Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 8 – Chuck Versus the Gravitron

Casey interrogates Jill as Chuck looks on.
Casey interrogates Jill as Chuck looks on.

Chuck – Season 2 – Episode 8 – Chuck Versus the Gravitron

The episode opens with a flashback to 2002, when Chuck and Jill are on a Ferris wheel back at Stanford. The episode then moves back to present day, where Sarah and Casey are looking for Chuck, who still doesn’t know that Jill is Fulcrum.

Important Moments:

Jill’s phone buzzes with a text message, which Chuck flashes on. He realizes that Jill is Fulcrum and runs out of the hotel. He runs into Casey and Sarah who are waiting in a tent outside and make him go back in so Jill won’t be suspicious that he knows she’s Fulcrum.

Jill takes Chuck to a carnival to recreate the moment from the flashback on the Ferris wheel. They are kissing and then Jill apologizes. Chuck asks why she’s apologizing and she pulls a gun. Jill reveals that she’s supposed to kill Chuck. The Fulcrum agent, called Leader, sees them and tells Jill that her shooting Chuck is a test. Jill turns the gun on the Fulcrum agent and Chuck runs. The agent punches Jill in the face.

After Chuck tells Sarah and Casey that Jill saved his life, they hook her up to a lie detector machine. They get Jill to tell them where the Fulcrum agent is.

Chuck asks Jill if they can try their relationship again after she reveals the truth about their breakup. In Chuck’s haste to let her out of the lie detector chair, he fails to notice the result for that answer came up negative. She’s lying.

Sarah and Casey return to find Chuck at gunpoint. They are forced to let Leader go, and then Sarah and Casey get locked in the holding area. Chuck doesn’t understand how Jill could have turned into the person she has become, but it doesn’t matter anymore because Leader tells Chuck to get them access to secure information. Chuck tries to avoid giving them access to the information they want, but they threaten to kill Sarah and Casey, Sarah first. Chuck then also realizes the entire thing was a setup, including Jill pretending she was ordered to kill Chuck and shooting Leader in the arm. It was all just a ruse to access the computers at Castle.

Best Moments:

Chuck agrees to go with General Beckman’s plan to use Jill to try to figure out who “Leader” is because he’s mad that she betrayed him not once, but twice. It’s good to see Chuck get mad and want to stand up for himself.

Chuck goes to Sarah for spy lessons to help him get through his impending evening with Jill. Sarah instructs him that Jill will try to get him when he is the most emotionally exposed. Sarah instructs Chuck, who becomes completely distracted. Sarah stops the kiss at the very last second.

Chuck takes advantage of Jill being hooked up to the lie detector test, and he finds out that their relationship was real at Stanford, and that she never slept with Bryce. It’s nice for Chuck to get closure on this situation, and yet another thing that Bryce was blamed for all those years, but that he didn’t actually do.

At the end of the episode, Chuck and Sarah go to Thanksgiving, and Sarah tells him not to change.

Funniest Moments:

Leader has the upper hand with Casey and Big Mike shows up, tackling him after mistaking him for a thief.

Notable Guest Stars:

Jordana Brewster is back as Jill Roberts, Chuck’s ex-girlfriend and a Fulcrum agent.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

The Fulcrum agent catches up to Chuck on the Gravitron. Chuck turns it on. When the ride stops, the agent hits his head on the wall and is unconscious. Chuck runs into the Funhouse. The agent catches up to him and Chuck tries to run away, instead running head on into a glass wall. When the agent is about to shoot Chuck, Jill comes up behind him and shoots the agent. When they run out of the Funhouse, they finally find Sarah and Casey.

After getting them all locked into the holding cells with Leader and Jill accessing top secret government files, Chuck uses the Castle manual to lock them out of the computers, jam the communications frequency so that they can’t make calls and alert the CIA that they are in trouble. Unfortunately, Leader attaches an explosive device to the cell that Sarah and Casey are in, forcing him to open the cell to avoid them exploding. Chuck thinks to also unlock the cell holding Sarah and Casey and then he takes Leader and Jill to the Buy More.

Chuck helps Jill get away from Sarah, but it’s a fake out, and instead he locks her in a Nerd Herder car under detention mode. He tells her he was really going to help her get away, but then she was about to kill Sarah, and she made the decision to arrest her for him.

Best Lines:

“That’s the Castle manual. I told you that’s top secret.” – Casey
“Yeah, I know. So am I.” – Chuck

“The nerd in me really wants to say checkmate right now.” – Chuck

“Unleash the Casey.” – Chuck

“You should know I wanted to help you. I was gonna let you get away, but you were about to kill Sarah and you made the decision for me. You’re under arrest Jill, and I’m breaking up with you.” – Chuck

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