Chuck Recap – Season 2 – Episode 2 – Chuck Versus the Seduction

Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 Episode 2

Chuck and Sasha Banacheck
Chuck and Sasha Banacheck

Chuck – Season 2 – Episode 2 – Chuck Versus the Seduction

In this episode, we get our first introduction to Castle, the high technology home base that Sarah, Casey and Chuck will work out of for the majority of the show. This is also the beginning of the tightrope walk Sarah and Chuck will do for the next season and a half in regard to their relationship, after finally officially acknowledging that they have feelings for each other after the first date in the last episode.

Important Moments:

Chuck quits working for the government in the beginning of the episode, and Sarah is only able to convince him to keep working with them through the promise of finding the real cipher and him then being able to have “everything” he wants, that being Sarah.

In the last scene, Chuck takes the advice of Roan Montgomery, a seduction expert (when he isn’t a spy, and sometimes even when he is) and shows up at Sarah’s apartment wearing a dinner jacket, with wine and a red rose, only to find Bryce Larkin is already there. Matt Bomer, that is bad timing!

Best Moments:

Sarah tells Chuck that Casey failed “Seduction” school.

Casey and Sarah share a hilarious look after witnessing the greeting between General Beckman and Roan Montgomery, a legendary spy.

Roan has to teach Chuck how to seduce. We all learn the proper way to drink a martini:
1. Hold, by stem
2. Nod to mark
3. Slowly, tilt back

We also see Chuck’s “bedroom eyes” and have the same reaction as Sarah, which is laughter. However, as Roan criticizes Chuck for basically his existence, Sarah jumps to his defense with compliments, saying he’s sweet and caring.

The kiss! Chuck gets frustrated with Roan’s critiques, and kind of to spite him after his disparaging comments, pulls Sarah by the arm into a passionate kiss.

Notable Guest Star:

John Larroquette guest stars as Roan Montgomery, a spy who is an expert in seduction and has a surprising romantic history with General Beckman.

Melinda Clarke guest stars as Sasha Banacheck.

Matt Bomer is also back for a brief appearance at the end as Bryce Larkin.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Sasha is seducing Chuck on the initial mission when she whispers, “Hello, Roan” in his ear, revealing she knows the entire situation is a set-up. However, Chuck has locked himself out on the balcony, using his belt to seal the doors closed, and he has the cipher that Sasha was wearing around her neck. He then attempts to get off the balcony, which finds him hanging off the balcony instead. People in the room below see him and think he’s a peeping tom, so they kick him, causing him to fall and land conveniently on a mattress right between a couple sharing drinks by the pool.

Unfortunately, during that time, Sasha’s men have captured Sarah and Casey and Sasha threatens to kill them if Chuck doesn’t bring the cipher. Back outside his apartment, Chuck finds Roan, who says that Sasha will kill them and basically tells Chuck to give up.

Roan shows up at the Buy More and decides he’s willing to help Chuck save Sarah and Casey after all. He helps Chuck come up with a plan, and while it is being executed, he comes up behind Sasha before she can kill Sarah and Casey and a fight ensues. Sasha manages to get Sarah and has a gun to her head. Sasha threatens to kill Sarah if she doesn’t get the cipher. Roan tells Chuck to “Remember Thailand,” and Chuck is impatient, not wanting to hear the story, but realizes it’s also, “tie, land,” so he ties the sign from the Buy More around his waist and goes flying through the air, looking absolutely terrified, and crashes right into Sasha, knocking her out and freeing Sarah.

Funniest Moments:

Lester is on a power trip as the new assistant manager and insists all questions be directed to him after Morgan asks Chuck a merchandise related question. Lester has to whisper to Chuck to get the answer because he doesn’t know.

Roan accidentally spills his martini on the equipment in the van during the stakeout on Chuck’s seduction mission. Sarah gets mad and says how unprofessional it is, and Roan agrees because he just wasted very expensive gin.

As part of Roan’s plan, Chuck is ordering Sasha via video to free Casey and Sarah in exchange for the cipher, and one of Sasha’s scary goons comes in the room right behind him. Chuck sees him, gives a girlish scream and runs out of the room.

Gratuitous Shirtless Moment:

Awesome is eating breakfast with no shirt on. (He is shirtless so much, maybe this should be a recurring category?)

Best Lines:

“Wait a minute. Why are we in a freezer?” – Chuck

“Let’s go, little boy. I need your services in a romantic capacity.” – Casey, to Chuck
“Oh, I’m flattered. I just hope Sarah’s involved.” – Chuck

“Perhaps I’ve moved too fast. Have you had intercourse before?” – Roan

“We’re dead.” – Casey, after listening to Chuck go through his seduction training

“We need to talk about protection.” – Roan
“I don’t think it’s gonna get that far, Roan.” – Chuck
“I mean a gun.” – Roan

“Doesn’t drink? That’s absurd! How is this boy supposed to seduce her without alcohol?” – Roan

“Honey, why, out of all the movies in the world, would Sister Act be my favorite?” – Ellie

“Now, that’s what I call a spy.” – Roan

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