Chuck Recap – Season 1 – Episode 13 – Chuck Versus the Marlin

Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker

Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Marlin

Chuck Versus the Marlin

This episode is the season one finale, and the show is more plot heavy and exciting in the second half, when it has some life changing moments for everyone, the big one being Awesome and Ellie getting engaged. Of course, in typical Chuck fashion, the ring goes on quite an adventure before the proposal.

Important Moments:

Chuck finds a bug in the Buy More that may have been planted by a mole in the CIA, setting off the episode. Sarah and Casey are told that if they don’t locate the person who planted the bug within 24 hours, Chuck will be relocated.

The Buy more is robbed, and Chuck calls Casey, only to find out that Sarah and Casey and co. are the ones who stole everything and relocated it to a warehouse, where they found 29 additional bugs.

Chuck is taken out of the Weinerlicious by a cop that is investigating the break in at the Buy More, but when Chuck hears him say his name while on the phone, he flashes and finds out the guy isn’t a cop, but a CIA agent that is taking Chuck to lockdown. Poor Chuck!

Best Moments:

Awesome comes to Chuck to ask for his blessing to marry Ellie. He then asks Chuck to hold onto the ring for him. I think we all see the trouble coming…

Chuck realizes that the girl delivering the falafels is the one who must have planted the bugs. He crawls through the ceiling to find the video Jeff and Lester took of women’s chests, thinking she might be on it.

Everyone is looking for a tracker that was located in a marlin that was in Big Mike’s office. Morgan tells Jeff and Lester that he moved the marlin to the freezer at the Weinerlicious while the delivery girl, Lizzie, is listening. She immediately leaves in search of the tracker.

Sarah ends up locked in the freezer after the encounter with Lizzie, and while Chuck is trying to get her out, a the cop/CIA agent shows up and arrests him for the Buy More break in as a cover to take him to lockdown. When Casey and Sarah discover the cop is really a CIA agent taking Chuck into lockdown, they disobey orders and Sarah goes to find Chuck while Casey looks for Lizzie.

Sarah finds Chuck and the CIA agent on a helicopter-landing pad on a roof, and Sarah pleads for the agent to let Chuck stay. Before the agent agrees, the camera pans back to show us that Sarah has her hand on a gun and is willing to shoot the agent to free Chuck if it comes to it.

Chuck asks Sarah to try to make the news of his “death” better with Ellie and Morgan, and even Sarah has tears in her eyes. The thought of Chuck being taken away from his family without them ever knowing why is so sad that it’s even about to make Sarah cry, while Chuck still tries to remain optimistic.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

When Lizzie shows up at the Weinerlicious, her and Sarah get into a fight. Some teenage boys walk in mid-fight and both women simultaneously say, “We’re closed!” and go right back to fighting.

When Lizzie has Chuck and Sarah trapped, Sarah advises Chuck to distract Lizzie, so he just starts running. Sarah comes up behind Lizzie and knocks her down while Chuck is shouting, worried about the ring. As they’re fighting, they end up rolling off a ledge and landing in a dumpster, where Sarah knocks Lizzie out.

The Journey of the Ring:

Awesome gives Chuck his grandmother’s ring to hold onto until he thinks of a good proposal so Ellie won’t find it. Chuck then puts it in his locker at the Buy More. Casey, Sarah and the government take everything out of the Buy More looking for bugs, but they don’t find the ring.

In the search for the marlin, Chuck and Casey search his house for the ring and the marlin, when Ellie says Morgan showed up with the fish.

Chuck finds Morgan, who says he put the ring in the marlin, and put the marlin in the freezer at the Weinerlicious. When he gets to the Weinerlicious, the marlin is broken on the floor. Lizzie got the tracker out of the marlin, but the ring is nowhere to be found.

After Lizzie finds Chuck and Sarah on the helipad, it turns out she has the ring and is wearing it.

The next morning, after the fall, Sarah and Chuck are digging through the dumpster they landed in, searching for the ring, which Chuck finally finds and returns to Awesome.

Funniest Moments:

When Buy More is “robbed” Chuck discovers that the ring he is holding for Awesome was stolen. When Awesome calls, Chuck tells him to take his time. When Chuck hangs up, he bangs his head on the table, leading to him falling backwards in his chair, a funny visual gag.

Chuck and Casey are frantically searching Chuck’s house for the marlin, and Ellie walks in to find the two of them standing behind an upturned couch, Casey holding a knife in his hand.

After finding out from Ellie that Morgan was the last one seen with the marlin, Casey interrogates Morgan, who says the best way to get him to talk is grape soda. Morgan begins telling Casey everything. Casey takes a sip of the soda and is disgusted by the taste.

At the end of the episode, Big Mike walks past all the appliances and everything in the buy More and gets to his office before he realizes all the stolen stuff was returned.

Chuck returns the ring to Awesome, who doesn’t even comment on the fact that Chuck has dirt all over his face.

Best Lines:

“When are these young ladies going to learn? If they don’t want somebody taking a picture of their private business, put some drawers on!” – Big Mike

“You’ll be stored in an underground bunker so long you’ll forget what fresh air feels like.” – Casey

“Boobies. Jackpot.” – Chuck

“Horseradish? Who puts horseradish on hot dogs?” – Chuck

“Just shoot the lock or I will shoot you when I get out of here!” – Sarah

“We, meaning I go get Lizzie, while you find Chuck.” – Casey, in another rare moment of admitting he likes Chuck

“You can come by my cell, and we can hang out, and you can tell me who the president is.” – Chuck

“Chuck, I’ll save you later.” – Sarah

“What if I surrender, and you run. I mean, I’m going in a cell anyway. What’s the difference?” – Chuck
“Torture.” – Sarah
“Okay, no surrender.” – Chuck

“It was Awesome’s great grannies ring and it’s gonna be my sister’s, okay, even if it’s covered in coffee grounds and miscellaneous DNA.” – Chuck

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