Chuck Recap Season 1 – Episode 9 – Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami

Chuck and Lou go on a date.
Chuck and Lou go on a date.

Notable Guest star:

Rachel Bilson is back as Lou. Also, Matt Bomer is sort of back, as a cryogenically frozen shirtless guy. This never hurts.

Best Moments:

Morgan stares at his watch as 10 seconds go by, before he turns around and tells a waiting customer that he’s on a break.

Chuck and Sarah argue about the break up and when Chuck insists he wants a real relationship, Sarah tells him she will have to sell it, and makes a cry face that is hilarious, both in how fake we know it is, and because of Chuck’s expression in reaction to it.

General Beckman, Sarah and Casey have a conference call about Chuck and Sarah breaking up. Casey keeps pointing out that Sarah got dumped. Hilarious.

Lou invited Chuck inside after their first date, when she tells him she’s about to make him a very lucky man. By that, she means an amazing sandwich, though the moment is interrupted when Chuck flashes on a party invitation.

Casey gives Chuck a flower so he “can get laid.” There is such an expression of shock on Sarah’s face as he says it.

Chuck goes to the deli to apologize to Lou, and they have a sexually tinged and mildly aggressive moment involving making a sandwich, but Lou forgives him.

Chuck and Sarah end up locked in a trunk together, having a heated argument about jealousy. It’s obvious that they are each jealous of the other’s significant others, Bryce Larkin and Lou, and they have a spat with their faces about an inch away from each other.

Later, Chuck and Sarah are frantically trying to dismantle the storage unit and diffuse the bomb. They aren’t having success and Sarah tells Chuck to run. He refuses and they argue, each saying the other brings out the worst in them. The bomb is down to less than 10 seconds when…Sarah kisses Chuck and they frantically make out. Yet nothing explodes…see notable guest star, and the box later turns out to contain Bryce, who isn’t actually dead, but has been frozen.

Important Moments:

Sarah tells Lou that Chuck is a great guy and tells Lou not to hurt him.

Casey calls Sarah out for falling for Chuck, telling her she always falls for the guys she works with.

Casey and Sarah invade a cargo storage unit and find nothing inside.

Casey covers for Chuck, telling Lou that Chuck is an FDA agent.

Coolest Action Sequence/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck goes with Casey and Sarah to observe a meet between Lou and Stavros, which ends up with Lou walking off, mad at Chuck, and Sarah and Chuck locked in the back of Stavros’ trunk.

Chuck flashes while they are being held captive. The information from the flash causes an argument between the bad guys, allowing Sarah to get the upper hand. Chuck goes to diffuse the “bomb” that they believe is about to go “off” with only a few minutes to spare.

Best Lines:

“We’re only on our second official date and already I’m lying to her.” – Chuck
“Relax, it’s dating in L.A. Everyone lies.” – Casey

“Just so we’re clear, sister, not interested.” – Casey, to Sarah

“If it’s any consolation, I never felt that any of our time together was work.” – Sarah

“He had me at pastrami.” – guy in deli

“Now shut up, you’re sucking up all the air.” – Sarah

“Oh, I see. So you’re going to shoot me to prevent me from being blown up. That’s a great plan!” – Chuck, after Sarah tells him to leave and pulls a gun on him

“Didn’t I kill him?” – Casey, upon seeing Bryce

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