Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 13 – Chuck Versus the Suburbs

213ChuckvssuburbsChuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Suburbs

This episode opens with a man being forced to watch something on a screen with a machine that doesn’t let him close his eyes.

Important Moments:

Chuck and Sarah get a new mission from General Beckman, where they will be living as a married couple in the suburbs.

Chuck walks into the house and finds Sarah making potato salad. They both look like cast members from Leave It to Beaver. Casey is there as a cable guy while they are hosting a BBQ for their new neighbors. Chuck goes outside to grill as Sarah reminds him that one of their neighbors is a suspected terrorist.

Casey finds a bug in the house and Chuck flashes on it. It was a CIA bug, but it was stolen by Fulcrum.

Casey and Sarah want Chuck to get into the house of one of their neighbors who they suspect is involved with Fulcrum, Sylvia. She was hitting on Chuck at the BBQ so he uses that to get in and get onto her husband’s computer. When he’s in the house, he finds the computer and it’s hooked up to some hardcore wiring. It’s also password protected and when Chuck tries entering a password, a test sequence is initiated, which looks a lot like when Chuck got the Intersect, including him falling backwards, unconscious, onto the floor afterwards.

General Beckman pulls Chuck from the case out of concern that he has received Fulcrum programming into his brain. Sarah is still supposed to go back, under the cover that the Carmichaels are getting a divorce. Chuck goes back to work at the Buy More, where he flashes on a logo and sees that the entire neighborhood is made up of Fulcrum agents.

Before Chuck is able to get the message to Casey, a neighbor, Brad, shows up to ask Casey about cable and he tases Casey. Sarah invites in the neighbors who came over to express sympathy about the divorce inside, only they have a gun.

Chuck shows up to save them and he ends up getting captured, too. He wakes up hooked up to a machine. Sarah and Casey are being held captive in the same place.

Best Moments:

Chuck and Sarah are having their Valentine’s Day date, consisting of Chinese takeout and candles, with Chuck playing video games on one side of the couch while Sarah reads on the other side of the couch.

Sarah makes Chuck eggs for breakfast and feeds leftovers to a dog. It’s the cutest scene, especially with Chuck’s light teasing.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck and Sarah have the most awkward conversation about Valentine’s Day, neither knowing what to do about a date to maintain their cover/mutual crush.

A neighbor, Sylvia, hits on Chuck, offering to use chains.

Chuck shows up at Sylvia’s for the mission and has a very awkward encounter with Sylvia. He ends up in his underwear for the second episode in a row.

When he wakes up after the computer situation, he hears Sylvia’s husband arrive home and climbs out the window to escape, still in his underwear. Casey is watching him as he crawls across the roof. The entire neighborhood is outside watching, so Sarah slaps him across the face to maintain their cover.

Sibling Moment:

Ellie is overly excited about Chuck and Sarah spending the weekend house sitting in the suburbs, implying that it could lead to marriage.

Notable Guest Appearance:

Andy Richter as Brad White, a neighbor in the suburbs.

Jenny McCarthy as Sylvia, another neighbor in the suburbs.

Tony Hale is back as Emmett.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck is forced to watch another weird video thing like the previous ones. Everyone else is given glasses. After he watches it, Chuck is okay, but robotic. Something is clearly wrong with his mind. They are going to test Sarah next, and Chuck says he needs to say something to Sarah, and he gives her a look. He is faking it. She then sees Casey, who Chuck had already seen. Chuck tells her to close her eyes and then Casey runs the test, exposing all the Fulcrum agents.

Weird Moments:

Chuck leaves for work and Sarah follows him outside to ask him to go to the store. It’s such a weird Stepford-like scene, especially as she waves goodbye from the driveway standing next to the dog.

Disgusting Moment:

Casey is handcuffed after they are all captured, and he uses the method to break his thumb that he told Chuck about earlier. He frees himself, but the noise is terrible.

Music Moment:

The Pet Shop Boys “Once In a Lifetime” plays as Sarah and Chuck drive to the house in the suburbs.

“You Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash plays while Chuck eats breakfast and during the weird Stepford-like scene when Chuck leaves for work.

Best Lines:

“Who crapped in his box of chocolates?” – Emmett

“Yeager was living in the valley. No wonder he went nuts.” – Casey (sorry to any valley residents lol)

“You two kids are going to the suburbs.” – Casey

“Call me when the honeymoon’s over. I’ve got a chain, too.” – Sylvia, hitting on Chuck
“I bet you do.” – Chuck

“I knew these people creeped me out.” – Casey

“You better be careful, Sarah. One day, you might actually turn into a real girl.” – Chuck

“Charles Carmichael always comes quickly.” – Chuck
“Real smooth, Bartowski.” – Casey

“You’re banging my mom?” – Morgan

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