Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 6 – Skin


Season 1 Episode 6 – Skin

The episode opens with a kidnapped girl taped up. The police come in and the kidnapper turns around and is revealed to be Dean. We then flash back to one week earlier.

Important Moments:

Sam gets an email from the sister of a friend, who is letting Sam know that her brother, Zach, has been arrested for murder. His sister, Rebecca, says that he didn’t do it and was with her the entire time. Sam believes him and wants to go to St. Louis and help them. When they arrive, Sam asks Rebecca if they can see the crime scene and tells her that Dean is a cop.

Dean hears the neighbor’s dog barking and angry sounding. Rebecca tells him the dog used to be really sweet, but changed around the time of the murder.

The next scene shows Zach watching a couple, and then his eyes flash, showing he is either a demon or possessed. While examining the security footage, Sam notices the thing with the eyes on the “Zach” showing up on the camera footage. Sam wonders if it’s some kind of skin walker, which would explain how Zach was in two places at once since Rebecca said that Zach was with her at the time of the murder.

Back at the couple’s apartment, we see some kind of shape-shifter has attacked the woman and she thinks it’s her husband. The shifter then attacks the man when he gets home.

Sam and Dean see the cops drive by and go to the crime scene, where a bystander says that the guy tried to kill his wife. Dean finds out that the guy was driving home when the attack occurred, and that he saw “himself” and is really freaked out. The police think he’s crazy.

The brothers find gross stuff in the sewer, and they reason that the shape-shifter is using the sewer to travel between places. Dean says shape-shifters can be killed with a silver bullet to the heart. Sam then gets a phone call from Rebecca, who told the police they visited the crime scene and when the police looked into Dean and didn’t find him listed on the police force he claimed to work for, so she knows Sam was lying about him being a cop.

Dean is attacked by the shape-shifter, who then starts impersonating him. Sam realizes that the shape-shifter is impersonating Dean, but hesitates to shoot him and ends up getting hit in the head with a crowbar. He wakes up tied to a beam in a basement. The shape-shifter reveals that he can access all of Dean’s thoughts and tries to use them against Sam, saying that Dean resents Sam and is jealous that he has friends and had his own life while Dean was stuck being a hunter.
Shape-shifter Dean goes to see Rebecca and ends up attacking her. The police show up and Shape-Shifter Dean attacks them and escapes through the balcony.

The shifter ends up knocking Sam out again, but Dean arrives in time to save him. After Dean kills the shape-shifter, there’s a really strange moment as he looks at himself, dead. Then, Dean takes back his necklace, which the shifter was still wearing.

Zach will be released as the cops have come around. Unfortunately, they think Dean Winchester did it.

Impersonation of the Week:

Sam tells his friend Rebecca that Dean is a cop. They are busted when the local police look him up. (The brothers really aren’t very good at the whole impersonating government officials’ thing, are they?)

A shape-shifter impersonates the relatives of its victims, including Dean, leading to people’s significant others being arrested for their murders and assaults. The shifter tries to kill Sam and frame Dean.

Best Moments:

Sam notices something off about Dean and asks him a question. He then pulls a gun on him, realizing that it isn’t Dean, but the shape-shifter. It’s good to see that even after their differences, Sam and Dean still know each other well enough to notice if the other has been replaced with a double.

After the shape-shifter leaves to go see Becky, Sam hears Dean coughing as he says, “That better be you Sam, and not that freak of nature.” Sam laughs in relief.

In the closing scene, the brothers bond over being freaks together.


Dean goes after the shape-shifter and finds Becky in the sewer. The next scene is Sam talking to “Becky” about how they are going to kill the shape-shifter, right before “Becky” knocks him out.

Action Moment:

When Sam wakes up after being knocked out for the second time, he manages to escape before the shifter, who is now pretending to be Dean, kills him and frames Dean for it. Sam gets a knife and they have a fistfight. The shifter gets the upper hand and is strangling Sam when Dean walks in. When the shifter stands up, Dean shoots it multiple times, saving Sam, though the same cannot be said for Becky’s house, which is really broken.

Funniest Moments:

Dean is on the news, wanted for attempted murder. He’s mad because it’s not even a good picture. He’s also mad at the thought of the shifter driving his car.

Dean is relieved when they find his car, happy that it’s okay and something finally went right, just as the police show up to arrest him. Sam gets arrested instead since they won’t be able to hold him, allowing Dean to escape.

Most Disgusting Moment:

The shape-shifter sheds “Dean,” including really gross things like his fingernails falling off. Very puke inducing, as Dean would say.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“Hey, remember when I said that this wasn’t our kind of problem? Definitely our kind of problem.” – Dean

“I’ll tell you one thing. This whole gig, it’ ain’t without perks.” – Dean, as he hands Sam a gun

“I think we’re close to its lair.” – Dean
“Why do you say that?” – Sam
“Because there’s another puke-inducing pile next to your face.” – Dean

“Well, he’s not stupid. He picked the handsome one.” – Dean

“The thought of him driving my car. It’s killing me.” – Dean

“How many chances am I going to have to see my own funeral?” – Dean


It’s interesting watching the beginning of the series again as I remember burgers and beer, also probably pancakes, as a major theme through the episode. Up to this point though, in episode 6, there hasn’t been nearly as much of that as I remember. Maybe it was established a little later on.
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