Chuck Recap Season 1 – Episode 6 – Chuck Versus the Sandworm

Chuck and Sarah at the Halloween party.
Chuck and Sarah at the Halloween party.

Best Moments:

Awesome thinks Sarah is at the house to surprise Chuck to “get lucky.” Chuck asks Sarah to stay so it’s believable. Chuck has a very specific time, relating to the auditory aphrodisiac that is the first Arcade Fire album. Nerdy, but cute. Then Sarah gives him a photo of the two of them at Comic con. Unfortunately, they’ve never actually been to Comic con.

Laszlo and Chuck struggle over the gun, which turns out to be a water gun, then Laszlo says he really needs Chuck’s help.

Morgan asks Ellie to tell him honestly if he is immature. Ellie responds, “Do you really want me to answer that?” Awesome tells Morgan to follow him into the kitchen, telling Ellie he would handle this one. Awesome and Morgan then have a moment as Awesome tells him about the moment when you decide if you’re a “tucker.” Morgan ends up dressed like Awesome with product in his hair.

When Chuck confronts Casey about spying on him, and Casey complains about listening to Chuck and Morgan discuss sandwiches for four hours, Chuck protests that he’s wrong, at which point, Casey plays the recording of the sandwich conversation.

“Hello, Chuck,” Laszlo says from the dark corner of Chuck’s room, scaring the crap out of him.

After Chuck realizes Laszlo is crazy, he convinces him to watch another movie about someone who is “misunderstood guy who just wants to blow up the world.” Laszlo is convinced to watch the movie and blow up the world later. Chuck has 34 messages from Casey and Sarah. Chuck runs to his car to lock the doors per Sarah’s instructions. He shuts the door, only to immediately hear Laszlo say, “Where we headed?”

Chuck and Morgan walk toward each other across the room at the Halloween party, romantic comedy style. Try not to laugh at it. Really, just try!

In the last scene, Chuck and Morgan are in Chuck’s bedroom, and aware that Casey is listening, Chuck tells Morgan that Sarah said if she were stranded on a deserted island, the sandwich she would pick is roast beef, starting the conversation that Casey so hates all over again!

Important Moments:

The photo Sarah gives Chuck, where they are dressed as Princess Leia and Han Solo, becomes more significant later.

Laszlo tells Chuck that his handlers have put bugs in his room, advising Chuck to trust his handlers precisely as much as they trust him. Chuck is dismayed to find bugs in his living room and bedroom, as well as in the photograph Sarah gave him. It turns out the bugs were planted for Chuck’s protection.

Chuck hides Laszlo in the lounge of the Buy More, a frequent hiding place for anything and everything throughout the series.

Sarah shows up at the Halloween party in a Princess Leia costume and takes a picture of her and Chuck to give him a picture of something real. The photo will remain on Chuck’s night table for the rest of the time he lives in the apartment.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

“You’re gonna kill us, you’re gonna kill us,” Chuck shrieks as Laszlo drives the nerd herd car. “Ahh,” as Laszlo ejects him from the side door and chuck rides in the driver’s seat, carless, through the parking lot, coming to a stop at a red light next to two girls in a car giving him odd looks. “Ladies.”

Chuck rides his bike to the Santa Monica pier as fast as he can, interspersed with Morgan interviewing on his behalf, telling the interviewer how brave he is. He finds the car and crazy Laszlo and there is tension as Chuck inadvertently sets off a self-destruction bomb on the car. He figures out Laszlo’s plan and cuts the correct wires! Yay, Chuck!

Notable Guest Star:

Rick Hoffman is in the opening scene. Some people may recognize him as Louis Litt on Suits. He shows up again later as Laszlo’s handler.

Awesome Soundtrack Moment:

Editors, “The Weight of the World” is played in place of Arcade Fire, because Chuck decides Sarah isn’t ready for Arcade Fire.

Best Lines:

“We are a real couple, we’re just a different sort of a couple.” – Sarah

“Is that a water gun?” – Chuck
“No.” – Laszlo (very defensively)
“I’m pretty sure it’s dripping on my face.” – Chuck

“First, I could really use some pancakes.” – Laszlo

“You feel violated? No, no, no, my ears feel violated. Because they have to listen to you and that moron, Morgan, yammering on for four hours about what sandwich you’re going to take if you’re ever stranded on a deserted island.” – Casey

“Mayonnaise doesn’t fare well in the tropics.” – Chuck

“And I’ll have you know, I stand by my mayonnaise theory. And you’re still a giant douche for spying on me like that.” – Chuck

“Just think Chuck. Right now, there is no one in the entire world who knows where we are.” – Laszlo, after just confessing to breaking into Chuck’s car and disabling the GPS

“What did Texas ever do that was so great?” – Laszlo, who is crazy

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