Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 4 – Phantom Traveler

Supernatural – Season 1 – Episode 4 – Phantom Traveler

The episode opens with a man afraid of flying getting possessed by a demon and then opening the door on the plane mid-flight, causing the plane to crash. The show then cuts to Dean, asleep as Sam walks into their hotel room, where he admits that he still has nightmares about Jess and that’s why he’s up and walking around instead of sleeping.

Important Moments:

Dean gets a call from an old friend named Jerry that Dean and their father helped previously with a poltergeist. He needs Sam and Dean to help him with the plane crash. His friend was the pilot on the plane that crashed, and he survived. Jerry thinks there is more to the crash than it appears.
Sam is surprised to find out from Jerry that his father was proud of him and talked about him a lot.

Jerry plays the recording of the plane crash for Sam and Dean, and they hear some EBP in the recording. The recording says “no survivors” which is strange because there were seven survivors.

Sam and Dean go to interview one of the survivors, who is now in a psychiatric facility. He says he was just seeing things, but they finally get him to tell them that he saw a man with black eyes open the emergency exit. However, it’s physically impossible for a person to open that door mid-flight due to the pressure.

After examining the wreckage from the plane under a microscope with Jerry, the brothers find sulfur, which leads them to believe that it might be a demon residue possessing someone. Sam does research and finds that there is the possibility of a demon possessing people and causing disasters. He finds instances of this phenomenon in places like Japan.

Jerry calls Sam and Dean to tell them his pilot friend, who survived the first crash, has just died in another plane crash. The brothers then find a connection between the plane crashes: they all went down 40 minutes into the flight. Dean says it’s a biblical number representing death, with the flood lasting for 40 days and 40 nights. They realize the death of the pilot means the demon is going after the seven survivors of the crash. They then try to contact the survivors to warn them, but they have no luck and decide to get on the plane to stop the demon that way.
They realize the pilot is the one who is possessed, but he goes into the cockpit and locks the door behind him. They are left with no options other than trying to get Amanda, the flight attendant, who is another survivor from the original plane crash, to help them. She knocks on the door of the cockpit and the brothers tackle the pilot and tape his mouth to perform an exorcism on him. He is not having it and makes a comment to Sam about Jess, which throws Sam off. They are still able to remove the demon from the pilot, but then the demon is just flying around in the plane. Sam is able to complete the exorcism as the plane starts to crash and Dean just looks terrified.

Dean asks Jerry how he got his cell number. Jerry tells him their Dad gave it to him.

Best Moments:

Sam asks Dean if he’s ever afraid after Sam admits to having some trouble adjusting to being back in the hunting business. Dean says no, and Sam then pulls a knife out from under Dean’s pillow.

After talking to the flight attendant, Dean starts freaking out in his seat again, and Sam has to get him to calm down so he isn’t open to demonic possession.

Funniest Moments:

Sam comments on Dean’s EMF transmitter and Dean proudly tells him that he made it himself. Sam just looks at him like he’s crazy.

Dean is hilarious the entire time they are sitting on the plane, from his facial expressions to the humming.

Sam says they have to get on the plane after they fail to stop Amanda, the surviving flight attendant from getting on it, and it turns out Dean is afraid of flying and doesn’t even want to say the word ‘flying.’

Dean goes to the back cabin to determine whether the flight attendant is possessed, and ends up just looking like a crazy person.

Good to Know:

If someone is possessed, they will flinch at the name of God. But don’t forget to say it in Latin.


Sam and Dean are almost caught when the real Homeland Security shows up while they are looking at the airplane wreckage after impersonating Homeland Security agents to get into the hangar. They are forced to climb over the fence and use their suit jackets to get over safely.

Ghost Story of the Week:

A demon is possessing people on airplanes and causing the planes to crash.
Best Lines:

“That’s not fear. That is precaution.” – Dean, after Sam finds a knife under his pillow

“What are you, nuts?” – the plane crash survivor who is in a psychiatric facility, to Sam

“A middle-aged dentist with an ulcer’s not exactly evil personified.” – Dean

“Man, I look like one of the Blues Brothers.” – Dean

“It’s never really been an issue until now!?” – Dean

“What do you think I drive everywhere?” – Dean

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