Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 7 – Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

Chuck and Jill.
Chuck and Jill.


Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 Episode 7

Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

Chuck and Jill seem to be back together in this episode, something that doesn’t seem to go over well with anyone.

Important Moments:

General Beckman thinks that Guy LaFleur might have had a list of Fulcrum agents in his hotel room, so their new mission at the beginning of the episode is to break in and try to find it.

Chuck flashes on a puzzle box in the room, which is where the list of agents is. Back at Castle, they figure out the first puzzle box, which just leads to a second.

When they recover the next box after using the key from the first box, it contains a bomb. The bomb turns out to be another puzzle, and after they solve it, they find a flash drive, which is, of course, encrypted.

Chuck and Jill stop at a gas station on their way out of town. While Chuck is inside buying snacks a Fulcrum agent kidnaps Jill. The agent says he will kill Jill if Chuck doesn’t bring the list of agents. Chuck asks Casey for help, but he refuses so Chuck locks Casey in Castle. Sarah pulls a gun on him, but Sarah can’t shoot him and lets him go, though she looks very pained about it.

Casey and Sarah start decoding the flash drive with the names of Fulcrum agents at the end of the episode. Uh-oh! Jill is a Fulcrum agent and Chuck left the tracking watch on his night table to trick Sarah and Casey into thinking he is there.

Funniest Moments:

Jill asks Chuck if he finds Sarah pretty. He stumbles pretty badly before arriving at “sure.” On the other hand, that is not a question that should be asked if you really don’t want to know the answer.

While they are on the mission, Chuck pocket dials Jill as he is discussing the amount of time it would theoretically take for Chuck, the businessman, the have sex with Sarah, the prostitute, which is their cover story. Then, Sarah is trying to instruct Chuck on the way to turn himself to fit through the ceiling vents, which from only what Jill hears, sounds like they actually are having sex.

A Fulcrum agent is approaching, and as they try to escape quickly, Chuck ends up on Casey’s shoulders, with his legs around Casey’s neck.

When they are opening the puzzle box, gas escapes and Chuck and Sarah are exposed. They freak out and run for the shower, trying to wash everything off while jumping up and down like crazy people.

They get the puzzle box figured out with Jill’s help and Chuck realizes it’s referring to a high C note. Casey then just belts one out and the box pops open.

Best Moments:

Sarah defends Chuck’s right to have a real girlfriend, though she looks sad about it. It’s nice that she wants him to be happy even though it hurts her.

Love Triangle Time:

Just as Chuck and Sarah are emerging from the shower after the gas exposure emergency, there is a knock at the door. Sarah thinks it’s Casey so Chuck opens the door. It’s Jill, and she jumps to the conclusion (understandably) that Chuck and Sarah had been having sex.

Throughout the episode, Casey makes snide comments towards Sarah about Chuck being with Jill. Sarah looks pissed off and jealous.

Notable Guest Stars:

Jordana Brewster is back as Jill Roberts.

Mark Pellegrino, from everything (Revolution, Lost, Supernatural, The Closer, etc.) appears as a Fulcrum agent.

Tony Hale is also back as Emmett.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

When they all go to the exchange, Chuck ends up giving the Fulcrum agent the flash drive, after a wink at Casey. Then the agent breaks it. Sarah watches as Chuck comforts Jill, looking sad again. It turns out that Chuck made a copy of the drive, which he gives to Casey.

Best Lines:

“You’re pretty nonchalant about your super computer boyfriend trying to browse someone else’s network.” – Casey

“You want us to break into a government controlled crime scene?” – Sarah
“It’s the FBI. How hard can it be?” – Casey

“It’s a friend thing. I just want to make sure you’re okay.” – Sarah

“I’m not even interested in my own feelings, Bartowski. Keep your mind on the mission.” – Casey

“If it looks like a bomb, and it ticks like a bomb, then generally, it’s a bomb!” – Sarah

“Nerd code!” – Casey, after Chuck uses obscure references so Casey won’t know what time he is saying

“Don’t hurt him again.” – Sarah, to Jill

“It’s my job to protect him, from anything.” – Sarah, to Jill again

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