that about a year ago, a surveyor died on the job from a severe allergy to bee stings.

The realtor, Linda Bloom, is attacked by bugs in the shower and dies. The brothers climb in through the window to look at the crime scene. Dean finds dead spiders under a towel. They wonder about Matt, the developer’s son with a fondness for spiders and follow him. He goes into the woods. They ask Matt about Linda and he already knows about the bee attack and the beetles. He says he knows there is something weird going on with the bugs around. He takes the brothers to a spot in the woods where he says it seems the insects are congregating. There is a small hill and they examine it. Dean says there’s something in it and reaches down, only to pull out the top of a human skull. It’s an unmarked grave.

The brothers bring the bones they found to an anthropologist who dates them at about 170 years old and Native American. He directs them to a nearby Native American tribe.

They go to talk to the Native Americans, where they learn about a massacre that occurred. Part of the story involves one of the Native Americans promising that nature wouldn’t allow white man to ever settle on that land. On the night of the sixth day, none would survive. They calculate when the man from the gas company died, which was during the sun and the moon equinox. That night is the sixth night.

Sam calls Matt, who says his backyard is already crawling with cockroaches, and Dean tells him that he has to get his family out of the house.

When the brothers get there, the family is still there and won’t leave. It turns out Matt disregarded Dean’s advice and told his father the truth. While Sam and Dean are arguing on the front steps, they hear the bugs coming. Dean tells Larry to get his wife, but more bugs are coming, too many to leave, and they all have to go into the house and hide and lock everything up, putting towels along doorframes, etc. The bugs have chewed through the phone and power lines so there is no phone service or electricity.

Family Moments/Arguments:

Dean says that growing up in an area like the neighborhood they’re in would freak him out, starting a conversation with Sam about the value of a normal life, or lack thereof according to Dean.

After seeing the way Larry treats his son, Sam asks Dean if it reminded him of anyone, clearly implying their father. Dean says, “Dad never treated us like that.” Sam remembers it differently, saying that their father was always all over his case. Dean replies that maybe sometimes he had to raise his voice “but sometimes you were out of line.” Sam cites the time he wanted to play soccer instead of learn bow hunting, and Dean sides with their father.

Sam relates to Matt and encourages him to look forward to college, when he could leave, and Dean says it’s better advice for him to stick with his family. This leads the brothers into another discussion about Sam’s contentious relationship with their father. Dean tells Sam that their father was never disappointed in him, just scared for him. He also tells him that their father used to swing by Stanford to check on him whenever he could, to make sure he was safe. Sam didn’t know any of that. When Sam questions why their father never told him about it, Dean points out that it’s a two way street and that Sam could have picked up the phone.

Impersonation of the Week:

The brothers pretend to be the nephews of Dustin, the worker who was killed by bugs.

Later, they pretend to be university students, though that doesn’t work out as well.

Best Moments:

Dean decides they are going to stay in one of the model homes for the night. He is excited about the steam shower.

The brothers show up at the house in the last scene, where Larry is loading things into a moving truck. He tells them that he’s making sure no one ever lives there and says that even though it’s been a financial disaster for his career, he doesn’t care because his son is okay. This leads into Sam telling Dean he wants to find their father.


The brothers go visit a Native American tribe to investigate the skulls they found. They tell the Native American that they are local university students and he immediately calls them out on it. Yet another example of how bad the brothers both are at the undercover thing, something I never noticed the first time I watched the show.

They call Larry and pretend to be Travis from the gas company and tell Larry that they have to evacuate for 12 hours. Larry says he knows Travis, so they are busted.

Action Moment:

Dean gets bug spray and lights it on fire to fight the bugs off as they run upstairs to escape. They manage to make it to the attic, where termites have started eating through the wood in the ceiling. The termites keep breaking holes in the ceiling and Sam and Dean are having trouble keeping up. It starts to look really bad for them all when the bugs start retreating and they can see the sun starting to shine through the holes in the ceiling.

Funniest Moments:

The neighborhood’s developer mistakes Sam and Dean as a gay couple. A few minutes later, the head of sales makes the same assumption, and gives them the same, identical line.

Dean answers the bathroom door with a towel wrapped around his head. “This shower is awesome!” Sam is not impressed.

Disgusting Moment of the Week:

Basically, every death in this episode occurs after a very disgusting incident involving bugs. Ew.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“Hunting’s our day job, and the pay is crap.” – Dean

“How we were raised was jacked.” – Sam
“Yeah, says you.” – Dean

“Mad cow. Wasn’t that on Oprah?” – Dean
“You watch Oprah?” – Sam

“Don’t drop me.” – Sam

“So you found some beetles, in a hole, in the ground. That’s shocking, Sam.” – Dean

“I’m kinda hungry for a little barbeque. How about you? [pause] What, we can’t talk to the locals?” – Dean
“And the free food has got nothing to do with it?” – Sam
“Of course not. I’m a professional.” – Dean
“Right.” – Sam

“Growing up in a place like this would freak me out.” – Dean

“There’s nothing wrong with normal.” – Sam

“I’d take our family over normal any day.” – Dean

“I’m going to go talk to Larry. Okay, honey?” – Dean, to Sam

“Bow hunting is an important skill.” – Dean

“More bugs.” – Sam & Dean

“We’re going to squat in an empty house?” – Sam
“I want to try the steam shower.” – Dean

“You know how most dads are when their kids score a full ride? Proud. Most Dads don’t toss their kids out of the house.” – Sam

“You know who start sentences with ‘truth is’? Liars.” – Native American

“You don’t break the curse. You get out of its way.” – Dean

“Matt, under no circumstances are you to tell the truth. He’ll just think you’re nuts. Tell him you have a sharp pain in your right side and you gotta go to the hospital, okay. [Hangs up phone, then to Sam] Make him listen… What are you thinking?” – Dean

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