Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 12 – Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 Episode 12

212Chuckvs3DChuck Versus the Third Dimension


This episode opens with Chuck having a nightmare after having seen Sarah kill the Fulcrum agent in the previous episode. They need to deal with the repercussions from that action, which result in a strained relationship in this episode.

Important Moments:

A rock star, Tyler Martin, is making an appearance at the Buy More. Someone shows up to kill him, and Chuck and Casey are able to stop it.

After tranquilizing Tyler Martin for his own safety, Chuck gets left on baby-sitting duty, and Casey and Sarah go to do reconnaissance. They find a wall covered in surveillance photos of Tyler Martin.

Sarah and Casey follow Chuck to the club where he is partying with Tyler, and they find the guy who originally tried to kill Tyler in the Buy More. When they corner him on the roof, he reveals that he is full of grenades.

Chuck tries to convince Tyler that the women he brought upstairs are bad guys, but Tyler doesn’t really hear him.

They all bring Tyler back to Casey’s apartment, where he ends up getting tranquilized by Casey again. When Tyler passes out again, Chuck flashes on the tattoos on Tyler’s back and they realize that his manager is using Tyler to move secrets.

General Beckman wants to use Tyler as bait, and Chuck protests. Sarah asks him what is wrong with him, pointing out that they do whatever it takes to protect anyone who needs protecting, not realizing that Chuck saw her kill the Fulcrum agent. Chuck is clearly thinking about that while she’s talking, and agrees to convince Tyler to go on stage.

When they get to the concert, the bad guy has paid a bunch of people to wear the same outfit as him, causing Casey and Sarah to be thrown off of his trail. The bad guy shows up at Tyler’s dressing room. Chuck tells him to hide in the closet and calls Sarah. He tells her that it wasn’t that he needed a night off, but something else. Before he can say anything else, the bad guy knocks Chuck over.

Chuck tells the bad guy that he knows everything and will send an email exposing the instability of the operation. The guy puts the knife down, but it still all goes awry.

Best Moments:

Chuck flashes on a man in the store that looks shifty. The man has a grenade and Chuck alerts Casey. They look, but the man has left, putting the grenade in a box. Chuck and Casey start running towards the door with the box, but Jeff and then Morgan intercept it, causing a significant delay in them getting it outside. They end up sticking it in a safe, then in a refrigerator and finally, putting it into a storage closet, where it explodes.

After Chuck gets put into the bedroom with the two women Tyler brought to the room, they take off his pants. One of them takes out a knife and Chuck makes a run for it. A knife goes right through the door behind him. He runs out of the room and, still in his underwear, goes onto the roof, where he gets in touch with Sarah through a comm. The women show up and there is a chase as Chuck tries to get away.

Chuck tells Sarah he saw her shoot the agent. They have a conversation about it, and Sarah tells him he can have a few days off. Casey comes out with his bags. He and Sarah are going on a mission without Chuck. When he asks what they’re doing, Sarah says, “We got it.” As Sarah and Casey are putting their seat belts on, Chuck climbs into the car. Sarah’s smile at that moment is a “best moment” all on its own.

Funniest Moments:

General Beckman orders them to bring Tyler Martin in to figure out why someone tried to kill him. Sarah gets him to follow her into the back room, where Casey shoots him with a tranquilizer. He tells Chuck it should keep him unconscious for about 24 hours. He quickly wakes up and thinks he has jet lag and Casey immediately shoots him with another tranquilizer.

Tyler is so out of it after waking up from all the tranquilizers that he has wandered outside and starting urinating in the fountain in the courtyard of the apartment building, thinking he’s in a restroom.

Tyler throws Chuck’s phone into the fountain and invites him to party with him.

At the party, Tyler gets a phone call from someone from the record label named Gavin, who has never heard of Chuck. There’s a momentary pause where Chuck seems to be busted, but then Chuck says, “I’ve never heard of him!” and Tyler just repeats “he’s never heard of you!” back to Gavin and goes on with things.

Tyler tells some girls that Chuck is in his band and Chuck affects a funny fake English accent.

Chuck gets upset when they chastise him for going out with Tyler, and then Casey shoots him with the tranquilizer. “I’m losing consciousness,” Chuck says as he passes out.

Notable Guest Appearance:

Dominic Monaghan of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Lost plays rock star Tyler Martin, and he’s pretty great in the part.

Tony Hale is back as Emmett.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck, in his underwear, jumps onto a glass elevator to escape the two women who are throwing knives at him. As he is hanging on the outside of the elevator, he asks the couple in it to press the button for the lobby. They freak out and push 32 instead, making the elevator go up with Chuck still hanging precariously on the edge. The elevator opens and the two women get in and close the door. One of them takes out a gun and is about to shoot Chuck when…

The elevator door opens again, and Tyler is there, looking for the women. The one with the gun turns around, and is about to shoot Tyler, when he is hit in the neck with another tranquilizer and then Casey and Sarah appear. They have a fight with the two women and then get in the elevator and just look at Chuck hanging there, shock on their faces at his bizarre predicament.

Chuck convinces the bad guy to put his knife down and everything is going well, until Tyler bursts out of the closet with a piece of a drum kit in his hand, disrupting everything. He charges the bad guy, who ducks, and Chuck and Tyler go flying out the dressing room door. Chuck and Tyler run down the hall and right out onto the stage. The bad guy is ready to throw a knife at them, and Chuck starts to panic. Tyler tells him to jump and they both jump into the crowd, for an epic crowd surfing moment as Chuck and Tyler go through the audience, while Sarah and Casey hunt the bad guy in the crowd. Chuck gets spotted, but before the bad guy can reach him, Casey and Sarah surround him, and Sarah punches him.

An interview with Yvonne Strahovski about Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Best Lines:

“Good morning Chuck.” – Sarah, right after they insulate a grenade so it blows up without injuring anyone.

“I think we got a pervert.” – Tyler

“I may be a rum soaked narcissist, but I’m also the best wing man you will ever have.” – Tyler

“Who stole the urinal cakes? I splashed myself silly.” – Emmett

“Don’t worry. I always use protection. Good looking out.” – Tyler

“Lobby please!” – Chuck

“You’re going to give the guy brain damage or liver damage.” – Chuck
“Too late on both counts.” – Casey

“They’re the best. I stake my life on it every day.” – Chuck
“I’ve got one thing to say. Hello. Cleveland.” – Tyler
“It’s Burbank.” – Chuck
“Right. I’m dyslexic.” – Tyler

“Gavin, you’re fired.” – Tyler, as he punches his manager

“Think I look mad, wait until you see her.” – Casey

“A mission without Bartowski. I’m really going to enjoy this.” – Casey, right before Chuck climbs into the car

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